Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Meker

Designed to produce an extremely hot and stable flame

Eisco™ Premium Lab Metalware Set

Single package containing support equipment for any experiment.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burner With Flame Stabilizer

Quality lab gas burner mounted on a die casted zinc alloy base and with a brass flame stabilizer.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Tirrill

Features wing nut on bottom of tube for gas adjustment and tube screws for fine adjustment of air to fuel ratio

Eisco™ Tirrill Bunsen Burner with Gas Control

Tirrill burners allow greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture

Eisco™ Basic Bunsen Burner, Natural Gas with Flame Stabilizer

Basic natural gas burner with flame stabilizer is ideal for lab work

Eisco™ Alcohol Lamp

Polyhedral with metal cap

Eisco™ Burner Bunsen Meker: High Temperature

Ideal for lab work requiring a hotter flame than that attainable with a bunsen burner.

Eisco™ Retort Base w/Rod

Research grade rod and stand kit.

Eisco™ Simple Bunsen Burner, LPG

Simple, inexpensive gas burner is suitable for general lab.

Eisco™ Lattice Clamp

For lattice building and rod coupling.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Basic

Prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected

Eisco™ Conical Filtering Flask with Integral Side Arm Products for Science Education

The borosilicate glass conical filtering flask with integral side arm is ideal for storage, mixing, and transferring of various solutions. The flask is easy to use in any lab with its flat bottom, side arm, narrow neck, and beaded rim.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Micro

Allows air ratio adjustments

Eisco™ Borosilicate Burette w/ PTFE Stopcock, 0.2mL grad, Class B, Blue graduation

These are high quality burettes are perfect for every day, high precision lab work. Borosilicate glass with PTFE key stopcock

Eisco™ Stand and Rod Pack

Matched economy base and rod.

Eisco™ Porcelain Crucible with Lid, Tall Form

A standard lab crucible to be used in high temperature experiments. Height 29 mm

Eisco™ Crucible, Squat

Withstands with high temperatures. Porcelain, squat, glazed inside and outside except base

Eisco™ Cast Iron Ring Clamp

Features zinc-plated steel shank secured to screw clamp.

Eisco™ Erlenmeyer Flasks - Wide Neck Products for Science Education

High quality borosilicate 3.3 glass Erlenmeyer flasks with wide neck design.

Eisco™ Cylinder Measuring Graduated, Class 'B' with round base Products for Science Education

Borosilicate glass, Class - B, Round base with spout as per DIN EN ISO 4788

Eisco™ Ring Closed with Clamp

Features two Piece clamp integrated with boss head clamp.

Eisco™ Stainless-Steel Rod

For use with all stand bases.

Eisco™ Clamp Retort Combined

Diecast alloy clamp retort, PVC coated jaws with boss head which accommodates rods up to 15mm in diameter.

Eisco™ Erlenmeyer Flasks, Narrow Neck Products for Science Education

Erlenmeyer flask made form high quality borosilicate glass. Flasks have a conical shape, narrow neck, and graduations. Conform to DIN ISO 1773 standard.

Eisco™ Low Form Beaker, Borosilicate Glass Products for Science Education

These high quality, affordable beakers are perfect for any science classroom or home lab.

Eisco™ Micro Bunsen Burner with Flame Stabilizer

This premium burner from Eisco is made with the lab and classroom in mind.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners with Flame Stabilizer

Expanded base prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected