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Acros Organics

When you buy $500 of Acros Organics chemicals, you can receive $500 of Fisher Chemical products free.

Luminex Assays

Get an introductory 40% discount on any R&D Systems Luminex Assay — bead-based immunoassays tailored to hundreds of different analytes.

New Lab Start Up

Maximize your time and budget while getting the supplies you need — with Fisher Scientific's New Lab Start-Up Program.


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Equipment Savings Extravaganza

Equipment Savings Extravaganza

Save up to 40% on 550+ products from major equipment and instrument manufacturers. Products include rotary evaporators, shakers, refrigerators and more. See what's available »

RESULTS Chromatography

RESULTS Chromatography

Premier equipment for the chromatographic technique of your choice - GC, HPLC, ion-exchange and more. Explore Techniques »

Thermo Scientific GeneJet

Thermo Scientific GeneJET Nucleic Acid Purification

GeneJET Kits are available to purify DNA and RNA from a wide variety of starting sample matrices. Learn More »

Fisher Scientific Isotemp

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Shaking Water Baths

Providing consistent, uniform shaking action - With a capacity up to 26.5L (7 gal). Buy Now »

Fisherbrand Labcoats

Fisherbrand Disposable Lab Coats

Fisherbrand Basic Protection Disposable Lab Coats provide great value and fit while offering your choice of protective materials. View Choices »