Genlantis / Gene Therapy Systems, Inc

Genlantis™ TurboCells™ BL21Competent Cells

High-level E. coli expression using three-minute transformation protocol

Genlantis™ BioPORTER™ Protein Delivery Reagents and Kits

Translocate functional proteins directly into a wide range of cell types

Genlantis™ SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

Efficient and gentle extraction of soluble proteins from bacteria

Genlantis™ Zeus™ Electroporation Cuvets

Compatible with all common electroporation devices

Genlantis™ PrimaPure™ Fibroblasts

High-quality human adult, fetal, and neonatal fibroblasts

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Cold Box

Convenient benchtop cooler for optimal enzyme stability

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Cell Storage Box

Convenient benchtop cooler for cell viability preservation

Genlantis™ EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads

Allows you to easily and safely spread bacterial and yeast cells across the surface of an agar plate

Genlantis™ gWiz™ Vectors

High-level transient expression in mammalian cells

Genlantis™ Detachin™ Cell Detachment Reagent

Gentle, rapid detachment of a wide range of cells

Genlantis™ Dicer siRNA Generation Kits

Easily, economically generate functional siRNAs

Genlantis™ GeneSilencer™ siRNA Transfection Reagents

Novel cationic lipid formulation specifically designed for efficient delivery of siRNAs (small interfering RNAs) into a wide variety of cell types

Genlantis™ MycoScope™ PCR Detection Kit

Designed for sensitive detection of mycoplasma using PCR

Genlantis™ CloneCatcher™ Gold DH5G Electrocompetent E. coli

The Highest Efficiency Electrocompetent Cells

Genlantis™ GenePORTER™ Transfection Reagents and Kits

High-efficiency, serum-free transfection of a broad spectrum of adherent and suspension cells

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Mini Cold Box

Versatile mini benchtop cooler for temperature sensitive reagents

Genlantis™ phCMV Vector Kits

Mammalian expression vector with significantly higher expression levels than traditional CMV promoter-based constitutive vectors

Genlantis™ The BL21 Gen-X™ E. coli was created through careful cycles of mutagenesis, enrichment, and testing. This new generation of BL21(DE3) provides significantly higher levels of recombinant protein expression and reduced levels of background proteins.

Utilizes a strain of BL21(DE3) that provides significantly higher levels of recombinant protein expression and significantly reduced levels of background proteins when compared to previous generations of BL21(DE3)

Genlantis™ NeuroPORTER™ Transfection Reagent

Efficient DNA Transfection into Neuronal Cells

Genlantis™ Subculturing Reagents

Functionally tested subculturing reagents for primary cells