Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ GST Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit

Purify protein interaction complexes with user-supplied GST-tagged fusion protein

The GST Protein Interaction Pull-Down Kit contains the necessary components to capture and purify proteins that interact with recombinant proteins containing a glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion tag. You provide the tagged fusion protein (bait) and cells expressing the putative protein interaction target (prey), and the pull-down kit supplies everything else: cell lysis buffer, microcentrifuge spin columns, glutathione affinity resin (agarose beads), optimized binding and elution buffers, and a detailed protocol. This kit is designed to teach the method to first-time users and to increase ease-of-use, convenience and reproducibility for experienced researchers.


Includes: Glutathione agarose resin, lysis buffer, TBS pack, glutathione for elution, microcentrifuge spin columns and collection tubes

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Thermo Scientific
GST Pull-Down Kit; 25-rxn kit
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