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Trademark names on this list have appeared designated by the trademark symbol in Thermo Fisher Scientific publications and on this Website. All trademark name representations and listed owners are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed to be so.

If you believe any of this information to be incorrect, please contact our Customer Service group regarding trademark errata.

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Trademark Trademark Holder
S Rockland Technologies Inc.
S-CAL Coulter International Corp.
S-Curve S-Curve Technologies
S-Pak Millipore Corp.
S-Pak+ Millipore Corp.
S.O.B. Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
S.O.P. Fisher Scientific
S.T.F. Streck Laboratories
Saberjet Akron Brass
Sabhi Sabhi, Inc.
SabIR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sabre 2000 Smiths Detection
SabreLite Pelican Products
Saddle Vent Air Systems International
SAF Wheaton Inc.
Saf De-Cap Current Technologies
Saf-T Clik Smiths Medical
Saf-T Closed Blood Collection System Smiths Medical
Saf-T Holder Smiths Medical
Saf-T Tainer Maxxim Medical
Saf-T Wing Smiths Medical
Saf-T-Fit Willson
SAF-T-FLO Encon Safety Products
SAF-T-LOK Encon Safety Products
Saf-T-Pump Fisher Scientific
SAfE Foss
Safe Life Safe Life Corporation
Safe-Cote Fisher Scientific
SAFE-D-Spense Fisher Scientific
Safe-Gard Kimble Glass
Safe-Grind Wheaton Inc.
Safe-Keeper Whitney Products, Inc.
Safe-Lab Bel-Art Products
Safe-Lock Brinkmann Instruments
Safe-Squeeze Justrite Mfg. Co.
SAFE-T Learning Resources, Inc.
Safe-T-Fill Ram Scientific
Safe-T-Pro Roche Diagnostics
Safe-T-Stix First Samco Inc.
SafeAir K & M Environmental
SafeAire Thermo Fisher Scientific
SafeClear Fisher Scientific
SafeCrit StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
SafeFix Fisher Scientific
SafeGard Kimble Glass
SafeGrip Microflex Medical
Safeguard Technologies Bruder Safeguard
SAFER STAR Safer Systems
SafEscape Sperian
SafeSite MSA
Safeskin Safeskin Corp.
Safeskin PFE-XTRA Kimberly-Clark Corp.
SafeSmoker Eagle Manufacturing
SafeSnap Fisher Scientific
SafeStep AlphaProTech
Safet Lab Industries
SafeTex Andwin Scientific
Safetex London International Group
SafeTin Fisher Scientific
Safetoe Norcross Safety Products
SafeTwist Eppendorf AG
Safety 1st Alzon
Safety 4 Safety 4
Safety Bulb Secure Medical, Inc.
Safety Choice Fisher Scientific
Safety King Wells Lamont Industrial Products
Safety Software Safety Software, Inc.
Safety Solutions BRK Brands, Inc.
Safety-First Labconco
Safety-Loc Tingley Rubber Corporation
Safety-Lok BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Safety-Vented Bel-Art Products
Safetyclean H.L. Bouton
Safetyflex Cutter Laboratories
Safetygard Kimble Glass
SafetyGlide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SafetyGlow OmniGlow Corporation
SafetyOffice Safety Software, Inc.
SafetyOfficeSuite Safety Software, Inc.
Safetypette Jencons Scientific
SafetyPrime Brand GmbH & Co.
SafetyTrack Fisher Scientific
SafetyValve Brand GmbH & Co.
SafetyVAP Brinkmann Instruments
Safire Tecan AG Analystische Instrumente
Saflok Barrow Hepburn Sala Limited
SafStor Sellstrom Mfg.
Saftgard Saf-T-Gard International
Saftzip COM-PAC International
SAGIAN Beckman Coulter
Saint-Gobain Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Sajen Sajen Laboratories, Inc.
Sakura Sakura FineTek USA
Salalift DBI/Sala
Salcor W.H. Salisbury
Salisbury W.H. Salisbury
Salter George Salter & Co. Ltd.
Salvequick Cederroth
SAM The Seaberg Company, Inc.
SAM-Set Sciteck Inc.
SAM2 Promega Corp.
Samco Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sammy's Science House Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Samox Briskheat Corp.
SampleGenie Genevac Ltd.
SampleLock Hamilton Co.
SampleManager LIMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
SamplePrep SPEX CertiPrep
Sampler Sherwood Services AG
Samplet Biotage
Samplit Bel-Art Products
Sampule Wheaton Inc.
San Francisco Bay Brand San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc.
Sanalite Scranton Plastic Laminating Corp.
SanDisk SanDisk Corporation
Sani-Cloth PDI/Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Sani-Dex PDI/Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Sani-Hands Professional Disposables, Inc.
Sanicloth Professional Disposables, Inc.
Sanicult Remel, Inc.
Sanidex Professional Disposables, Inc.
SaniHol Decon Laboratories
Sanitech Sanitech Corporation
Sanitized Sanitized, Inc.
Santa Cruz Willson
Santoprene Advanced Elastomer Systems
SAOB Thermo Fisher Scientific
Saran Saran Industries, Inc.
Saran Wrap Asahi Kasei
Saranex The Dow Chemical Company
Sarstedt Sarstedt, Walter DBA
Sartorius Sartorius GmbH
SAS SA Scientific, Inc.
SAS Ultra SA Scientific, Inc.
