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Trademark names on this list have appeared designated by the trademark symbol in Thermo Fisher Scientific publications and on this Website. All trademark name representations and listed owners are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed to be so.

If you believe any of this information to be incorrect, please contact our Customer Service group regarding trademark errata.

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Trademark Trademark Holder
F-500 Hazard Control Technologies, Inc.
F.F.R.E.D. RIT Rescue and Escape Systems
Fabricfourfifty Johnson & Johnson
FabWipe Texwipe
Face-Fit Oberon
Face-It Whitney Products, Inc.
Facebook Facebook, Inc.
Facemaskten Texwipe
FACS BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Factor Frenzy Learning Resources, Inc.
FailSafe Air Safety Systems FailSafe Air Safety Systems
Falcon Intelagard, Inc.
Falcon Corning Life Sciences
Falcon Bacou-Dalloz
Falcon Corning Life Science
FAMOS Thermo Fisher Scientific
FAN Biomerieux, Inc.
Fandex Workman Publishers
FanGard American Allsafe Co.
FARA Hoffmann-LaRoche Corporation
Farmer Thermo Fisher Scientific
FAS FAS Technologies, Inc.
Fas-Trac MSA
FASS FailSafe Air Safety Systems
FAST Whatman Inc.
Fast Flex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fast Pack Sqwincher Corporation
Fast Pack Universal Marketing Corporation
FAST-ACT NanoScale Materials
Fast-Freeze Labconco
Fast-Trap Millipore Corp.
FASTAC Thermo Fisher Scientific
FastAP Thermo Fisher Scientific
FastBreak Promega Corp.
FastCard FastCard Inc.
FastDigest Thermo Fisher Scientific
FastDNA Qbiogene, Inc.
Fastepper Denville Scientific
FastFit Anza Sport Group
FastFLARE Plastitech
FastLane Cambrex Corporation
FastLoc Thermo Fisher Scientific
FastPlasmid Eppendorf AG
FastPrep Qbiogene, Inc.
FastQC Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fastrack BioTek
FastRNA Qbiogene, Inc.
FastRuler Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fastsorb Bershire Corp.
FastTake Johnson & Johnson
FastTrack Invitrogen
Fat Boy Estes Industries
FDP Shelby Group International
FE-36 E.I. duPont de Nemours
Feather-Flo Haws Corporation
Feather-Kap Willson
Fectoggles Aearo Technologies
Fectoids Aearo Technologies
Federal Express Federal Express Corporation
FedEx Federal Express Corporation
Fellowes Fellowes Manufacturing Co.
Femcaps Otis Clapp & Son
FemtoJet Eppendorf AG
Femtotips Eppendorf AG
Fend•all Fendall, Inc.
Fend·all 2000 Fendall, Inc.
Fenwal Baxter Healthcare
Fermentas Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ferno Ferno-Washington, Inc.
FerroVer Hach Co.
FerroZine Hach Co.
FetalClone Thermo Fisher Scientific
FetalClone II Thermo Fisher Scientific
FetalClone III Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fetfe Ace Glass
FI-Streem Thermo Fisher Scientific
FiaStar Foss A/S
Fiber-Lite Dolan Jenner
Fiberfrax The Carborundum Company
Fiberglas Owens Corning
Fiberlite Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fibertec Foss A/S
Fibre Metal North Safety Products
FibreCat Johnson Matthey PLC Corp.
Fibrinosticon Biomerieux, Inc.
Fibriquik Organon Teknika B.V.
Fibrometer BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
FibroSystem BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
FibroTip BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
FibroTube BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Fibrox Fibrox Technology Ltd.
Ficoll GE Healthcare
Ficoll-Paque GE Healthcare
FideliSTAR Takara Bio Inc.
Field-Ready National Scientific Co.
Field-Temp National Scientific Co.
Fieldmaster Trippensee Planetarium Co.
Fifty Scott Technologies
FillGuide Ohaus Corp.
FillPal Mettler Toledo
Filmtec Filmtec Corporation
Filter-Pro Portex, Inc.
FilterCup Whatman Inc.
FilterEx Corning
Filterjet Millipore Corp.
FilterMate Labconco
Filtervac Keyes Scientific
Filtra Lydall Inc.
FiltraCheck-UTI Meridian Diagnostics
Filtrak Misonix, Inc.
FiltrEX Corning
FinePix Fuji Photo Film
FineRange Ohaus Corp.
Finesse Thermo Fisher Scientific
Finger Dab BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Finger-Tight Alltech Associates
FingerArmor Performance Fabrics, Inc.
Fingertip Control Co.
Finnigan Thermo Fisher Scientific
Finnpipette Thermo Fisher Scientific
Finntip Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fire Vulcan Streamlight, Inc.
Fire-Dex Fire-Dex
Fire-Trax Salamander Technologies
FireAde 2000 Thames, Ronald E. I
FireBox Streamlight, Inc.
