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Introducing the New Luxeo Series Stereo Microscope from LABOMED

Luxeo Series in the classroomThe LABOMED™ brand identifies with educators and specialists looking for superior value. In keeping with the demands of this niche, LABOMED proudly introduces the Luxeo series, a family of stereo microscopes that reflects advanced LED technology, optics boasting the best in color and image fidelity and ergonomic stands that will ensure years of crisp functionality.

Benefits and Features


  • LABOMED’s well respected infinity-corrected PLAN optics produce a sharp image, every time
  • Smooth zoom control actuation promises precise magnification settings
  • Sturdy and stable stand built for demanding environments
  • Coarse focus drive on stainless steel brackets ensure robust focusing control


  • Innovative Oblique Illumination capability with +/- 30° LED settings, allowing users to enhance contrast and mitigate surface glare
  • LED incident and transmitted light illuminate your specimen with our patented Cool Light system, delivering a light spectrum that eliminates any harmful heating affect on organic specimens
  • Integrated rheostat allows added control over light intensity


  • Luxeo 2S
    Two-step stereo, 10x/30x step magnification, 10x/18mm wide field focusing eyepieces
  • Luxeo 4Z
    4.4:1 zoom stereo, 8x-35x continuous magnification, 10x/20mm wide field focusing eyepieces
  • Luxeo 4D
    4.4:1 zoom stereo, 8x-35x continuous magnification, 10x/20mm wide field focusing eyepieces, comes with a built-in 5MP camera with a rapid refresh rate (30 fps), resulting in virtually zero lag.  Elimination of noise yields pristine live and captured images and videos, and highly efficient Auto Exposure and White Balance functions allow for plug-and-play performance for a wide color spectrum. SD-Card interface with onboard capture/record button make saving and transferring images and videos a breeze. Comes bundled with an easy to operate PixelPro image capture software, compatible with all operating systems.