DRIFIRE™ Lightweight Military Boxer Briefs

Used as base layer for other DriFire garments

DRIFIRE™ Midweight Long Sleeve Shirts

Suitable for wearing alone or layered for increased warmth and FR protection

DRIFIRE™ Lightweight Short-Sleeve Tees

Used as base layer for other DriFire garments

DRIFIRE™ Flight Deck Jerseys

Provide easy visual identification on shipboard flight decks

DRIFIRE™ Heavyweight Long Sleeve Shirts

Can be wear alone or as part of layering system for increased protection and warmth

DRIFIRE™ Navair One-Piece Flight Suits

With adjustable side tabs for a perfect fit around the torso

DRIFIRE™ Two-Piece Navy Flight Suits

Designed for Naval and Marine Aviators with end-user input

DRIFIRE™ Flight Deck Pants

Military apparel designed to withstand extreme conditions