SAT The College Board
Satari Siam Sempermed Corp. LTD
Satin Plus Safeskin Corp.
Satisfaction Down To A Science Brinkmann Instruments
SatPax Berkshire Corp.
Saturn Varian, Inc.
Saturn H.L. Bouton
SATWipes Contec Inc.
Sav-It Porex Corporation
Savant Thermo Fisher Scientific
SAVe Diluent Zeus Scientific, Inc.
Savett Cederroth
Savox Howard Leight
Savur GE Osmonics
SawJammer SawJammer Co., LLC
SawJammer Pro SawJammer Co., LLC
Sawzall Milwaukee Electric Tool
SBS SBS Products
SBS Protect DEB SBS Inc.
SC-CSRS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Scalemaster Speed Fair
ScanArray Perkin Elmer Corporation
Scanmaster Nikon Ventures Corporation
SCBAG Three M Company
Sceptor Wells Lamont
Scholar Corning
Schrader Scovill Inc.
Schrader Schrader Co.
Sci/ERA Bellco Glass
SciClone Zymark Corp.
Science First Morris &Lee, Inc.
Scienceware Bel-Art Products
Scigen Sci Gen, Inc.
SciLog SciLog, Inc.
SciLutions Wheaton Inc.
SciMatCo Flinn Scientific, Inc.
Scintanalyzed Fisher Scientific
Scinti-4 Fisher Scientific
Scinti-6 Fisher Scientific
Scinti-8 Fisher Scientific
Scinti-Rack Fisher Scientific
ScintiGest Fisher Scientific
ScintiLene Fisher Scientific
ScintiSafe Fisher Scientific
ScintiVerse Fisher Scientific
ScintiVials Fisher Scientific
Scintrex Scintrex Limited Corp. Canada
SciQuest Nasco Mezzanine Subsidiary, Inc.
Sciteck Sciteck Inc.
Scoop An' Bag Bel-Art Products
Scoopula Fisher Scientific
Scope Procter & Gamble
Scorpio Ansell
Scorpion Dalloz Safety
Scotch 3M
Scotch Brand Magic Transparent Tape 3M
Scotch-Brite 3M
Scotch-Weld 3M
Scotchgard 3M
Scotchlite 3M
Scotsman Scotsman Ice Systems
Scott Scott Technologies
Scott Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Scott Eagle Scott Technologies
Scott-O-Vista Scott Technologies
ScottPure Kimberly-Clark Corp.
ScourWipe Texwipe
Scout Ohaus Corp.
Scram Scott Technologies
Screamin' Mimi Estes Industries
Screen Current Technologies
ScreenLens Dazor Manufacturing Corp.
Screwlock Services and Technologies
Scrub-Stat 4 Ecolab Inc.
ScrubDISK Foamex Asia Co., Ltd.
ScrubPAD Foamex Asia Co., Ltd.
SCT-Reflect 50 Bacou-Dalloz
SDS-Acrylgel MP Biomedicals
SDS-Out Thermo Fisher Scientific
SeaKem Cambrex Corporation
Seal 2000 National Scientific Co.
Seal-Ease BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SEAL-IT 100 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Seal-View Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
SealCote Jencons Scientific
Sealit Fisher Scientific
Sealpette Jencons Scientific
Seamsrite Ansell
SeaPlaque CBM Intellectual Properties, Inc.
SeaPrep FMC Corporation
Search Ultimate Perfect Fit Glove Co.
SearchLight Aushon Biosystems
Sec35 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Secador Bel-Art Products
SECO SECO Industries
Second Nature Wallace Computer Services, Inc.
Second Skin Wheaton Inc.
SECUR-ID For Responders Co.
Secure Digital Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba DBA
Secure Grip Microflex Medical
Secure-Gard Allegiance Corporation
Secure-Wrap Cardinal Health
SecureMount Biochemical Sciences, Inc.
SecureSeal Simport Plastics
SecureT LabPlas Inc.
Security BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Security-Snap National Scientific Co.
Securline Precision Dynamics Corporation
Securlink Precision Dynamics Corporation
SecurSnap Precision Dynamics Corporation
SED-CHEK II Polymedco, Inc.
Sedchek Polymedco, Inc.
Sedimat L.P. Italiana, SPA
SediPet Corning
Sediplast LP Italiana SPA
Seditube BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SeeBlue Invitrogen
Seepro Aearo Technologies
SeeWell PAGEgel, Inc.
SEF Monsanto
SEG•SAFE Alpha Scientific Corporation
Sega Kabushiki Kaisha Sega
Seiko Seiko Kabushiki Kaisha
Seize Thermo Fisher Scientific
SELDI ProteinChips Ciphergen
SelecT The Automation Partnership
Select Spectronics Corp.
Select Series Spectronics Corp.
Select-O-Flow Elkhart Brass
Select-O-Matic Elkhart Brass
Select96 Promega Corp.
Selectapette BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SelectaPore The Separations Group
Selectfluor Air Products
Selecto Scientific Selecto Scientific
Selectric IBM
SeleXtrac Spectrum Laboratories
Self Pack PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc.
Self-Rescuer MSA
Self-Seal Plus Kimberly-Clark Corp.
SelfBailer UltraTech International
SelfCleaning Dry Vacuum System Welch Vacuum
Sellstrom Sellstrom Mfg.
Selsnap Sellstrom Mfg.
Semi Gas Systems Semi Gas Systems, Inc.
Semi-Q Quidel Corp.
