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Trademark names on this list have appeared designated by the trademark symbol in Thermo Fisher Scientific publications and on this Website. All trademark name representations and listed owners are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed to be so.

If you believe any of this information to be incorrect, please contact our Customer Service group regarding trademark errata.

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Trademark Trademark Holder
D-Salt Thermo Fisher Scientific
D-Tek Bacou Safety
D-Tipper Medical Laboratory Automation
D-Tube EMD Chemicals Inc.
D.C.L.S. Agar BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Da Vinci Brinkmann Instruments
DAB/Out Triangle Biomedical
Dabco Air Products
Dacron E.I. duPont de Nemours
Daiichi Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
DaimlerChrysler DaimlerChrysler
Dalapon Dow Chemical
Dalloz Safety Dalloz Safety
Danam Hans L. Jorgensen
Daniels Daniels Corporation
Dap Dap, Inc.
Darco American Norit Co.
Dark Reader Clare Chemical Research, Inc.
Darley Darley
DARWIN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Darwin LIMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
DAS-3 Control Co.
DAS-4 Control Co.
Data Cal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Data Dependent Thermo Fisher Scientific
Data Explorer AB SCIEX
Data Highway Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Data Matrix Thermo Fisher Scientific
DataCOLLECT Thermo Fisher Scientific
DataDetective AppletWare Inc.
Datadisk Ultra Scientific Inc.
Datadock LifeScan, Inc.
DataPLUS Thermo Fisher Scientific
DataQuest Dataquest International, Inc
DataRAM Thermo Fisher Scientific
DataRAM 4 Thermo Fisher Scientific
DataSend Thales Navigation
DataTemp Raytek Corporation
DataTrac Biomerieux, Inc.
DateMate ZServe Corp.
Davisil W.R. Grace & Co.
DB Agilent Technologies, Inc.
dBase Ashton-Tate
DBI/Sala DBI/Sala
DCA 2000 Bayer Corp.
DCMSLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
DCR CHEMetrics Inc.
DDC MEDICAL DNA Diagnostic Center, Inc.
De-Icer LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.
de•fend Fendall, Inc.
DeadDye Cellomics
DeadEnd Promega Corp.
Death Check Promega Corp.
DebrisGuard Garner Industries
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
Dec-60 Technicon Instruments
Deca-Probe Hoefer, Inc.
DecaLabel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Decalin Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
DecapiCone Braintree Scientific, Inc.
DECAprime Ambion, Inc.
DeciDamp2 North Safety Products
DeciGuard AB North Safety Products
DeciSlide Fisher Scientific
DecNet Digital Equipment Corporation
Decon Decon Laboratories
DeconDecks UltraTech International
Deconlabsinc. Decon Laboratories
Deep Purple GE Healthcare
Deep Vent New England Biolabs
DeepWell Thermo Fisher Scientific
Deepwell Plates Eppendorf AG
DefendAIR Draeger Safety
Defender Wells Lamont Industrial Products
Defendex Fire-Dex
Define Fisher Scientific
Deflect DEB SBS Inc.
DeKapitator Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dekasol MP Biomedicals
Delat Contec Inc.
Delayed Extraction AB SCIEX
Dell Dell Computer Corporation
Delrin E.I. duPont de Nemours
Delta Labconco
Delta No-Tangle DBI/SALA
Delta Soft BioMetallics
Delta T Bioptechs Inc.
Delta V Thermo Fisher Scientific
Deltaphase Braintree Scientific, Inc.
DeltaRange Mettler Toledo
Demicap domnick hunter
Demiframe H.L. Bouton
Densito Mettler Toledo
Denver Instrument Denver Instrument
DenverCal Denver Instrument
Depakene Sanofi-Synthelabo
Dequest Monsanto Corp.
Derma Care Microflex Medical
Derma Free Microflex Medical
Derma Plus Benchmark Commercial, Inc.
Derma Shield Benchmark Commercial, Inc.
DermaThin Best Mfg.
DermaTube Thermo Fisher Scientific
DeSCAL Decon Laboratories
Desco Desco Industries, Inc.
Desi-Vac Control Co.
Desi-Vac Container Control Co.
DesiCan Bel-Art Products
Desicooler Fisher Scientific
DesiSphere Plas-Labs
DeskBrite Carson Optical
Deskjet Hewlett-Packard
Deskpro Compaq Computer Corporation
Desoxycholate BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Desoxycholate Agar BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Desoxycholate-Citrate Agar BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DESQ view Quarterdeck Office Systems
DeStreak GE Healthcare
Detachin Genlantis
Detecter Bilsom
Detergent 8 Alconox
Determine Alere
Detoxi-Gel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Devcon ITW Devcon Corporation
Devel-A-Tab Immunostics, Inc.
DevelopFile Linear Instruments
DEX Bayer Corp.
DEXPAT TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Dflex Best Mfg.
DFS Thermo Fisher Scientific
dh domnick hunter
DH5α Life Technologies, Inc.
DH5αF' Life Technologies, Inc.
Dharmacon Dharmacon
DharmaFECT Dharmacon
DHSS Horiba
DI-Pak Millipore Corp.
