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Save on a Milli-Q System

Save 40% on a water purification system from now through the end of the month.

Flexible, Comfortable Protection for Your Eyes

Uvex Carbonvision Safety Goggles are ideal for protection from impact, dust and airborne particles as well as chemical splash hazards.

Bring Your Research into Focus

Our collection of stereo, compound and digital microscopes and cameras provide you with high performance and versatility.


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Equipment Extravaganza

Equipment Savings Extravaganza

Up to 40% off on more than 550 products in nine different categories like refrigerators and freezers, incubators, washers and more. Get a Quote »

Life Technologies

Get Great Savings on Workflow Solutions

Accelerate your research and save money on the latest product innovations in the areas of chromatography, genomics and proteomics. Browse Now »


Research Catalog

Place your order for a hardcover 2014-2016 catalog or get the digital version that's best for your computer or phone. Order Now »

Research Catalog

40% Discount on R&D Systems Luminex Assay

Includes polystyrene and magnetic bead options — analyze for hundreds of human, rat or mouse analytes. Order Now »

Uvex Carbonvision

Help with Training Employees on Lab Safety

The Brady GHS Training Kit includes everything you need to train your employees, including reference materials for the ongoing regulatory changes that the Hazard Communication Standard requires. Buy Now »