SemperCare SemperCare, Inc.
SemperGuard Sempermed USA, Inc.
Sempermed Sempermed USA, Inc.
Senddotcom The Wine Line, Inc.
SENSA Smith Kline Diagnostics, Inc.
Sensi-Disc BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SensiBlot Thermo Fisher Scientific
SensiCare Maxxim Medical
Sensidyne Sensidyne Inc.
SensiLite Ansell
SensiMax Microflex Medical
Sensing the Future Thermo Fisher Scientific
SenSIR SenSIR Technologies
Sensitex Oak Technical Inc.
Sensititre Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sensititre AIM Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sensitive Tension Design Willson
Sensitron MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Sensolux Sartorius
SensoLyt WTW Measurement Systems
SensorLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
SensorScience ImagiWorks Inc.
Sentinel Inverness Medical
Sentinel Calypte BioMedical
Sentinel E.D. Bullard
SenTix WTW Measurement Systems
Sentry Ansul, Inc.
Sentry Precision Dynamics Corporation
Sentry III American Allsafe Co.
Sepasoothe Medique Products
SepCap National Scientific Co.
Sephacryl GE Healthcare
Sephadex GE Healthcare
Sepharose GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
Sepharose GE Healthcare
Sepp Medi-Flex Inc.
SepraGel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Septa Shield Medical Technology Corporation
SeptaGard National Scientific Co.
SeptaJar Nalge Nunc International
SEPTI-CHEK Roche Diagnostics
SEPTI-CHEK AFB BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Septor Streamlight, Inc.
SEQUEST University of Washington, Seattle, USA
SeqWright SeqWright, Inc.
Ser-T-Cal Stanbio Laboratory
Ser-T-Fy Stanbio Laboratory
SER-TAIN JRH Biosciences
Sera Sharp Propper Manufacturing
Sera-Mag GE Healthcare
Sera-Separa Evergreen Scientific
Seradyn Thermo Fisher Scientific
SeraTest Thermo Fisher Scientific
Serdex Bacharach Inc.
SerialMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Series 2000 Millipore Corp.
Series 9600 Promega Corp.
seripettor Brand GmbH & Co.
SeroFuge BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ServicePlus Mettler Toledo
Services & Materials Services & Materials Co.
Servo-Jack Buchi Labortechnik AG
Servodyne Thermo Fisher Scientific
Servogor LEM Instruments
Servus Norcross Safety Products
SevenCompact Mettler Toledo
SevenEasy Mettler Toledo
SevenGo Mettler Toledo
SevenGo pro Mettler Toledo
Seward Seward Medical
SF Norcross Safety Products
Sf9 Mediatech, Inc.
SFM Thermo Fisher Scientific
SFM4Transfx293 Thermo Fisher Scientific
SGIC Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Shadow Miller Fall Protection
Shake 'N' Bake Boekel Scientific
Shake-N-Cast Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
Shamrock Winfield Medical
Shandon Thermo Fisher Scientific
Shandon Gill Thermo Fisher Scientific
Shandon-Mount Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sharp Sharp Corporation
Sharper Image Sharper Image Corporation
Sharpie Sanford Corp.
Sharps-A-Gator Devon Industries, Inc.
SharpSmart Daniels Corporation
Sharpstainer Winfield Medical
SharpStar Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
Shatterbox SPEX CertiPrep
Shelby Shelby Group International
ShelteX Unifold Shelters Ltd.
Sherlock USA Scientific, Inc.
Sherwood Sherwood Medical
ShieldMaster Safeskin Corp.
ShieldTorch Yokogawa Analytical Systems Inc.
Shimadzu Shimadzu
ShipSafe SCA Packaging North America
SHMARTER Thermo Fisher Scientific
Shockadvisorysystem Physio-Control Corporation
ShockWave2 DBI/Sala
Shodex Showa Denko K.K.
Shoe-Fit Total Fire Group
Shooters Ultra Scientific Inc.
ShopPro Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Short Shield Splash Shield Inc.
ShortStack MSA
ShortTube Orion
Shorty Vial Wheaton Inc.
Showa Best Best Glove Inc
Shuffle Apple Computer
SHUR/Freeze Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Lube Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Mark Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Mount Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Sharp Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Stor Triangle Biomedical
SHUR/Wave Triangle Biomedical
Shurlite G.C. Fuller Mfg.
Shurseal Kappler USA
Shuttle H.L. Bouton
siArray Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sickle-Chex Streck Laboratories
SICKLEDEX Johnson & Johnson
SickleHeme MichClone Associates
SickleScreen Fisher Scientific
siCONTROL TOX Thermo Fisher Scientific
siDESIGN Thermo Fisher Scientific
SideWinder Eye Safety Systems
Siemens Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
SIEVE Thermo Fisher Scientific
siGENE Thermo Fisher Scientific
siGENOME Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sight Savers Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
siGLO Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sigma Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
Sigma Contec Inc.
Sigma Diagnostics Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
Sigma-Aldrich Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
Sigma-Genosys Sigma-Aldrich
SIGNAL Thermo Fisher Scientific
SignalBoost EMD Chemicals Inc.
SignaTECT Promega Corp.
Signature Series Thermo Fisher Scientific
Signet Marlingen Biosciences
Signify Abbott Labs
Signum Sartorius AG
siGuard Genlantis
Silastic Dow Corning
Silcosteel Restek Corporation
Silence Speed Simplicity Eppendorf AG
siLentGene Promega Corp.
