Western Blotting

The primary outcome that scientists want from all their work in Western blotting is high-quality protein identification. To get high-quality results, you need to attain meaningful data on a consistent basis. GE Healthcare™ Amersham™ Western blotting consumables are the ingredients for success in your Western blotting recipe.


ECL Detection Reagents

New Amersham ECL™ Start is a chemiluminescent kit designed for routine Western blotting applications.  Combined with Amersham ECL™ Select, the most sensitive formulation GE offers for both qualitative and quantitative analysis, GE has an ECL solution optimized for your research needs. 

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Amersham Hybond and Protran Membrane

GE Healthcare Life Sciences offers an extensive range of blotting membranes made of nitrocellulose, PVDF or nylon with pore sizes from 0.1 to 0.45µm suitable for your application requirements.  These are the Hybond, BA83 and BA85 membranes you have known for years now available in longer roll lengths.

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Amersham Hyperfilm

Amersham Hyperfilm™ ECL is a very low background film suitable for use with all blue and green light chemiluminescent systems and validated for use with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Advance and CDP-Star.  When quality matters, reach for Hyperfilm.

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Protein Purification

The GE Healthcare suite of resins and columns will give you the tools to separate proteins once target compounds have been identified.  Optimize your outcomes with GE Healthcare product formats through spin, magnetic bead technology, gravity or the GE Healthcare HiTrap™ small to mid-size prepacked column for use on chromatography systems.

Chromatography Media and Resin Methods: Affinity purification, gel filtration, desalting, ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction

Formats: Loose media up to 500g, HiTrap columns, SpinTrap, GraviTrap, Tricorn columns, multi well plate, magnetic beads and syringe

Featured Media/Resins


HiTrap rProtein A FF Columns

Quick, convenient preparative purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from cell culture supernatants, serum and ascites.

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HiTrap Desalting and IEX Columns

With an optimized design for desalting buffer exchange and IEX chromatography, HiTrap columns provide targeted screening and ready-to-use formats. 

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HisTrap FF Crude Prepacked Columns

Achieve high-binding efficiency, speed and convenience with columns optimized for purification of histidine-tagged proteins directly from homogenized, unclarified cells. GE Healthcare HisTrap™ FF Crude Prepacked Columns include additional filtration for difficult samples.

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GE Healthcare offers a complete range of cellulose filter papers, glass and quartz fiber filters. For the retention of very small particles or for microbiological purposes, GE Healthcare recommends its offering of membrane filters, which includes pore sizes ranging from 0.015µm to 12µm.

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Capsulated Filters

GE Healthcare syringe filters are available in different diameters, pore sizes and membrane types. Sterile or nonsterile versions are available with or without prefilters as well as syringeless filters. Whatman polycap capsule filters are available in three sizes, sterile and nonsterile, with effective filtration surface areas ranging from 500cm2 to 1,500cm2.

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HyClone Cell Culture

Let GE Healthcare help you find the cell culture solutions that meet your needs. HyClone™ serum, media, buffers and process liquids products have been meeting the needs of research, drug discovery and bioproduction customers since 1967.

Large-Volume Standard and Customized Formulations



Culture cells using our complete line of HyClone™ classical, specialty and transfection media products that support the growth of CHO, SF9, HEK293, hybridoma, myeloma, insect, NS0 and vial vaccine cell lines.

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Industry-Tested Products to Maximize Cell Growth


Sera and Supplements

Enhance cell culture performance with a variety of HyClone™ supplements that include Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), calf serum, engineered serum (HyClone™ FetalClone™ 1, 2 and 3) and serum-free supplements (HyClone™ Cell Boost™ 1 to 6).

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Cell Culture and Bioprocessing Solution Complements


Buffers and Process Liquids

Manage, control and regulate pH, temperature, osmotic pressure, carbon dioxide and oxygen to create specific cell culture conditions.

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