BD PC12 Cell Lysate

Convenient to use and useful control for western blotting application

Hsp90 Mouse, Unlabeled, Clone: 68, BD

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

BD CompBead Anti-Mouse Ig, κ/Negative Control Particles Set

Used to optimize fluorescence compensation settings for multicolor flow cytometric analyses. BD™ Anti-Mouse Ig, κ/Negative Control Particles Set includes two sets of polystyrene microparticles to distinctly stain positive and negative populations, especially when using tandem dye conjugates.

BD 7-AAD Staining Solution

Convenient, ready-to-use nucleic acid dye that can be used in place of propidium iodide (PI)

BD NIH 3T3 + Vanadate + PDGF Lysate

Useful control for the western blotting application

BD Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU)

A thymidine analog used in cell proliferation studies

BD D- Luciferin Sodium Salt

Specific for firefly luciferase in the illustrated reactions

BD Brilliant Stain Buffer

Designed to complement multicolor flow cytometry experiments. Brilliant Stain Buffer is a buffer for the immunofluorescent staining of cells.