Silicote Oberon
Silicote-CL7 Restek Corporation
Silkworm City Insect Lore Products, Inc.
Silly Putty Binney & Smith, Inc.
SilSat Micronova Manufacturing
Siltek Restek Corporation
SilTite SGE
Silv-ex Ansul, Inc.
Silva Johnson Worldwide Associates, Inc.
Silver Sequence Promega Corp.
Silver Shield North Safety Products
Silverado General Motors Corp.
SilverBand Genlantis
SilverSNAP Thermo Fisher Scientific
SilverXpress Invitrogen
Silvex Silberline Manufacturing Co.
Simco Simco
SimGlycan PREMIER Biosoft
Simon Millipore Corp.
SimPak Millipore Corp.
Simplastin Organon Teknika B.V.
Simplate Organon Teknika B.V.
Simplicity Millipore Corp.
Simplicity HHP (formerly Hand Held Products, a Welch Allyn affiliate)
Simplify Alere
Simply Intelligent Thermo Fisher Scientific
Simply Science Dowling Magnets
SimplyLoad Cambrex Corporation
Simport Simport Plastics
Simriz Carl Freudenberg
Simulaids Simulaids, Inc.
Simulats Lab-Aids, Inc.
Singel BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
Single-Let Bayer Corp.
SingleBlock Ericomp
SingleStar Ericomp
Sip-in Sampling Bayer HealthCare
siQUEST Mirus Corporation
Sirius MSA
Sirrus Stanbio Laboratory
siSTABLE Thermo Fisher Scientific
siSTARTER Thermo Fisher Scientific
siSTRIKE Promega Corp.
SiteSelect InterMetro Industries
Sitrax Millipore Corp.
siXpress Mirus Corporation
Ska-Pak Scott Technologies
Sked Skedco, Inc.
Skedco Skedco, Inc.
Skeletronix Natural Science Industries, Ltd.
Skin Scrub Decon Laboratories
Skinny Dip Best Glove
Skullgard MSA
Sky Writer Estes Industries
skyline Bacou-Dalloz
SkyMaster Celestron
skyper Bacou-Dalloz
SkyQuest Orion
SkyView Pro Orion
SL-20X Streamlight, Inc.
SL-20XP Streamlight, Inc.
SLC 500 Rockway Automation, Inc.
Slide Guides Lab-Aids, Inc.
Slide Moat Boekel Scientific
Slide-A-Lyzer Thermo Fisher Scientific
Slide-Saver Fisher Scientific
SlideFile Simport Plastics
SlideMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
SlideRite Decon Laboratories
Slidex Bio Merieux
Slikwik Sorbent Products Co., Inc.
Slikwik SOCs Sorbent Products Co., Inc.
Slim Jim Rubbermaid
Slime Mattel Corporation
Slimline Spectronics Corp.
SlimLine 2000 Micronova Manufacturing
SLIMSETTE Simport Plastics
Slinky James Industries, Inc.
Slip-Fit Alltech Associates
Slip-Free Uniflex, Inc.
Slo-Blo Littelfuse, Inc.
Slow-Dry Kimble Kontes
SLT Brady Corp.
SMA Technicon Instruments
SMAC Technicon Instruments
SMART Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Smart Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Smart 2 Colorimeter LaMotte Chemical Products Co.
Smart Accessories Thermo Fisher Scientific
SMART AVERAGING Thermo Fisher Scientific
SMART Board Smart Technologies, Inc.
Smart Charger Alexander Manufacturing Co.
Smart CheK Thermo Fisher Scientific
Smart Design BioTek
SMART STABILITY Thermo Fisher Scientific
Smart Start/Fast Finish Thermo Fisher Scientific
Smartainer Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartCal Mettler Toledo AG
SmartCells Genlantis
SmartChip Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartCycler Cepheid Corporation
SmartDessicator Terra Universal
smartEA Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmarText Ohaus Corp.
SmartFit Howard Leight
SmartFlow Thermo Fisher Scientific
Smartgas Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartGauge Cardiac Science Corp.
SmartGonio Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartGrid Mettler Toledo
SmartIon Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartLens AOSafety
SmartMedia Toshiba Corporation
SmartPak Millipore Corp.
SmartPeaks Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartPlex Thermo Fisher Scientific
SMARTpool Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartRun Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartScan Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartScreen Karl Storz Imaging, Inc.
SmartSecurity Safety Software, Inc.
SMARTselection Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartSens Balluff GmbH
SmartSet Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartShield Skin Research Labs, Inc.
SMARTspin Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartStart Thermo Fisher Scientific
SMARTVECTOR Thermo Fisher Scientific
SmartWear AlphaProTech
SMC Seattle Manufacturing Corporation
Smith & Wesson Smith & Wesson Corp.
SmithCot SmithCot Inc.
Smithsonian Institution Smithsonian Institution
Smoke Cutter Streamlight, Inc.
Smoke-Check Thermo Fisher Scientific
SMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
SnakeEye Aqua Communications
SnakeSkin Thermo Fisher Scientific
Snap Circuits Elenco Electronics, Inc.
SNAP i.d. Millipore Corp.
Snap Top Cap J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc.
SNAP-CHANGE Scott Technologies
Snap-It National Scientific Co.
Snap-Seal Corning
Snap-Tite Snap-Tite, Inc.
Snap-Valve Medical Packaging Corp.
