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Radiation Solutions

Fisher Safety provides a number of reliable radiation surveillance and monitoring solutions for a variety of end users. Our latest brochure showcases a number of hand-held units, as well as portable systems.

  • Using a handheld device to detect radiationFirst Responders and First Receivers who must quickly assess an emergency, determine if radioactive materials are present, and obtain vital information necessary for protection against exposure.
  • Homeland Security Officers who provide the first line of domestic defense and who must detect and identify dangerous radioactive materials to prevent their illicit transport.
  • Environmental Remediation Technicians who must locate and identify a variety of radioactive contaminants throughout buildings, structures, and over acres of ground before and during cleanup and then during post-remediation monitoring.
  • Nuclear Industry Specialists who manage radiation protection and control monitoring processes at nuclear power facilities around the world and must quickly identify radioactive contaminants during outage surveys, in their waste streams and in the event of a release.
  • Nuclear Medicine Professionals who may treat patients with therapeutic radionuclides or victims of radioactive incidents, as well as hospital personnel who handle and monitor radiological wastes.
  • Industrial Safety Specialists who monitor manufacturing production and processes and must immediately identify radionuclides in the event of an alarm.

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