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Get Results: It's That Simple with Fisher HealthCare

Fisher HealthCare supports your laboratory's vital role by offering you the tools, products, knowledge and people that allow your laboratory to take advantage of the far-reaching role of clinical diagnostics.

Why Fisher HealthCare?

If the health care delivery system were a human body, the clinical diagnostic laboratory would be its heart. Physicians, nurses and other caregivers rely on diagnostic laboratory findings to make nearly 70 percent of their care decisions.

Learn more about what sets Fisher HealthCare apart:

Lab System Solutions

Need a lab information system? Need to integrate several existing sytems? Give your laboratory an edge with an award-winning laboratory information system from Orchard Software. Lab system solutions for clinical, cytology, molecular, anatomic pathology, outreach, and EMR integration.

Learn how an Orchard system can streamline and enhance your laboratory.

Stand-Alone Laboratory Help

Stand-alone diagnostic laboratories face all the challenges of a hospital-based lab as well as the challenges of an independent business.

Fisher HealthCare can offer your stand-alone laboratory:

  • A committed partner focused on expanding and consolidating your send-out testing
  • Vendor-specific marketing materials to help grow your lab outreach program
  • Complete menu and workflow evaluations offered to help maximize your revenue potential
  • Consultative support on product offerings and efficient conversion options

Contact your Fisher HealthCare representative, +1 800-323-6428, ext. 2428, about how we can be a part of your successful business model today.