Tracking an Order

After an order has been submitted, you can track the order by signing in and then clicking Orders and Returns under the My Account dropdown. You can click View Details on any line-item order to view the tracking information in detail for each order. To stay informed, you can turn on notifications for tracking by clicking the Update Notification button at the top of the Order Details page.

If you don’t have an account​, try our single-order lookup feature to find and track your order and delivery. Click Order Status  at the top of the site and search by your order number and zip code.



order details image


NEW: Parcel Content

  • For warehouse orders that shipped after Nov. 24, 2023, customers can self-service a key post-purchase question, “"what is in the box?” by accessing the order details page from the Account drop down. Here, the tracking number is aligned to the item, allowing the customer to track the item through shipping to delivery. The parcel number we are now displaying correlates to the information on the label on the box in the lower right corner of the label.


Parcel content screenshot
Parcel content box image


NEW: Proof of Delivery

  • Within the Tracking Details page accesses through Order Details for your order, customers can now conveniently self-serve to access all documents critical to invoice payment processes: invoice, packing slip and proof of delivery (POD).
POD screenshot