SnapFit E.D. Bullard
Snaplight OmniGlow Corporation
SnapPak AVL Scientific Corporation
snapshot Hygenic Corporation
SnapShot Hygiena International
Snapsule Clinipad Corporation
Snaptwist Simport Plastics
Snapwell Corning
Snorkel Ansell
Snuffer Labconco
Socorex Socorex
Sof-Kling Johnson & Johnson
Sof-Therm Johnson & Johnson
SofChek Environmental Test Systems
SofGrip Alltech Associates
Sofloop Johnson & Johnson
SofStop Miller Fall Protection
Soft Pulse Brinkmann Instruments
Soft Pulse Eppendorf AG
Soft-Fit H.L. Bouton
Soft-Flo Haws Corporation
Soft-Plenum E.D. Bullard
Soft-Tex E.I. duPont de Nemours
Softbottle Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
SoftCard Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftCIDE Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftClix Roche Diagnostics
SoftCoat Moldex-Metric, Inc.
SoftFeel MSA
SoftFit Molecular BioProducts
SoftFit-L Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftFlange Dalloz Safety
SoftGrip Hamilton Co.
SoftGUARD Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftKeys Thermo Fisher Scientific
SoftLink Promega Corp.
SoftLinx SoftLinx, Inc.
SoftMax Molecular Devices Corp.
SofTouch Hamilton Company
SoftPac Life Corporation
Softsides H.L. Bouton
Softspun Moldex-Metric, Inc.
SoftTouch Boehringer Mannheim
Softube Colder Products Company
Sofwipe American Fiber and Finishing, Inc.
SoilCore SoilCore, Inc.
Sol-Knit Ansell
Sol-Vex Ansell
SOLAAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Solarcaine Schering-Plough Corporation
Solaris MSA
SolarVerter Patrick Technologies, Inc.
SolEx Thermo Fisher Scientific
Solex Sellstrom Mfg.
SolGel-1ms SGE
Solidcalibration Socorex
Solitrode Metrohm Ltd.
SoLo Thermo Fisher Scientific
Solopol Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Soluene Packard Instrument Co.
Solugel MP Biomedicals
SoluLyse Genlantis
SoluLyse-M Genlantis
Soluset Abbott Labs
Solvac Pall Corporation
Solvecon Whatman Inc.
Solvent Minimizer 50 Alltech Associates
Solvent Miser Alltech Associates
Solvent Saver Rockland Technologies Inc.
Solvent Saver Hewlett-Packard
Solvent-Saver Kimble Kontes
Solvent-Saver Kimble Glass
SolventSafe Molecular BioProducts
Solvex Millipore Corp.
Solvotrode Metrohm Ltd.
SolvSar ITW Texwipe
SolvSat ITW Texwipe Company
Sonabox Heat Systems, Inc.
Sonicator Mettler Toledo
SonicSeal Nalgene
Sonifier Branson Ultrasonics
Sonix Sellstrom Mfg.
Sontara E.I. duPont de Nemours
Sony Sony Corporation
SORVALL Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sound 911 Falcon Safety Products
Sound Ban Bilsom
Sound Barrier Bilsom
Sound Blocker MSA
Sound Silencer Bilsom
Sound-Off North Safety Products
SoWeld American Allsafe Co.
SoxCap Foss A/S
Soxtec Foss
Space Invaders Taito America Corp.
Space Saver GOJO Industries
SpaceLoft UP Aerospace
SpaceProbe Orion
Spandex E.I. duPont de Nemours
SPARC SPARC International, Inc.
SPARCSTATION SPARC International, Inc.
Sparkfoe MSA
Sparkleen Fisher Scientific
SparkPlugs Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Spartan Bacou-Dalloz
SpartDAT Thermo Fisher Scientific
SpatulaBalance Control Co.
SPC Sorbent Products Co Inc
SPEC Varian, Inc.
Spec Cap Metuchen Scientific, Inc.
Spec-Cap SPEX CertiPrep
Spec-Tec Wells Lamont
SPECertificate SPEX CertiPrep
Speci-Freez COM-PAC International
Speci-Mix Thermo Fisher Scientific
Special Ops Moldex
SpeciGard Uniflex, Inc.
Spectra Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spectra Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spectra Motorola
Spectra Honeywell
Spectra Willson
Spectra II Willson
Spectra Smalls Willson
Spectra-Seal The BOC Group, Inc.
Spectra-Tech Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spectra/Chrom Spectrum Laboratories
Spectra/Mesh Spectrum Laboratories
Spectra/Por Spectrum Laboratories
SpectrAA Varian, Inc.
SpectraCam Thermo Fisher Scientific
SpectraCAM XDR Thermo Fisher Scientific
SpectraChrom Spectrum Laboratories
Spectraguard Honeywell
Spectral Red Southern Biotechnology Associates
SPECTRAmax Molecular Devices Corp.
SpectraMesh Spectrum Laboratories
Spectranalyzed Fisher Scientific
SpectraPhysics Spectra-Physics
Spectrasafe The BOC Group, Inc.
SpectraSYSTEM Thermo Fisher Scientific
SpectroGrade International Crystal Lab
Spectroline Spectronics Corp.
Spectrolinker Spectronics Corp.
Spectronic Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spectronics Spectronics Corp.
Spectrosil Hellma GmbH & Co.
Spectrum Justrite Mfg. Co.
