Dynalab Corporation

Dynalon™ Quick Mist™ HDPE Sprayer Bottles

Trigger-type operation provides fine mist with large pattern

Dynalon™ Quick Mist™ HDPE Sprayer Bottles

QuickMist reusable hand sprayer bottle. Trigger-type operation to provide fine mist with large pattern. Trigger assembly chemically resistant polypropylene with plastic strainer. Easily cleaned valve and intake. Excellent for spraying all types of thin liquids. Not suitable for use with food products.

Dynalon™ Bio-Bin™ Waste Disposal Containers

A new cost effective and convenient alternative to rigid plastic waste collection and disposal containers

Dynalon™ Flow Indicator, SAN Body

Clear outer case on allows for unobstructed view

Dynalon™ Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Dynalon™ Baritainer™ Jerry Cans

Environmentally friendly alternative solution for packaging, storing and transporting chemicals that usually require glass, metal, fluorinated HDPE or other single barrier containers

Dynalon™ Round Dipping Baskets, HDPE, Perforated

Dipping baskets have perforations on all sides including the bottom and are supplied with a sturdy swinging handle.



Dynalon™ Round Dipping Baskets, Polypropylene, Perforated

Excellent chemical resistance plus a sturdy swinging handle

Dynalon™ Pi-Pump™ Pipetter Pump

Safe enough for use with toxic or corrosive chemicals

Dynalon™ Round Dipping Baskets

Sturdy and chemical resistant.

Dynalon™ Stackable Deep Trays, HDPE, with Handles

Ideal for transporting and managing spills

Dynalon™ Bio-bin™ Waste Disposal Containers

Bio-bin™ is the ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste disposal. Reduce cost, weight, transport, CO2 emissions, storage space!

Dynalon™ PVC Kartell Tray For Lab Storage

Improve office laboratory organization. Store and transport small lab items, pipettes, stir bars, connectors, and office knick knacks with the Dynalon™ Labware PVC Kartell Tray for Lab Storage.

Dynalon™ Cylindrical Jars, HDPE, Screw Cap

Suitable for powders and solid specimens

Dynalon™ Bio-Bin/Spill Containment Tray

Maintain laboratory organization and cleanliness with spill trays. Dynalon™ Labware Bio-bin/Spill Containment Trays are for specific waste disposal containers such as bio-bins. The autoclave tray can be used for plastic and glass laboratory items.

Dynalon™ PVC Kartell Tray For Pipette Storage

Improve laboratory organization wth the Dynalonade; Labware PVC Kartell Tray For Pipette Storage. Stores up to 4 different size pipettes for lab use; 1, 2, 5 and 10mL pipettes.

Dynalon™ Heavy Walled HDPE Carboy

Food-grade chemical-resistant HDPE

Dynalon™ ViscoDispo Single-Use DispoSampler

ViscoDispo is for high-viscosity liquids up to max. 100,000 mPa·s. Collect samples instead of complicated cleaning! Disposable ViscoDispo product - unpack, take sample, recycle! Made of environmentally friendly, recyclable PE or PP. Optionally available as sterilised with gamma rays.

Dynalon™ Spigot for Carboy

Leakproof spigot on heavy-duty carboy

Dynalon™ Transparent Pan Container with Lid, Polypropylene

Translucent polypropylene for visibility of contents