Diaflex Millipore Corp.
Diaflo Millipore Corp.
Diafun Carl Zeiss
DiagnosticShipper Tegrant Corporation
Diagnostix ADC
Dial-O-Gram Ohaus Corp.
Dialet Home Diagnostics, Inc.
DialySafety Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
DiaMAT Bio-Rad Laboratories
Diamedix Diamedix Corporation
Diamond Gilson
DIamond Thermo Fisher Scientific
Diamond MSA
Diamond Grip Microflex Medical
Diamondplatespongecote Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
Diamondswabs Coventry
Diamonite Spartech
DiaScreen Hypoguard
DiaSTAT Bio-Rad Laboratories
Diastix Bayer Corp.
Dickson Dickson/Unigage Inc.
Difco Difco Laboratories
DIFF-SAFE Alpha Scientific Corporation
DIFFCOUNT Modulus Data Systems
Differex Promega Corp.
DiffSpin StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
Diggin' Up Dinosaurs Smithsonian Institution
Digi-Day Hytech Worldwide, Inc.
Digi-MAX Bel-Art Products
Digi-Sense Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Digiboard Digi International Inc.
DigiCal MSA
DigiCam Spectronics Corp.
Digicon Thermo Fisher Scientific
DigiCounter Giles Scientific
DigiDoc-It Ultra Violet Products Inc.
DigiPro Labo America
Digital Buret Brand GmbH & Co.
Digital Home Echelon Corp.
digital LogR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Digital Syringe Hamilton Co.
Digitrate Jencons Scientific
Digitrate Pro Jencons Scientific
DigiZoom Labo America
Dilantin Warner-Lambert Co.
Dilu-Lok Hardy Diagnostics
Dilupack Coulter International Corp.
Dimacid Otis Clapp & Son
Dimage Minolta Kabushiki Kaisha
Dimage EX Minolta Kabushiki Kaisha
Dimension Dade Behring Inc.
Dimension E.I. duPont de Nemours
Dimension Dell Computer Corporation
Dimension Siemens Health Care Diagnostics
Dimension Vista Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Dimension VISTA Siemens Health Care Diagnostics
Diners Club Diners Club International
Dino Math Tracks Learning Resources, Inc.
Dinoseb Rohm and Haas
Dionex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dionium Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dip N Count Starplex Scientific
Dipstik North Safety Products
Direct Grip Shelby Group International
Direct PCR symbols Thermo Fisher Scientific
Direct-Connect Alltech Associates
Direct-Connection Thermo Fisher Scientific
Direct-Q Millipore Corp.
DirectCal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Directigen BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Directigen 1-2-3 BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DirecTorr Welch Vacuum
DirectStack Millipore Corp.
DirectX Microsoft Corp.
Discover Card Novus Credit Services, Inc.
Discoverer Thermo Fisher Scientific
Discovering Beyond Imagination Corning
DiscoverLight Thermo Fisher Scientific
Discovery Thermo Fisher Scientific
Discovery Channel Discovery Communications, Inc.
Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge Discovery Communications, Inc.
Discovery Education Discovery Communications, LLC
Discovery Kit Patrick/Pillon DBA Cogent, Inc.
Discovery Line Invitrogen
Discovery School Discovery Communications, Inc.
Discovery Scope Discovery Scope, Inc.
Discups Cargille Laboratories
DISKIT U.S. Safety
Dispensette Brand GmbH & Co.
DispensODisc Difco Laboratories
Dispenstirs BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DispensTube BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Dispette Guest Medical AG
DispoDialyzer Spectrum Laboratories
Dispos-A-Board FSI North America
dispos-a-filter Geotech environmental Equipment, Inc.
Disposaflex Kontes Glass
DiST Hanna Instruments
Dividastrips Thermo Fisher Scientific
DLR Promega Corp.
DLReady Promega Corp.
DLTtape Quantum Dot Corporation
DMEM-RS Thermo Fisher Scientific
DMEM/F12-RS Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNA Away Molecular BioProducts
DNA Depot Chirikjian, Jack G.
DNA DIpStick Invitrogen
DNA Engine Bio-Rad
DNA Plus USA Scientific, Inc.
DNA Report Card Edvotek
DNA-BIND Corning
DNA-Erase MP Biomedicals
DNA-Prep Beckman Coulter
DNAPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNAPhor Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNARelease Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNase Displace Fox West Sales
DNASwift Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNATrak Perkin Elmer Corporation
DNAzol MP Biomedicals
DNotion 5 PRIME
DNS Dainippon Screen
DOA-XSE Thermo Fisher Scientific
Doc-It Ultra Violet Products Inc.
DOCUMENT Casco Standards
Doff-It HazMat DQE
Dog Shield North Safety Products
Dolby Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
Domino's Domino's Pizza
domnick hunter domnick hunter
Don-it HazMat DQE
Donkey Kong Nintendo of America
Dosino Metrohm Ltd.
Dotblot Gen-Bio
Dotcam Path 1 Network Technologies Inc.