Fireboy Integra Biosciences
Firedome E.D. Bullard
Firefly Charm Science
Firefox Mozilla Foundation
FireHawk MSA
Fireline PGI, Inc.
Firemate Total Fire Group
FireProof TISCOR (Brady Subsidiary)
FireTrainer Kidde Fire Trainers
Firewall Shelby Group International
FireWear Springs Industries, Inc.
FireWire Apple Computer
First Aid to Go! Johnson & Johnson
First Choice Fisher Scientific
First Responder Raytheon Company
First Responder Kit OBF Industries, Inc.
First Safety First Safety Corporation
FirstDefender Thermo Fisher Scientifc
FirstLight Ultra Violet Products Inc.
FirstSave Cardiac Science Corp.
FirstStep Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Firststep Encon Safety Products
Fisher BioReagents Fisher Scientific
Fisher Blue Club Fisher Scientific
Fisher Diagnostics Fisher Scientific
Fisher HealthCare Fisher Scientific
Fisher Safety Fisher Scientific
Fisher Science Education Fisher Scientific
Fisher Scientific Fisher Scientific
Fisher Services Fisher Scientific
Fisher-Free Fisher Scientific
FisherBiotech Fisher Scientific
Fisherbrand Fisher Scientific
FisherChemical Fisher Scientific
FisherCore Fisher Scientific
Fisherfinest Fisher Scientific
FisherFresh Fisher Scientific
FisherLOCK Fisher Scientific
FisherPak Fisher Scientific
FisherSeal Fisher Scientific
FisherTab Fisher Scientific
fishertrainer Fisher Scientific
Fiskars Fiskars Corp.
Fiske Fiske Associates
Fisons Fisons
Fistreem Sanyo/Gallenkamp PLC England
Fit-Rite Headwear, Inc. Fit-Rite Headwear, Inc.
FitLogic Bacou Safety
FitPlus TSI Incorporated
FIVE Mediatech, Inc.
FiveStar MSA
FIX BOS Millipore Corp.
Fix-Rite Thermo Fisher Scientific
FL-70 Fisher Scientific
Flameboy Argos Technologies
Flamingo Bio-Rad Corporation
Flange-Free Alltech Associates
Flare Grip Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Flare-Lok Crushproof Tubing Company
FlareLock Entegris
Flaretek Entegris
FLASH Macromedia, Inc.
FLASH Texas Instruments
FLASH 12+ Biotage
FLASH 12i Biotage
FLASH 150i Biotage
FLASH 25+ Biotage
FLASH 40+ Biotage
FLASH 40+M Biotage
FLASH 40i Biotage
FLASH 65i Biotage
FLASH 75i Biotage
Flash Flood Fendall, Inc.
Flash Freeze Decon Laboratories
FLASH-Pac+ Biotage
Flash-Tex American Allsafe Co.
FLASH+ Biotage
flashback Bacou-Dalloz
FlashBlue Edvotek, Inc.
FlashBlue Edvotek
FlashBlue Plus Edvotek, Inc.
Flashea Thermo Fisher Scientific
FlashGel Lonza Rockland, Inc.
FLASHi Biotage
flashlitespectacles Uvex Safety
Flaskette Thermo Fisher Scientific
FlaskScrubber Labconco
Flaskup Comeau Technique Ltd.
Flatpack Texwipe
FlatRack Flat Rack
Flavoscan Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fleaker Spectrum Laboratories
Flex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Flex Nit Best Mfg.
Flex Seal uvex Safety
Flex-Connect Niles Audio Corporation, Inc.
Flex-O-Line Flex-O-Lite, Inc.
Flex-Tip Eppendorf AG
Flex-Tips Eppendorf AG
Flex-Tube Eppendorf AG
Flexaframe Fisher Scientific
FlexColumn Kimble Kontes
FlexDrop PE Corp.
Flexgrip Gillette Company
Flexi Promega Corp.
Flexi-Bin Labconco
Flexible-Arm Control Co.
Flexicord Willson
FlexiFirm Bacou-Dalloz
FlexiPure Genlantis
FlexiZone Canon
Flexknit MAPA Pioneer Corporation
FlexPack Texwipe
Flexshield Splash Shield Inc.
FlexStation Molecular Devices Corp.
FlexSure Smith Kline Diagnostics, Inc.
FLEXWING Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Flip Continental Laboratory Products
Flipper Scientific Specialities, Inc.
FLIPR Molecular Devices Corp.
Flipstrip Molecular BioProducts
FliTrx Invitrogen
Flo-Rite Rieke Corp.
Flo-Scint Packard Instrument Co.
Flo-Well Owl 1990 Trust
Float-A-Lyzer Spectrum Laboratories
Floating Lens Bacou-Dalloz
Florisil U.S. Silica Company
Flow-Check Beckman Coulter
Flow-Count Beckman Coulter
Flow-Set Beckman Coulter
Flow-Watchman Kontes Glass
Flowthru Thermo Fisher Scientific
FluidShield Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Fluke Fluke Corp.