Spectrum JV Manufacturing
Spectrum E.D. Bullard
Spectrum Spectrum Laboratories
SpeculATR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Speed Sleeve Eye Safety Systems
Speed-Clip Eye Safety Systems
Speed-Evac Scott Technologies
SpeedBeads Thermo Fisher Scientific
SpeedBox Shimadzu
Speedglas 3M
SpeedSTAR TaKaRa Mirus Bio
SpeedVac Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spellbound Spellbound Development Group, Inc.
Sper Scientific Sper Scientific, Ltd.
Sperian Sperian
SPEX CertiPrep Metuchen Scientific, Inc.
SPEXertificate SPEX CertiPrep
Sphere Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spheri-10 Perkin Elmer
Spheri-5 Perkin Elmer
Spherisorb Waters Corp.
Sphero Spherotech, Inc.
Spider Rainfair, Inc.
Spider Thermo Fisher Scientific
Spilfyter NPS Corporation
Spilhyder NPS Corporation
Spill Scooter Enpac Corp.
Spill-Gun Ansul, Inc.
SPILL-X Ansul, Inc.
SPILL-X-A Ansul, Inc.
SPILL-X-C Ansul, Inc.
SPILL-X-FP Ansul, Inc.
SPILL-X-S Ansul, Inc.
SpillBerm UltraTech International
SpillDeck UltraTech International
Spillleaderkit Safetec of America
SpillPallet Plus UltraTech International
SpillSlope Justrite Mfg. Co.
SpillStopper Labconco
Spilltray Fisher Scientific
Spilstopper Clark Products
Spin-Vap Wheaton Inc.
Spinbar Bel-Art Products
SpinCon Sceptor Industries
Spindrive Bel-Art Products
Spinplus Bel-Art Products
SpinX Corning
SpiralCap Pall Corporation
Spirit Millipore Corp.
Spitfire Bacou-Dalloz
Splash Shield Splash Shield Inc.
Splashgon Fisher Scientific
SplashGuard Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Splenda Tate and Lyle
Spoggle Uvex Safety
Sponge-Plus Current Technologies
SpongeCote Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
Spoonula Fisher Scientific
Spoonulet Fisher Scientific
Spor-Klenz Steris Corp.
SporGon Decon Laboratories
Sporicidin Contec Inc
Sport Strip Johnson & Johnson
Sportek E.D. Bullard
SporTrak Thales Navigation
SpotCheck Hygiena International
SpotCheck Plus Hygiena International
Spotlight on Science Learning Resources, Inc.
SpotTest Difco Laboratories
SPP System Takara Bio Inc.
Spray & Glow Millipore Corp.
SprayCyte BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Springboard Handspring, Inc.
Sprinter DaimlerChrysler
Spunguard One-Step Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Sputasol Oxoid Inc.
SQ-Easy Porex Corporation
Squids Ergodyne Corporation
Squirt MSA
Sqwincher Sqwincher Corporation
SR Triangle Biomedical
SR 12 Triangle Biomedical
SRN Thermo Fisher Scientific
SRS Thermo Fisher Scientific
ssA BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SSI Scientific Systems
SST BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ST Raytek Corporation
ST-IR Card Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stabilicers North Safety Products
Stabilwax Restek Corporation
StablCal Hach Co.
StableBond Hewlett-Packard
Staccato Zymark Corp.
Staccups Cargille Laboratories
StackAttacker Corning
Stacked Thermo Fisher Scientific
StaFreez Biosynergy, Inc.
StainEx Genlantis
StainMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stair-TREAD Stryker
Stak-a-Cab SciMatCo
Stak-a-Tray Bel-Art Products
STaK-Chex Streck Laboratories
Stanco Stanco Manufacturing Inc.
Standard Length Oak Technical Inc.
Standard Weight Oak Technical Inc.
Standardettes Haines Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Stansolv MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Stanzoil MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Staphaurex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Staphaurex Plus Remel, Inc.
Staphene Steris Corp.
Staphylase Thermo Fisher Scientific
Staphyloslide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Staphytect Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Star QBC Diagnostics
Star Thermo Fisher Scientific
StAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
STAR Cardiac Science Corp.
Star Navigator 21 Thermo Fisher Scientific
StarBlast Orion
Starbucks Starbucks U.S. Brands
Starfire Red Yorktown Technologies
StarFish Brinkmann Instruments
Stargaze H.L. Bouton
StarHead Thermo Fisher Scientific
Starline Wheaton Inc.
StarMax Orion
Starplex Starplex Scientific
Starpocket Sculptures-Jeux
Starry Night Imaginova Corp.
Starswabstwo Starplex Scientific
Starsys InterMetro Industries
StartingBlock Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stat Fax Awareness Technology, Inc.
Stat Strip National Patent Medical Partnership, L.P.
Stat-Crit Inverness Medical
STAT-PAK Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
Stat-Site Stanbio/GDS Technology
Stat-Zap SECO Industries
Static Free ITW Chemtronics
Static Solutions Static Solutions Inc.
StaticAway Fisher Scientific
Staticmaster NRD, Inc.
Statproof Plastic Systems, Inc.
STATS Streck Laboratories
StatSampler StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
StatSpin StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
StatSpin Express Iris International
stattrak Fisher Scientific
StatZorb Contec Inc.
StayRite G & W Instruments
Staz-On MSA
STD Ansell
Steady-Glo Promega Corp.
SteadySlope Eppendorf AG
Stealth MSA
Stealth Bacou-Dalloz
StealthLite Pelican Products
Steamblock Shelby Group International
SteamScrubber Labconco
Stearns Stearns
Stedair Stedfast Inc.
