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Fisher HealthCare has a singular focus – serving the medical diagnostic laboratory. And, our product portfolio reflects that focus. While other suppliers to the health care industry may include some laboratory supplies as part of their offerings, you won't find the depth and choice of laboratory-specific products offered by Fisher HealthCare any where else.

With such a deep portfolio to choose from – more than 50,000 clinical products – you'll be sure to find a product that meets your laboratory needs, satisfies physician preferences and streamlines workflows.

Solutions for the Process

Clinical laboratories are asked to serve a variety of functions.

Molecular Diagnostics – Whether your lab is just starting out or has already established itself for cutting-edge analysis, look to Fisher HealthCare to offer consulting, equipment, training, qPCR, automated extraction instruments, specialty consumables.
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Anatomic Pathology – Our tenured sales team can help you focus on meeting increasing volumes and demand for specialization. Demonstrate a greater return on investment by taking advantage of our integrated workflow approach that streamlines patient treatment, resulting in shorter hospital stays.
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Specialty Diagnostics – The sooner a medical cause can be identified, the sooner the correct treatment path can be identified. The breadth and depth of the Fisher HealthCare rapid diagnostics offering allows you to deliver personalized medicine while accommodating individual physician testing methodologies.
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Information Management and Integration – Reimbursement documentation, electronic medical records, remote order entry, web-based access, real time results reporting. It's no longer good enough to have a laboratory information system that allows you to store and retrive patient results, it must interface with a variety of EMR systems and offer advanced options for reporting and delivery. Through an exclusive partnership with Orchard Software, Fisher HealthCare can help you customize an information management system handles complex workflow and integration models.
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Analytics – The shrinking pool of medical technology personnel means you need to find methods to automate many of the mundane tasks. Look to Fisher HealthCare instrumentation specialists to identify the instruments and reagents that can free up the valuable time of your technicians.

Consumables and Equipment – From central laboratories, to near-patient testing, to outpatient care facilities, Fisher HealthCare can provide everything you to need to outfit and keep your site running.
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Exclusive Supplier Relationships

You really won't find many of the products offered by Fisher HealthCare any where else. As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are the exclusive distributor for more than 80 suppliers:

Chem SW
Thermo Scientific Fairlawn Chemicals
SPEX Certiprep

Alltech Associates
Domnick Hunter
EKA Chemicals
Thermo Scientific Chrom
Thermo Hypersil

American Proficiency Institute
Organic Sales and Marketing


3M Company
Alfa Scientific Designs
Genzyme Diagnostics
HandyLab Inc
Orchard Software
SKC Inc America
Thermo Scientific Jewett


Astoria Pacific
Bellingham + Stanley
Bio-Tek Instruments
Brinkmann Metrohm
Brinkmann Instruments Metrohm
Carl Zeiss
Compx Security Products Inc
Curran Taylor
Denver Instruments
IKA Works
Leica Microsystems
New Brunswick
Stovall Life Sciences
Thermo Scientific Barnstead
Thermo Scientific Forma
Thermo Scientific Haake
Thermo Scientific Fisher Hamilton
Thermo Scientific Nanodrop
Thermo Scientific Neslab
Thermo Scientific Savant
Thermo Scientific Sorvall
Thermo Scientific Spectronic

American Peptide Company
Biomeda Corp
Genome Explorations
Maxim Biotech
Millipore Corp
Millipore Serologicals
Omega Optical
Southern Biotechnology
TaKaRa Bio
TaKaRa Mirus Bio
Thermo Scientific Dharmacon
Thermo Scientific Abgene
Thermo Scientific Hybaid


When you're dealing with perishable diagnostic products and delicate instrumentation, the shortest distance between point A and point B isn't always a straight line.

Between the placement of your order and the delivery of the requested product, a highly sophisticated distribution machine assures that your laboratory gets what it needs, when it needs it. Beyond the order and delivery aspect, the logistics channels of Fisher HealthCare continually seek to help you:

Reduce Costs – By consolidating orders and suppliers, you will see a natural decrease in charges for freight, handling, storage, and inventory management.

Save Time – Electronic ordering processes may help you reduce the time it takes to place orders, while a single source for supply chain information – offers immediate access to new product and account-specific information – means you spend less time searching for products and more time using them.

Avoid Errors and Waste – Procurement processes tailored to your lab's needs reduces paperwork errors. Multiple distribution centers minimizes service disruptions. Optimized on-hand inventory reduces errors and waste.

Regardless of the procurement method used by your laboratory, our integrated systems can allow for standardization and flexibility:

Customer Service – This 24/7 operation prides itself on a track record of meeting customer needs on the first call.

Online Access – Get real-time product availability, order quickly, track the status of an order, see product pricing specific to your organization and integrate product catalogs with in-house systems.

On-Site Sales – Sales representatives always have access to the most up to date information. Equipped with tablet PCs and air cards, your sales representative can obtain instant and accurate pricing information and quotations.

New Products & Technologies

Because Fisher HealthCare partners with innovative suppliers, we are often the first to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace, including recent introductions for:

Specialized Warehouses

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks and a national network of warehouses that specialize in the storage and shipment of delicate laboratory products, Fisher HealthCare can ensure the integrity and shelf-life of highly perishable diagnostic materials.

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