STEM and Career Education

Dynalon™ Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces

Students develop operational definitions of magnets, magnetic poles, and magnetic fields. Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces provides students a hands-on experience in 2-3 class periods.

3B Scientific™ Advanced Manual Inflate Large Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

Fast and accurate blood pressure measurement. The 3B Scientific Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Monitor is equipped with a Pressure Rating Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat feature.

Aldon™ Innovating Science™ Forensic Dental Analysis Classroom Kit

Forensic dentistry is defined as the branch of forensic medicine that deals with identification through teeth, dental apparatus and their markings. The activities in this kit will introduce students to the various techniques used in forensic dentistry while they try and identify the suspect in the case.

Lab-Aids™ Density: Layers of Liquids

Students are provided liquids of different viscosity and density and asked to observe and predict the relative density. Lab-Aids™ Density: Layers of Liquids gives students the chance to develop an operation level of density.

Eisco NeuLog™ Sound Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Sound Kit contains equipment to produce sound and measure it through a sound sensor. It is difficult for students to grasp the relation between generated sound and wave’s propagation. With this kit, students measure sound waves generated by tuning forks and a recorder and also isolate sound using different materials

Fisherbrand™ Lister Bandage Scissors with Antiglare Coating

Size dressings and remove circumferential bandages. Fisherbrand™ Lister Bandage Scissors may also be used to cut tougher materials such as plaster, fabric, and occasionally umbilical cord.

3B Scientific™ Suture Practice Arm Dark Skin

Arm with soft vinyl skin over foam allows hundreds of suture practice sessions.

Eisco NeuLog™ Panda

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Panda is a multi-sensor module with 9 built-in sensors. It is ideal for younger scientists and students that wish to seamlessly and easily collect data.

Eisco NeuLog™ Resistance Logger Sensor

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Resistance Logger Sensor measures the current through the resistance and the voltage on it. Output is a resistance value using Ohm’s Law (R = V/I) and the resistance is calculated from the current and voltage values. Possible experiments that can be performed are: Electrical components resistance measurements, electrical parallel circuits, electrical series circuits and electronics.

Eisco NeuLog™ Panda WIFI Module

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Panda WIFI module enables the PANDA to connect to PC/ Mac without the use of a USB Cable.

Eisco NeuLog™ WIFI Communication Module

Add convenience and efficiency to your workflow.The Eisco™ NeuLog™ WIFI Communication Module allows NeuLog sensor measurements to be performed through any device which uses WIFI technology.

Eisco NeuLog™ Pulley Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit with the force logger sensor allows students to explore various options of pulley arrangements.

Eisco NeuLog™ mA Current Logger Sensor

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ mA Current Logger Sensor measures the current in the mA range, in parallel or series branches of low voltage AC and DC circuits. This sensor can be used to measure the current in the mA range, in parallel or series branches of low voltage AC and DC circuits and also to investigate the dependence of the current flow through components on the voltage across them.

Eisco NeuLog™ Utility Accessories Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Utility Accessories Kit allows for a wide variety of topics to be studied. Equip labs with all of the basics needed to carry out numerous scientific experiments, all in one kit!

Eisco NeuLog™ Geiger Counter Logger Sensor

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Geiger Counter Logger Sensor measures all three types of radiation: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The radioactivity of a sample can be measured by counting how many ionizing events occurred in a period of time or as rate (counts per second, for example).

Optical 4.5X LumiLoupeÖ Power Stand Magnifier

Ideal for viewing insects, plants, maps and graphics

Lab-Aids™ Animal Health and Food Safety: Chicken Little, Chicken Big

An introduction to medical and dietary supplemental products. Lab-Aids™ Animal Health and Food Safety: Chicken Little, Chicken Big explores how medical and dietary supplemental products, such as vitamins, are often given to humans and other animals to improve health, growth, or performance.

Lab-Aids™ Introduction to Conductivity

An introduction to the measure of conductivity.  Lab-Aids™ Introduction to Conductivity is an easy-to-use lesson completed in 1-2 class periods.

DR Instruments Aayan™ Economy Surgical Suture & Stapling Training Kit

The DR Instruments™ Aayan™ Economy Suture & Stapling Training Kit is ideal for medical and veterinary students as well as skilled surgeons. It provides professional practice tools for students to learn techniques of suturing and stapling and surgeons a chance to enhance their skills.

Polar3D Polar 3D STEAMtrax Site Licenses

Students are engaged in relevant learning scenarios that encourage the essential skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, clear and critical thinking, and developing core academic knowledge. Each lesson embeds Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing as an integral part of the STEAMtrax Engineering Design Process.

Roylco™ Four Fractures

Roylco™ Four Fractures introduces students to the science of bones and the principles behind x-rays and radiation

Roylco™ Animal X-Rays

Roylco™ Animal X-Rays printed on clear, heavy-duty plastic

DR Instruments DR Instruments DR-MED Arthroscopic Training Simulator

For learning minimal invasive techniques applied on knee surgery.

DR Instruments Aayan™ Economy Surgical Suture Training Kit

The DR Instruments™ Aayan™ Economy Suture Training Kit is ideal for medical and veterinary students learning surgical techniques, as well as professional surgeons looking to improve their skills. This 8 piece kit comes neatly packed away in a zippered case for easy access and storage.

Roylco™ True to Life Human X-Rays

Roylco™ True to Life Human X-Rays reproduce the entire body of a young adult, 5 ft. (1.5 m) tall

Roylco™ Dental X-Rays

Roylco™ Dental X-Rays allows exploration of the development of healthy teeth and the intricacies of correcting growing teeth with braces