StedFast Fisher Scientific
Steel Grip Steel Grip, Inc.
SteelLeather Performance Fabrics, Inc.
Steeltex Onguard Industries Llc
Stellar Willson
STELLARA Biomerieux, Inc.
Stellarscope Sculptures-Jeux
STEM Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stem-Trol Beckman Coulter
StemElite Promega Corp.
Stemi Carl Zeiss
StemXVivo R&D Systems, Inc.
StepOne Applera Corporation
StepPette Wheaton Inc.
StepSaver Environmental Express
StepVial System National Scientific Co.
StepWise BioTek
Stereomaster Fisher Scientific
StereoZoom Leica Microsystems, Inc.
Steri-Pad Johnson & Johnson
Steri-Strip 3M
Steri-View Corning
Steri-Wrap Propper Manufacturing
Stericap Millipore Corp.
Stericup Millipore Corp.
Steridose Millipore Corp.
Sterifil Millipore Corp.
Steriflip Millipore Corp.
Sterilaire Ultra Violet Products Inc.
SterilAmp SGM Biotech, Inc.
Sterile Storage Bags Georgia Steel and Chemical
SterileMax Thermo Fisher Scientific
SterileSorb Contec Inc.
Sterilet Millipore Corp.
Sterileware Bel-Art Products
SterileWipe Texwipe
Sterilmatic Market Forge
Steripak Millipore Corp.
Steris Steris Corp.
Sterisart Sartorius
Sterishield ITW Texwipe
SteriShield Delivery System Shield Medicare, LLC
Steritest H.W. Andersen Products, Inc.
Steritop Millipore Corp.
Sterivac Millipore Corp.
Sterivex Millipore Corp.
Sterling Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Sterrad Johnson & Johnson
Sticky Fingers Ergodyne Corporation
Stifneck Laerdal Medical Corp.
STIM BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Sting Kill Kiwi Brands
Sting Kill Randob Labs
Stinger Elkhart Brass
Stinger HT XP Streamlight, Inc.
Stingray Elkhart Brass
Stir and Add Bel-Art Products
Stir Trac Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stir-Pak Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stirlight Caframo Ltd.
StirrOx WTW Measurement Systems
StirTrac Thermo Fisher Scientific
STKS Coulter International Corp.
Stockhausen Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stoko Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stoko Mat Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stoko Refresh Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stoko Vario Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stokoderm Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stokolan Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Stomacher Seward Medical
Stomp Rocket Jessie R. Blasingame
STOP Thermo Fisher Scientific
Stop & Glo Promega Corp.
Stopper-Loc Bel-Art Products
Stor-It Thermo Fisher Scientific
Storm Crews, Inc.
Storm Case Hardigg Industries
StorPak Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Strapper Best Mfg.
strata Phenomenex
StrataCooler Stratagene
Stratagene Stratagene
Stratalinker Stratagene
Strate-Line Propper Manufacturing
Stratus Baxter Healthcare
Streamlight Streamlight, Inc.
Streamlight Jr. Streamlight, Inc.
Streck-MiniPack Streck Laboratories
Streetfyter National Packaging Services Corporation
Strep ID II Thermo Fisher Scientific
Strep-Tactin Institut fur Bioanalytic GmbH
Strep-tag Institut fur Bioanalytic GmbH
StrepAlert SA Scientific, Inc.
Streptex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Streptocard BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Streptonaseb Inverness Medical
Streptozyme Inverness Medical
Stretch-Gard Cardinal Health
StretchStop Miller Fall Protection
Striketeam WF Eye Safety Systems
Strion Streamlight, Inc.
Strip-EZ Ambion, Inc.
Stripette Corning
Stripwell Corning
Strohl Systems Strohl Systems Group, Inc.
Stronghold Harvard Apparatus
Stryker Stryker
STS Thermo Fisher Scientific
SturdeeSeal Berlin Packaging
Sturdier Hoefer, Inc.
Stx Restek Corporation
Stylus Streamlight, Inc.
Styragel Waters Corp.
Styrofoam Dow Chemical
Sub-Sieve Sizer Fisher Scientific
Suburban General Motors Corp.
Sudodrin Medique Products
Sudodrin Forte Medique Products
Sugar-Chex Streck Laboratories
Suisse Aire Stearns
Suit Smart E.I. duPont de Nemours
Sulbactam Pfizer, Inc.
Sulfagel MP Biomedicals
Sulfan Honeywell
SulfaVer Hach Co.
SulfhydraBIND Corning
Sulfinert Restek Corporation
SulfoLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Summit Sqwincher Corporation
Summus E.I. duPont de Nemours
SUN SUN Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Sense North Safety Products
Sunbeam Sunbeam Corporation
Sunburst Orange Yorktown Technologies
Sundowner Flex-O-Lite, Inc.
SunFlo Sun SRI
Sunsorb Berkshire Corp.
SunSpot National Scientific Co.
SunX CoreTex Products
Supelco Sigma-Aldrich Co.
SUPELCOSIL Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Supelguard Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Super Bond Pacer Technology
Super Clean Scientific Glass Technology Exploitatie B.V.
Super Erecta InterMetro Industries
Super Flex Best Mfg.
Super Friendly Air'it Control Co.
Super Friendly Freeze'It Control Co.
Super MityLite Pelican Products
Super PASS II Grace Industries
Super Polx Berkshire Corp.
Super Shot Estes Industries
Super Sonic Falcon Safety Products
Super Stitch Rubbermaid
Super-C Millipore Corp.
