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Trademark names on this list have appeared designated by the trademark symbol in Thermo Fisher Scientific publications and on this Website. All trademark name representations and listed owners are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed to be so.

If you believe any of this information to be incorrect, please contact our Customer Service group regarding trademark errata.

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Trademark Trademark Holder
V Vial Wheaton Inc.
V-Gard MSA
V-Maxx Bacou-Dalloz
V-Seal Tara Distribution Group
V-Wave Servus
V3 Ulster Scientific, Inc.
Vac-Man Promega Corp.
Vacu-Guard The Whatman Group
Vacu-tec Vital Diagnostics, Inc.
Vacu-vials CHEMetrics Inc.
VacuCap Pall Corporation
Vacuette C.A. Greiner &Sohne
VACUettes CHEMetrics Inc.
Vacufuge Brinkmann Instruments
Vacule Wheaton Inc.
Vacumate Wheaton Inc.
Vacushield Pall Corporation
Vacutainer BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Vacuubrand Brand GmbH & Co.
Vakuwash Bel-Art Products
Val-Q Thermo Fisher Scientific
Valco Valco Instruments
Valeo Valeo, Inc.
Validator Scientific Systems
Validator Thermo Fisher Scientific
Validex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Valor Ohaus Corp.
Valorin Otis Clapp & Son
Valox General Electric Co.
ValPro Thermo Fisher Scientific
Valu-Bulk Wheaton Inc.
ValuAir Willson
Value Thermo Fisher Scientific
Value - The Collegiate Heidolph Brinkmann
Value Master Best Mfg.
Valueline Spectronics Corp.
VALUEselect Kimberly-Clark Corp.
ValueWare Kimble Glass
ValuMax ValuMax International
Valumetric Wheaton Inc.
VALUpak Ultra Scientific Inc.
ValuSeal Berkshire Corp.
ValuSeal-LP Berkshire Corp.
ValuSorb Bershire Corp.
Valutrak Fisher Scientific
VALVEMATE Gilson, Inc.
Vancocin Eli Lilly and Company
Vaneometer Dwyer Instruments
Vanguard Hamilton Bell
VanishPoint Retractable Technologies
Vantage Millipore Corp.
Vantage Marligen
Vantage Pro Davis Instruments Corp.
VantagePoint Citigrafix LLC
vapo.protect Eppendorf AG
Vapor Willson
Vapor II Bacou-Dalloz
Vari-Mix Thermo Fisher Scientific
VARIAC GenRad, Inc.
Varian Varian, Inc.
VARIANT Bio-Rad Laboratories
VARIANT II Bio-Rad Laboratories
VariFlow Fisher Scientific
VARIO BrandTech
VariQuest Fotodyne
Varistain Thermo Fisher Scientific
Varistaltic Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vaseline Unilever Supply Chain, Inc.
VAX Digital Equipment Corporation
VB3 Pelican Products
VBSE Flow Sciences, Inc.
vChem Iris International
VCO Swagelok Co.
VCode Velocity11
VCRPlus+ Gemstar
VecTest Medical Analysis Systems
Vector E.D. Bullard
Vectra ITW Texwipe
Vectra-Piezo Thermo Fisher Scientific
Veggietones Thermo Fisher Scientific
Velcro Velcro USA Inc.
Velket Propper Manufacturing
Velos Pro Thermo Fisher Scientific
Venavue Biosynergy, Inc.
Venoject Terumo Corporation
Venoset Abbott Labs
Vent New England Biolabs
Ventana Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Ventex Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Ventgard Thermo Fisher Scientific
VentMaster S & O Marketing, Inc.
VentSep Glas-Col Apparatus Co.
Venture II Pyramex Safety
Veo Thermo Fisher Scientific
VeriCal Biomerieux, Inc.
Verify Thermo Fisher Scientific
VerifyNow Accumetrics
VeriPro Sperian
Veritas Turner BioSystems, Inc.
Verizon Verizon
Vernier Vernier Software & Technology LLC
Vernier EasyData Vernier Software & Technology LLC
Vernier EasyLink Vernier Software & Technology LLC
VERSA C Technologies, Inc.
VERSA STAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Versa Vial Capital Vial
Versa-Clean Fisher Scientific
Versa-Guard North American Safety Products, Inc.
VersaBrite II Pelican Products
Versacap Pall Corporation
VersaClosure Porex Corporation
VERSAGENE Gentra Systems
Versagoggle Splash Shield Inc.
VersaLabel Brady Corp.
VersaLite MSA
VERSAmax Molecular Devices Corp.
