GSC International PIPE CLEANERS 144/PK




GSC Go Science Crazy Cloud Forming Apparatus Products for Science Education

A apparatus that helps demonstrate how clouds form. The GSC Cloud Forming Apparatus demonstrates the principles of cloud formation even when there isn't a cloud in the sky. When the atmospheric pressure is lowered in the chamber and smoke particles are introduced, a nucleus for the formation of water droplets is produced. When the bulb is compressed and then suddenly released, a cloud is formed inside the flask.

GSC Go Science Crazy 25mm Glass Marbles Products for Science Education

Glass Marbles that can be used in the classroom and lab setting. The GSC 25mm Glass Marbles are sold by the dozen.

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles Products for Science Education

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles can launch the plastic marbles a maximum of 8 meters

GSC Go Science Crazy Density Rod Set Products for Science Education

Density rod sets are ideal for studying the relationship between mass and density.

GSC Go Science Crazy Compass Board Products for Science Education

Great for a simple lines of force demonstration.

GSC Go Science Crazy Refractive Tank Semi Circular Products for Science Education

Easily demonstrate Snell's law and show how light slows and refracts by entering a fluid. The GSC Refractive Tank Semi Circular, Pack 12 demonstrates Snell’s Law, which is what happens when light moves from air space across a boundary into a fluid at various angles.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Distributes heat evenly while using a Bunsen burner. GSC International Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center features rolled smooth wire edges and a clean white center ceramic. A variety of sizes are available.

GSC Go Science Crazy Low Friction Aluminum Pulley Products for Science Education

Low friction aluminum pulley with 50mm wheel and cast metal frame.

GSC Go Science Crazy Balloons for Lung Demonstration Products for Science Education

Balloons often used as replacement parts for the lung demonstration 120310

GSC Go Science Crazy Incline Plane Friction Set Products for Science Education

A great addition to any science classroom, the Incline Plane Friction Set demonstrates the resolution of forces, uniform and accelerated motion, and potential energies. The GSC Incline Plane Friction Set can be used for multiple demonstrations including the resolution of forces, uniform and accelerated motion, and potential energies.

GSC Go Science Crazy Ballistics Car With Magnetic Release Products for Science Education

Demonstration to help students understand Newtons first law of motion.

GSC Go Science Crazy Knife Switches Products for Science Education

For lab or classroom experiments dealing with electricity and electricity experiments

GSC Go Science Crazy Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell Products for Science Education

A cup that works with the GSC Voltaic Cell. The GSC Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell holds both round and flat electrodes.

GSC Go Science Crazy Dropper Assemblies Products for Science Education

For 1 ounce bottles. GSC International Dropper Assemblies are made of clear glass

GSC Go Science Crazy Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup Products for Science Education

Helps to visually demonstrate electro-chemical changes taking place. The GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup is supplied with electrodes that includes; copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, brass, iron and nickel, round carbon rod and a porous cup. The Voltaic Cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell.

GSC Go Science Crazy Polystyrene 12 Depression Spot Plate Products for Science Education

Provides students with a polystyrene surface for spot testing. The GSC International Polystyrene 12 Depression Spot Plate is compact for easy use and is great for spot testing in lab or classroom settings.

GSC Go Science Crazy Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads Products for Science Education

Keep your surfaces safe from hot items. The GSC International Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads are made from flexible alumina and silica oxides.

GSC Go Science Crazy Basic Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Provide students with insight into understanding simple electrical circuits using various elements. The GSC International Basic Electricity Kit makes understanding easy. It includes many accessories, instructions and a polypropylene storage case.

GSC Go Science Crazy Porcelain 12 Depression Spot Plate Products for Science Education

Provides students with a porcelain surface for spot testing. The GSC International Porcelain 12 Depression Spot Plate is compact for easy use.

GSC Go Science Crazy Military Field Compass Products for Science Education

Accurate and Shock resistant compass preferred by military forces.

GSC Aluminum Lab Jack Products for Science Education

GSC Aluminum Lab Jack provide a helpful platform for use in the lab.

GSC Go Science Crazy Amber Bottles with Dropper Assembly Products for Science Education

For storage and dispensing. GSC International Bottles with Dropper Assembly are made of glass.

GSC Go Science Crazy Microslides Single Cavity Dozen Pack Products for Science Education

Pre-cleaned glass slide with ground edges.