Abnova Corporation

FANCA 293T Cell Overexpression Lysate (Denatured), Abnova

Cell transient overexpression lysate for FANCA

Abnova™ PPARA/PPARD/PPARG Complete Transcription Factor Assay Kit

PPARA/PPARD/PPARG Complete Transcription Factor Assay Kit is a non-radioactive, sensitive method for detecting PPAR-alpha, delta, gamma transcription factor DNA binding activity in nuclear extracts and whole cell lysates.

anti-PLK4, Human, IP-WB Antibody Pair, Abnova™

For immunoprecipitation and to detect the precipitated protein in western blot.

anti-MYOC, Human, Matched Antibody Pair, Abnova™

To detect and quantify protein level of human

THP-1 (human acute monocytic leukemia) Whole cell lysate, Non-denatured, Abnova

Non-denatured whole cell lysate of THP-1 (human acute monocytic leukemia)

Abnova™ Lactose Assay Kit

For quantitative colorimetric lactose determination in biological sample, milk

Abnova™ KLH IgM (Mouse) ELISA Kit

Use to measure quantitatively KLH IgM in plasma and serum.

WFDC2 Recombinant Protein, Abnova

Human full-length ORF recombinant protein with GST-tag at N-terminal

Abnova™ KLH IgG (Mouse) ELISA Kit

Use to measure quantitatively KLH IgG in plasma and serum.

Abnova™ Fluorescent Dye 488-I Phalloidin

Fluorescence Dye 488-I with Phalloidin conjugate

Abnova™ Hydrogen Peroxide Chemiluminescent Detection Kit

Hydrogen Peroxide Chemiluminescent Detection Kit is a higher throughput assay for the quantitative measurement of hydrogen peroxide in culture supernatants and cell lysates from any species.