Classroom Science Lab Equipment

EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table

Make dissection easy with the proper tools. The EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table is great for student benchtops as it does not take up much space and is collapsible.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Circulating Water Baths

Achieve outstanding temperature uniformity for your samples with perimeter-directed water flow on Precision circulating water baths. Featuring advanced temperature controller.

Eisco 8 in. x 5 in. Steel Support Ring Stand with 3 Rings, 8 in. Length x 5 in. Width Base Size

EISCO Support ring stand set is for laboratory use, and contains a 8 in.x5 in. base, 20 in. x 3/8 in. dia rod, 3 Support rings Sizes (3 in., 4 in., and 5 in.) The set's rod is made of stainless steel, and it has a powder-coated base for durability.

Celestron™ Eclipsmart™ Solar Binoculars with 42mm Objective Diameter

Provides generous field of view for users to easily locate and view the entire solar disk while observing.

Eisco Tripod Stand - Circular, 12cm. Dia

This rugged zinc plated iron tripod stand is 8.25 in. in height with a 4.75 in. diameter. The sturdy iron legs are detachable and come with rubber traction caps on them.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Coliform Water Baths

Support your fecal coliform testing with coliform water baths, designed specifically for this application. Baths are preset to optimal temperatures for easy use.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ General Purpose Baths

Support a wide range of applications with general purpose water baths, designed to maintain temperature from ambient to 100°C. High-performance baths range from 2L to 28L.

Eisco 5 Liter Polypropylene Beaker with Handle and Spout, 250ml graduations

These polypropylene beakers have excellent optical clarity, very good chemical resistance, and are autoclavable. There have a handle and spout

CurranTaylor™ Scotsman™ Prodigy™ Undercounter Cuber with 110 lbs. Storage

Produce up to 250 lbs. (114kg) of cubed ice in an air-cooled setting, with no need for space at the side or back for air circulation. The CurranTaylor™ Scotsman™ Prodigy™ Undercounter Cuber with 110 lbs. Storage uses significantly less energy and water than other cube ice machines, exceeding California and U.S. energy efficiency regulations.

Pipette Pump™ III Pipetters Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Easy to use for a longer period of time.

Eisco Bunsen Burner With Needle Valve - Natural Gas

Efficient, durable Bunsen Burner mounted on pressure die casted base. Comes with needle valve for simple flame adjustment. 5.5 in. Height x 3 in. Diameter base. Inlet tube diameter 13mm.

GSC Go Science Crazy Balloons for Lung Demonstration

Balloons often used as replacement parts for the lung demonstration 120310

Eisco Black 4mm Connecting Leads - Alligator Clips - 300mm Length

12 in. (300mm) black connecting lead with alligator clips at both ends for 4mm plug. Enables quick temporary electrical connection.

Eisco Knife Switch, Single pole - single throw

Single pole, single throw knife switch on a durable plastic base. Rugged construction that stands up to tough student use. Poles & knives are made of brass for good electrical connections.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Mini Secador™ Mini Desiccator Cabinet Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Sturdy construction assures easy and reliable storage of moisture sensitive products in space saving size

Thermo Scientific™ Life Science Analyzer: BioMate™ 3S Spectrophotometer, Six-Position Cell Holder Model with printer

Your busy life science laboratory demands performance and flexibility — count on the Thermo Scientific™ BioMate 3S UV-Visible spectrophotometer to deliver.

GSC Go Science Crazy Cast Iron Support Ring Stand

Great for holding all sorts of lab equipment in a small space. The GSC Cast Iron Support Ring Stand is made from cast-iron, with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support.

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Advanced Stirring Hotplate

Ideal for nucleic acid and protein hybridizations; eliminate need for water baths and heat sealers

GSC Go Science Crazy Rubber Dam

Natural Gum Tan Rubber Sheet

Eisco High Resolution Dynamometers - Spring Balance

Metallic, tubular Newton spring balances. EISCO High Resolution Dynamometers are color-coded for convenience, and are scaled in both grams and Newton's.

Eisco Metal Electrodes Set

Set of 7 high quality metal electrodes for student cell, 100 x 19mm. : Aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, iron, zinc, and carbon rod.

Carson™ SureGrip™ Soft-Grip Magnifier

Features large viewing area for clarity.

Eisco 2 Prong Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Universal Clamp with Boss head for Large Rods (up 21mm dia.)

This heavy duty stainless steel clamp comes with chemical resistant PVC coated jaws, each with their own thumbscrew for tightening from both sides. The boss head is able to accommodate up to a 21mm rod and has a thumbscrew for tightening.

Eisco Borosilicate Burette, Straight Bore, PTFE Stopcock - 50mL cap., 0.10mL grad., Class A tolerance

Eisco Borosilicate Burette, Straight Bore, PTFE Stopcock - 50mL - Class A Burette These high quality borosilicate burettes are straight bore with interchangeable PTFE key stopcocks. Accuracy is per ISO 385, DIN 12709.

Eisco 3 Liter Polypropylene Beaker with Handle and Spout, 100ml graduations

These polypropylene beakers have excellent optical clarity, very good chemical resistance, and are autoclavable. There have a handle and spout

Thermo Scientific™ Gravity Ovens, 65L Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For basic drying and heating applications

GSC Go Science Crazy Lamp Board

Connect circuits easily in both parrallel and series