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Choose from select Fisher Chemical Optima LCMS solvents and blends.

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Choose one chemiluminescent substrate and one antibody.

Bring Your Research into Focus

Our collection of stereo, compound and digital microscopes and cameras provide you with high performance and versatility.


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Thermo Scientific

Get 3 Packages of Protein Ladders for the Price of 2

Take advantage of this special price on a three-kit pack of Thermo Scientific Pierce ECL 2 substrate. Buy Now »

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Equipment Savings Extravaganza

More than 550 products in 9 different categories. Save on incubators, refrigerators, rotary evaporators and more. Get a Quote »

R&D Systems

Introductory 40% Discount on Any R&D Systems Luminex Assay

Includes polystyrene and magnetic bead options — analyze for hundreds of human, rat or mouse analytes. Learn More »

Chemicals Buy 2 Get 1

Increase the Number of Your Samples that Can Be Controlled

Thermo Scientific VersaCool refrigerated circulating bath features a new "headless" design which, along with other tools and features, gives you control and precision. Learn More »