VersaMist Mallinckrodt
VersaPak Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
VersaPak Black & Decker Corporation
Versapor Pall Corporation
Versaprinter Brady Corp.
Versashield Splash Shield Inc.
Versatainer Newspring Industrial Corporation
VersaTip Packard Instrument Co.
VersaTouch Ansell
VersaTREK Thermo Fisher Scientific
Versawipe Texwipe
Versene Dow Chemical
Versenol Dow Chemical
Versette Thermo Fisher Scientific
VersiDry National Packaging Services
VersiHeat II ACSI
Verso Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vertex Thermo Fisher Scientific
VertiKlean Contec Inc.
Ves-Matic Vital Diagnostics, Inc.
Ves-tec Elan Diagnostics
Vespel E.I. duPont de Nemours
Vesphene Steris Corp.
VET Express StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
VFR Visual First Responder
vHCS Thermo Fisher Scientific
VHP The Separations Group
Vi-Gard Vidaro Corporation
Vial File Wheaton Inc.
ViaProbe BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Vibralert Scott Technologies
Vibram Vibram SPA
VICTOR Perkin Elmer
Victoreen First Lafayette Acquisition, L.L.C.
Vidaro Vidaro Corporation
VIDAS bioMerieux S.A.
Video Flex Ken-A-Vision Mfg. Co.
View-Thru Learning Resources, Inc.
ViewLux Perkin Elmer
ViewPoint Carson Optical
ViewScreen Texas Instruments
ViewSonic ViewSonic
Vikem Bel-Art Products
Viking Bilsom
Viking Estes Industries
Vincon Norton Company
Vinylite SmartHealth, Inc.
Viper BD Diagnostics
Viper Thermo Fisher Scientific
Viraguard Veridien Corporation
Viresolve Millipore Corp.
Virkon Antec International
Virogen Inverness Medical
Virtek Virtek Vision Corp.
Virtis The Virtis Company
Virtua Aearo Technologies
Virtual Column Thermo Fisher Scientific
Virtual Labs: Electricity Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Virtual Labs: Light Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Virtual Manipulatives Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Viscolas Viscolas Inc.
Viscotester Thermo Fisher Scientific
Visi-Blue Ultra Violet Products Inc.
Visi-Sign National Marker Co.
VisiDoc-It Ultra Violet Products Inc.
Visio American Allsafe Co.
Vision Tingley Rubber Corporation
Vision Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vision Aid H.L. Bouton
VISIONlife Thermo Fisher Scientific
VISIONlite Thermo Fisher Scientific
VISIONpro Thermo Fisher Scientific
VisionSaver OTT-LITE Technology
VISIONsecurity Thermo Fisher Scientific
Visiwear Willson
Vislon YKK USA
Visor Handspring, Inc.
Visorgogs Jones Safety Equipment Co.
Vista Corning
Vista Varian, Inc.
Vista Eyeshower Vista Innovations
Vistamax Willson
Visualert Scott Health and Safety
Visualizer Millipore Corp.
Vitachrome Carolina Biological Supply Company
Vitafiber Millipore Corp.
Vital Diagnostics
VitalDye Cellomics
Vitascan Thermo Fisher Scientific
VITEK Biomerieux, Inc.
VITEK Expert System Biomerieux, Inc.
Viton E.I. duPont de Nemours
Vitox Nu Skin International, Inc.
VITROS Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Vivacon Sartorius
Vivaflow Sartorius
Vivapore Sartorius
Vivapure Sartorius
Vivaspin Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH.
ViviRen Promega Corp.
VivoGlo Promega Corp.
Vizion Thermo Fisher Scientific
VMax Molecular Devices Corp.
VMS Digital Equipment Corporation
Volac Bel-Art Products
Voltec Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Voluette Hach Co.
VoluMate Mettler Toledo
VoluPAC Sartorius
Vortemp 3M
Vortex-Genie Scientific Industries
Vortex-Genie 2 Scientific Industries
Vortrexing Thermo Fisher Scientific
Voyage Texas Instruments
Voyager Ohaus Corp.
Voyager-DE Applera Corp.
VP Abbott Labs
VP-SaT Thermo Fisher Scientific
vPAD Turning Technologies
Vprep Velocity11
VS Labconco
Vtech Vtech Holdings Limited Corporation
Vue-Guard Willson
Vulcan MSA
Vulcan Streamlight, Inc.
Vultex General Latex and Chemical Corporation
Vycor Corning
Vydac Separations Group, Inc.
Vytac Thermo Fisher Scientific
VZVscan BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)