Fluophase Thermo Fisher Scientific
FLUOR/Away Triangle Biomedical
Fluoraldehyde Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fluormag Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
Fluormone PanVera Corp.
FluoroBlok Corning Life Sciences
FluoroCount Packard Instrument Co.
FluoroFLASH Fluorous Technologies, Inc.
Fluorogard Millipore Corp.
Fluoroline Millipore Corp.
FluoroLine Entegris
Fluorolube Hooker Chemicals and Plastics
Fluoromount-G Southern Biotechnology Associates
FluoroNunc Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fluoropore Millipore Corp.
FluoroPure Entegris
FluoroSentry Entegris
FluoroSolv MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Fluorotag AmberGen, Inc.
FluoroTect Promega Corp.
Fluran Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
FLx800 BioTek
FMBIO Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd.
fmol (Italics) Promega Corp.
Foamtec Contec Inc.
FoamWipe Texwipe
FOCUS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Focus on Middle Grade Math Learning Resources, Inc.
FocusLiner SGE
Fog-Ban Willson
Fog-Gon American Allsafe Co.
FogGard American Allsafe Co.
Fogless H.L. Bouton
Foille Blistex, Inc.
Fold & Roll Services & Materials Co.
FoodMates Ansell
FoodTrack Fisher Scientific
Foot Form Servus
Footbed Bata Shoe Co.
Footbrakes Weinbrenner Shoe Co.
Footflexflowthru Warson Group
FootSetter Grolen
For Dummies Wiley Publications
Foray Ansul, Inc.
Ford Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Forma Thermo Fisher Scientific
Formal-Fixx Thermo Fisher Scientific
Formalde-Fresh Fisher Scientific
Formazol Molecular Research Center Inc.
FormEx Fisher Scientific
Formica Formica Corp.
Formula 2533 Hach Co.
Formula 4-24 Carolina Biological Supply Company
Formula 409 The Clorox Company
forte SGE
FOS BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Foss Foss A/S
FOSS University of California
FOTO/Analyst Fotodyne
FOTO/Convertible Fotodyne
FOTO/Eclipse Fotodyne
FOTO/Force Fotodyne
FOTO/Luminary Fotodyne
FOTO/Phoresis Fotodyne
FOTO/Prep Fotodyne
FOTO/UV Fotodyne
Fotodyne Fotodyne
fotoforce Fotodyne
Fougera E. Fougera and Company
Foundation Series Thermo Fisher Scientific
Foundation Series Swap-Top Thermo Fisher Scientific
FoxBat Carson Optical
Foxy Isco, Inc.
FP Diamond MSA
FPLC GE Healthcare
FPLCpure GE Healthcare
FR-7A Westex Inc.
Fraction Zone Learning Resources, Inc.
FractionLynx Waters Corporation
Fractions in Action Learning Resources, Inc.
Frame Maker Adobe Systems Incorporated
Freas Thermo Fisher Scientific
FREE Mediatech, Inc.
Free-Air E.D. Bullard
FREEDOM Thermo Fisher Scientific
Freedom Willson
Freedom EVO Tecan
Freedom Series MSA
FreeForm Microflex Corporation
Freeplay BayGen Power Group, Inc.
Freez-It ITW Chemtronics
Freezer/Mill SPEX CertiPrep
FreezerBondz Brady Corp.
FreezerWorks DataWorks Development
FreezGuard Bel-Art Products
FreeZone Labconco
FreeZone Plus Labconco
FreeZyme Thermo Fisher Scientific
Freightliner Freightliner
FRENCH Thermo Fisher Scientific
French Press Spectronic Unicam
Freon E.I. duPont de Nemours
Frepp Medi-Flex Hospital Products, Inc.
Fresco Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fresh Cleanse Linco Industries
Fresh-Kit Georgia Steel and Chemical
Frigiflex Tingley Rubber Corporation
Frigimat Bel-Art Products
FRIO-Temp H-B Instrument Company
Fritware Bel-Art Products
Frontline Kappler USA
Frostbite Crews, Inc.
FSC-1 Safetec of America
FTA Whatman Inc.
Ftwohundredseventeen Tri-Seal International
Fuel Aearo Technologies
Fugene Fugent, L.L.C.
Fuji Fuji Medical Systems
Fuji Impulse Fuji Impulse Co., LTD.
Fujifilm Fuji Photo Film
Fume-Air Air Systems International
Fungizone E.R. Squibb &Sons
Funtastic Frogs School Specialty Publishing
Fury Bacou-Dalloz
Fuse Willson
Fused-Core Advanced Materials Technology
Fusion Perkin Elmer
Fusion Bacou-Dalloz
Futura Medisys
Futura Uvex Safety
Fuzzy Duck Best Mfg.
FuzzyStar Thermo Fisher Scientific
FYR-Glass Morning Pride Manufacturing
Fyrite Bacharach Inc.