Lanolin, Anhydrous (USP), ACROS Organics™


Chemical Identifiers

CAS 8006-54-0
Synonym Wool fat
Chemical Name or Material Lanolin
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    Physical Form Adhering Crystals or Powder
    Color White to yellow
    EINECS Number 232-348-6
    RTECS Number OE3201000
    Melting Point 38° to 44°C
    Merck Index 15, 5409
    Iodine Number 18 to 36g I2/100 g
    Water 0.25% max.
    Water_soluble Acids Alkalies Water-soluble acids and alkalies: Passes Test
    Chloride 0.035% max.
    Foreign Substances foreign substances: Passes Test
    Acidity 2.0 ml 0.10 N NaOH max.
    CAS 8006-54-0
    Infrared Spectrum Authentic
    Synonym Wool fat
    Petrolatum Passes Test
    Residue after Ignition 0.1% max.
    Ammonia Passes Test
    Water_soluble Oxidizable Substances Water-soluble oxidizable substances: Passes Test
    Alkalinity Passes Test
    Chemical Name or Material Lanolin

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AC413005000 SDS Acros Organics
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