Super-Clean Restek Corporation
Super-ject Exelint International
Super-Nuova Thermo Fisher Scientific
Super-Q Millipore Corp.
SuperBand Precision Dynamics Corporation
Superbase Nanogen Inc.
SuperBlock Thermo Fisher Scientific
SuperCarrier Thermo Fisher Scientific
SuperCel Manville Service Corporation
SuperCertificate, Inc.
SuperChip Thermo Fisher Scientific
Supereight North Safety Products
SuperFabric Higher Dimension Medical, Inc.
SuperFit Aearo Technologies
Superflex SGE
SuperFreeze Thermo Fisher Scientific
Superfrost Thermo Fisher Scientific
SuperHeavyweight Oak Technical Inc.
Superior Quality, Unparalleled Service SPEX CertiPrep
SuperKanthal Kanthal Group
Superose GE Healthcare
Superpass Grace Industries
SuperPlate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Superpoly Bata Shoe Co.
SuperSafe Thermo Fisher Scientific
SuperScript Life Technologies, Inc.
SuperSignal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Superslip Thermo Fisher Scientific
Superspher The Merck Group
Supertip-96 MP Biomedicals
SuperView Texas Instruments
Supor Pall Corporation
SuporCap Pall Corporation
Supply Rewards Schoeneckers, Inc.
Supra/Hone Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
SupraPur EM Industries, Inc.
Suprasil Heraeus Quarzglas
SUPREC TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Suprel E.I. duPont de Nemours
Supreme Norcross Safety Products
Supreno Microflex Medical
Supro MAX GOJO Industries
Sure Step E.I. duPont de Nemours
Sure-Fit Howard Leight
Sure-Flow Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sure-Grip Justrite Mfg. Co.
Sure-Grip MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Sure-Loc Total Fire Group
Sure-Lock E.D. Bullard
Sure-Lok Parter Medical Products, Inc.
Sure-Rail MSA
Sure-Seal Parter Medical Products, Inc.
Sure-Start Labconco
SURE-TEK Fisher Scientific
Sure-Vue Fisher Scientific
Sure/Cut Roche Diagnostics
SureCover AlphaProTech
SureFit Fisher Scientific
Sureflex Servus
SureGrip Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd.
SureGrip Fisher Scientific
SureGrip Carson Optical
Surelite Gainor Medical
Sureloc Sure-Loc
SureLock Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies Corp.)
SureLox Quartet Manufacturing
SureOne Fisher Scientific
SurePrep Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sureprep BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Sureseal J.S. Plastics
SureSoft LifeScan, Inc.
SureStain Fisher Scientific
SureStep LifeScan, Inc.
SureStep Johnson & Johnson
SureStep Pro Johnson & Johnson
SureStop Thermo Fisher Scientific
Suretan LCR North America
Surevent Hartwell Medical
Surex Berkshire Corp.
Surf-Cal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Surfact-Amps Thermo Fisher Scientific
Surfactrode Metrohm Ltd.
SurfaSil Thermo Fisher Scientific
Surflo Terumo Corporation
Surgicutt International Technidyne Corporation
SurgiGuard Texas Medical Products
SurgiLance SurgiLance
Surgine Johnson & Johnson
Surgipad Johnson & Johnson
Surpass Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Surveyor Transgenomic, Inc.
SURVEYOR Thermo Fisher Scientific
SURVEYOR PLUS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Survivair Survivair
Survivor Streamlight, Inc.
Suva E.I. duPont de Nemours
SV Sherwood Medical
SVG Silicon Valley Group, Inc.
SVT Sciteck Inc.
Swabpak Medical Packaging Corp.
Swagelok Swagelok Co.
Swap-Top Thermo Fisher Scientific
Swat-Pak STI Licensing Corporation
SwellGel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Swift Swift Optical Instruments
Swiftgift MasterCard International Inc.
Swiftrunner Intelagard, Inc.
SWIN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Swing Jaw Bel-Art Products
SwingAway Encon Safety Products
Swingstrap North Safety Products
Swinnex Millipore Corp.
Swiss Army Swiss Army Brand Ltd.
Switchos Thermo Fisher Scientific
Swube BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
SX-Timer Control Co.
Sybase Sybase Inc.
SYBR Molecular Probes, Inc.
Syclone Streamlight, Inc.
Sylgard Dow Corning
Syltherm XLT Dow Corning
SymBiot PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc.
Symbol Casio Computer Co.
Symmetry Waters Corporation
Synbiosis Synoptics Limited
Synchroncx Beckman Instruments
Synchroncxfive Beckman Instruments
Synchronlx Beckman Instruments
Synchronseries Beckman Instruments
SynChropak Eichrom Technologies
Syncore Buchi Labortechnik AG
Syncronis Thermo Fisher Scientific
Synercid Aventis Pharma S.A. Corp.
Synergy BioTek
Synergy Millipore Corp.
Synetron Microflex Medical
Synoptics Synoptics Limited
SynQUAD Genomic Solutions
Syntage Biotage
Synthesis Millipore Corp.
Syntrode Metrohm Ltd.
SYPRO Molecular Probes, Inc.
Sysmex Sysmex Corporation
System 100 Thermo Fisher Scientific
System 45 Corning
System-Tested Thermo Fisher Scientific
systemSURE Celsis International
systemSURE I Celsis International
systemSURE II Celsis International
SystemSURE Plus Hygiena International
Syva Syva Corp.