Double Matrix U.S. Safety
Double-Safe H-B Instrument Company
Doubledeep Thermo Fisher Scientific
DoubleDigest Thermo Fisher Scientific
DoubleWeigh Environmental Express
Dow Dow Chemical
Dow Corning Dow Corning
Dowex Minix Dow Chemical
DP National Scientific Co.
DPC Thermo Fisher Scientific
DPPIV-Glo Promega Corp.
Dr. FuelCell Heliocentris
Dr. GenTLE TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Dr. Scholl's Schering-Plough Corporation
Dr. Spin Genlantis
Dräger Draeger Safety
Dräger CMS Draeger Safety
DraegerTubes Draeger Safety
Drag-Bag Air Systems International
Drager Draegerwerk AG
DragerSensor Draeger Safety
DragonFly MSA
DrainGuard UltraTech International
Drawer/Ganizers Spectrum Laboratories
DreamTaq Thermo Fisher Scientific
DRI Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dri Hep BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Dri-Bath Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dri-Cal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dri-Clean Decon Laboratories
Dri-Contrad Decon Laboratories
Dri-Dye Awareness Technology
Dri-Lex Faytex Corp.
Dri-Pure Genevac Ltd.
Dricote Fisher Scientific
Drierite W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.
DRIHEP BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DRIHEP PLUS BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Drop-It Bio-Plexus, Inc.
Drummond Drummond Scientific
DrumRack UltraTech International
DrumsUp Enpac Corp.
Dry Vials Sun SRI
Dry-Keeper Bel-Art Products
Dry-Up Kimberly-Clark Corp.
DryBrow American Allsafe Co.
DryEase Invitrogen
DryFast Welch Vacuum
Dryfast Ultra Welch Vacuum
Drygel Hoefer Inc.
DryKeeper Plus Bel-Art Products
DryLab L C Resources Inc.
Dryline Gillette Company
DryPal Mettler Toledo
DrySlide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DrySpot Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dryzyme Edvotek
DS1000 Industrial Scientific
DS2 Mediatech, Inc.
DS2 Dynex Technologies, Inc
DSC Distributors Service Corporation
DSQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
DSQII Thermo Fisher Scientific
DSQII DuraBriteXL Thermo Fisher Scientific
DSX Dynex Technologies, Inc
DTsixty Johnson & Johnson
Dual Gel Vertical System Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dual Label Technology (DLT) Genzyme Corporation
Dual Lock 3M
DUAL STAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dual-Action BioTek
Dual-Cool Bullard Company
Dual-Glo Promega Corp.
Dual-Luciferase Promega Corp.
DualColor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dualex Millipore Corp.
Duall Kontes Glass
DuaLogR Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
DualTech Miller by Sperian
DualView Carson Optical
DUB-Glo Promega Corp.
Duet Labconco
Duet LXN Corp.
Duke Standards Thermo Fisher Scientific
Duo Technicon Instruments
Duoflex Bacou-Dalloz
Duolite Rohm and Haas
DuoPak MicroBioLogics
DuoSeal Welch Vacuum
DuoSet R&D Systems, Inc.
DuoSource Edvotek
Duospore Propper Manufacturing
Duponol Witco
DuPont E.I. duPont de Nemours
Dura-Fit Cardinal Health
Dura-Grind Wheaton Inc.
Dura-Mesh Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Dura-Pak Cardinal Health
Dura-Shield Accuform Signs
Dura-Trac Cardinal Health
Dura-Trol Leonard Valve Company
Durabilt Durabilt Inc
Durables Kappler USA
Durabond Agilent Technologies, Inc.
DURABRITE Thermo Fisher Scientific
Durac HBE International
DURAC H-B Instrument Co.
Duracell Duraname
DuraFlex Dalloz Fall Protection
DuraFlex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Duraflexharness Miller Fall Protection
Durafuge Jouan Inc.
Duralite Aearo Technologies
Duramide CBM Intellectual Properties, Inc.
Duramold Rubbermaid
Duran Schott Glaswerke Corporation
Durapore Millipore Corp.
Duraprene Cardinal Health
DuraProbe Thermo Fisher Scientific
DuraScrim Tingley Rubber Co
Duratouch Ansell
Duratube Millipore Corp.
DuraVent Kappler USA
Durotech Hub Fabric Leather Company
DurOx WTW Measurement Systems
Durx Berkshire Corp.
Durx Rubbermaid
Dust'It Control Co.
DustDemon Aearo Technologies
Dustfoe MSA
Dustless Precision Pellets Holten Industries, Inc.
DVO Bacou-Dalloz
Dwyer Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
DX Aearo Technologies
DXR Thermo Fisher Scientific
DXTRAD Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dybenal Boots Pure Drug
DYEnamic GE Healthcare
DyLight Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dyna-Brake MSA
Dyna-Lock MSA
Dynabeads Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies Corp.)
Dynac BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
DynaLift SP Industries
Dynalon Dynalon
Dynamass Millipore Corp.
Dynamate Contec Inc.
DyNamix Berkshire Corp.
DynaMix Fisher Scientific
DyNAmo Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dynamo Fascinations
DynaPumps Neptune Products
DynaSharp Thermo Fisher Scientific
DyNAzyme Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dyneema DSM High Performance Fibers
Dynex Thermo Fisher Scientific