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About NeuLog

Log, store and transmit data — in the classroom and beyond. 

The most advanced data sensors on the market today, NeuLog™ logger sensors do it all -- programmable, real-time data sensors, log, store and transmit data. Designed for use in the classroom or in the field, NeuLog Sensors are perfect for elementary, middle, high school or college-level applications.

NeuLog Sensors work on any device, anywhere, with free software and no apps to purchase.

The NeuLog Wi-Fi Demo

Neulog takes a new approach to data collection with its plug-and-play, Wi-Fi system. In this demonstration, three meters are connected to the battery and wireless transmitter, allowing the data to be collected from a nearby laptop. Neulog sensors work on PCs, Macs, Kindles, iPads, Android Tablets and Phones.


Data collected at 94,000 feet with NeuLog sensors by NASA's MN Space Consortium and the U of MN -Twin Cities