Trade Up to a New Thermo Scientific CW3 Cell Washer

Trade Up to a New Thermo Scientific CW3 Cell Washer Trade Up to a New Thermo Scientific CW3 Cell Washer

Upgrade to a new Thermo Scientific™ CW3 Cell Washer at our special introductory price and we’ll pick up and dispose of your old cell washer at no additional cost — a value of up to $860.

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Thermo Scientific CW3 Cell Washer

The CW3 Cell Washer provides reliable, automated cell washing for up to 24 tubes per run and finishes washing in as little as three minutes.

Fits in

  • Compact footprint saves benchtop space
  • Standardized, repeatable cycles simplify your workflow
  • 12- or 24-place rotors consolidate cell washing

Stands out

  • Fully automated cell washing cycle saves time
  • Easy-to-read digital display and keyboard controls enable user-friendly operation
  • Automatic alerts indicate run completion and interrupted/low saline levels

Learn More About CW3 Cell Washer (PDF, 758KB)

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