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Wine Analysis

The Science of Food

Fisher Scientific offers a range of food and beverage supplies to help protect and enrich our food supplies. Diagnostic and testing products adhere to industry standards and align with developing technologies such as rapid test kits, automated colony counting and PCR.

Sophisticated Image Processing With Fast Results

Neutech Colony CounterAvailable in multiple configurations, the Neutec Flash and Grow Automatic Colony Counter produces fast, accurate counts of bacterial and mammalian colonies. Its high-resolution digital camera relays a live image of the sample to the computer screen, and its LED lighting ensures optimum contrast between colonies and substrate. Easily transfer data to spreadsheet or database applications for manipulation and reporting. Supports compliance with GLP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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  • Biotechnology -- genomics- and proteomics-based testing
  • Chemicals -- includes FDA-licensed, ISO-certified and food industry specific
  • Chemistry -- qualitative and quantitative assessment tools to define the chemical make-up of foods
  • General laboratory consumables -- cost effective supplies from some of the most respected suppliers in the food and beverage industry
  • General laboratory equipment
  • Microbiology -- maintaining the critical balance between food quality and safe production
  • Physical properties testing -- instruments and testing tools to measure moisture, temperature, size, density and colors
  • Safety -- laboratory safety and personal protection equipment to minimize worker injury
  • Sample preparation and testing -- tools and containers to store and maintain sample integrity and testing
  • Sanitation -- supplies that support Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems that ensure food products and raw materials remain safe at every stage of the production process
  • Water quality -- testing and purification supplies essential to water purity


Webcast Archive

Elemental Analysis in Food and Beverage: Are You Ready for the Future?
Learn how to determine which solution is best for your food safety application and how to prepare for more demanding and diverse analytical requirements. Presenters discuss options for instrumentation, appropriate sample preparation and lab requirements, in addition to insights from an expert in speciation analysis.

Phthalates WebcastPackaging Migration & Economic Adulteration: Testing for Phthalates in Food & Beverage Matrices
Drs. Megan Weil Latshaw and Ebru Ates discuss the risks associated with phthalate levels that exceed regulations, as well as a a new LC-MS/MS method for the detection of phthalates.

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U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act