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Laboratory Safety

Protecting What Matters Most

Fisher Safety -- Your Partner in the Lab!

Fisher Safety is your partner when it comes to keeping your laboratory safe!

Our goal is to help minimize the risk of injury or illness to laboratory workers by providing the safety equipment needed to protect against a variety of laboratory safety hazards. Whether you're performing basic laboratory procedures, containing a spill, or handling broken glassware, the risk of injury is ever present. Having access to the proper safety equipment is critical for the protection of lab technicians.

Broad Range of Safety Products

For more than 100 years, we have been leading providers of laboratory and occupational safety products and services. With more than 75,000 safety products, and another 700,000 products from other Fisher Scientific catalogs, we are confident that our customers have everything they need to protect what matters most -- their facility and employees.

Professional Knowledge and Safety Expertise

Fisher Safety’s dedicated team of sales and customer support professionals understands your business and is here to help you succeed. Our staff of safety specialists serves every part of the nation to ensure that our customers have personal access to someone with direct knowledge of their circumstances and needs. 

These professionals are trained by our manufacturers and other industry experts so that they can recognize potential workplace hazards and contamination concerns and recommend the proper products or services to fit those specific requirements. They do more than just act as intermediaries between companies -- they become an extension of your own staff and capabilities.