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Ken-A-Vision™ Vision Scope 2 Stereo Microscopes Products for Science Education

High quality optics and rugged construction at a budget-friendly price.

Ken-a-vision™ 1401KEM 2.07 Megapixel PupilCam Digital Camera Products for Science Education

Fits directly on microscope. Ken-a-Vision™ 1401KEM 2.07 Megapixel PupilCam Digital Camera is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

Ken-A-Vision™ Ken-A-Vision™ FlexCam 2 Digital High-Definition Camera Products for Science Education

Innovative, sleek document camera allows real-time streaming of camera images.

Ken-A-Vision™ CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscopes: Mechanical Stage Products for Science Education

Affordable way to introduce students to microscopy.

Ken-A-Vision™ Kena™ 3-in-1 Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

The only 3-in-1 digital microscope designed for the classroom. Kena combines the capabilities of a compound microscope, stereoscope and handheld discovery scope in one fun, easy-to-use digital learning tool.


Featured Products

  • Comprehensive Scope 2 Advanced Digital Microscopes 

    The Digital Comprehensive Scope 2™ offers a built-in digital camera and advanced features that enhance student learning and achievement. A cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that connects directly to your computer, allowing you to take digital pictures, annotate images and record videos or time-lapse sequences. This microscope series has a unique USB charging system that allows the user to charge the cordless microscope by traditional electrical outlet or by a USB port. This Digital Comprehensive Scope 2 is optimized for use with EduCam, the only mobile app able to stream live images to student smartphones and tablets.

    • High definition 5.0 megapixel camera
    • 40X, 100X, 400X and 1000X total magnification
    • Mechanical stage with Abbe condenser
    • Low-position coaxial focusing system
    • Long life LED lighting system with dimmer rheostat
    • Integrated carrying handle and cord storage compartment
    • Seamless integration with Applied Vision and EduCam
    Product Details

  • Digital CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscopes: Floating Stage

    The Digital CoreScope 2 series is an excellent and affordable way to introduce students to digital microscopy. The popular 3/4-sized frame features a built-in digital USB camera that captures digital pictures, annotates images, records video and projects images on a computer screen and interactive whiteboard.

    The Digital CoreScope 2 is optimized for use with EduCam, the only mobile app able to stream live images to student smartphones and tablets.

    Digital CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscope Flyer

    Product Details

  • EduCam 7880c Wi-Fi Stand Alone Interactive Classroom Camera

    Designed for today’s classroom, the EduCam™ 7880c is a stand-alone and network enabled camera that boasts eight-plus hours of operations from a seven-hour charge for total portability — all self-contained in the base of the unit. The easy (and simple) package makes the EduCam ideal for student use and classroom portability. The assembly is able to support up to 30 viewing devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets (based on the same network). With Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, both direct connect and network enabled connections are available. Use it as a stand-alone camera with your smartphone and tablets, or connect it to your existing network for greater control and broadcast support. The unique broadcast algorithm guarantees crisp clear images unlike traditional streaming devices.


    • Wireless (8 Hour Battery)
    • Built In Wi-Fi connection
    • Stand Alone - no computer required
    • One Button Operation
    • Compatible with Chromebook, Apple & Android
    • 720P HD 3.2 Megapixel Camera
    Product Details

  • PupilCam with Built-in 10x Eyepiece

    The PupilCam is a high definition, 3.2 megapixel digital camera that fits directly on your microscope. Use the long USB cable to connect it with your computer. The built-in 10x eyepiece with pointer helps securely and accurately line up the camera on the microscope or stereoscope. The PupilCam is optimized for use with EduCam, the only mobile app able to stream live images to student smartphones and tablets.



    • One piece construction means no parts to lose
    • Fits eyepiece tubes with a diameter of 28mm and eyepiece tubes with a diameter of 30mm with included adapter
    • Built-in eyepiece with pointer
    • Plug-and-play, compatible with Windows and Macintosh systems
    • Seamless integration with Applied Vision and EduCam
    Product Details

  • Kena 3-in-1 Digital Microscope

    The Kena digital microscope is the only 3-in-1 digital microscope designed for the classroom. Kena combines the capabilities of a compound microscope, stereoscope and handheld discovery scope in one fun, easy-to-use digital learning tool.


    • Ergonomically designed USB digital camera tube
    • Use on the sleek metal base for compound and stereo applications
    • Detach from the base for handheld portability
    • 20X, 40X and 100X magnification
    • Easy-to-grip focus knobs quickly bring subject into view
    • Unique, no-slip stage pad holds specimen in place without the need for stage clips
    • Versatile upper and lower lighting system
    • Convenient carrying handle and cord wrap storage
    • Seamless integration with Applied Vision and EduCam
    Product Details

  • Vision Scope 2 Stereo Microscopes

    All glass multi-coated 
optics including a versatile upper and lower cool LED lighting management 
system to view macro or large specimens and objects. The oversized eyepieces offer easy viewing and long-term study during dissection and petri dish analysis, exposing students to a laboratory setting without the expensive and complicated laboratory grade equipment.


    • Magnification  range from 10× & 90×
    • Interchangeable head
    • Adjustable rack-and-pinion focusing system
    • Versatile upper and lower lighting management system
    • Humidity and climate protection coating on optics



    Product Details

  • FlexCam 2 Digital High-Definition Camera

    HD 5 Mega Pixel 30 FPS Plug and Play connectivity and crystal clear images.

    Easy to use
    The ergonomic rubber coated camera head has three buttons, providing easy fingertip access to lights, auto focus and image rotation. The quick focus camera offers full-motion videos and MJPEG coding for compressed files on any software application.

    The gooseneck design allows viewing at any angle. Sturdy weighted base and zero go-away footprint for one-handed operation on the most crowded desk.

    Easy 1, 2, 3 Setup

    1. Download EduCam
      -  EduCam for Mac and Windows

    2. Install EduCam App
      -  EduCam for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac Free
      -  download on the App Store and Google Play

    3. Choose a Ken-A-Vision Product
      -  Document Cameras and Visualisers
    Product Details

  • Video Flex™ 7200HD Digital High-Definition Camera

    Excellent HD resolution allowing the user to interface with our software solutions to take snapshots, record videos, stream live images to a device and much, much more.

    Quick Turn Focus

    Quick Manual focus in 1/4 
turn allows the user to have ultimate control over the subject matter...from extreme close-up to infinity in a 1/4 turn of the knob. This quick focus allows the teacher and student to quickly focus on what is important, saving class time and maintaining attention on the content. Easier presentations with no downtime and no set-up required. With Plug-and-Play connectivity, access all of your digital content and create new digital content.


    Rugged body with a heat/ chemical resistant polycarbonate construction and flexible neck. The combination allows Ken-A-Vision to offer a 
lifetime warranty on its parts and workmanship for the Video Flex HD. The tall robust 25
in neck extends to expand the work area without the concern of sagging or springing. A simple microscope coupler fits most microscopes. And for those microscopes that it doesn’t fit, Ken-A-Vision will build an adapter to fit your microscope.

    EduCam App - This digital microscope works seamlessly with our software solutions allowing all users to stream live images to a multitude of platform devices.


    • Stream live images to students' devices
    • Carrying case included
    • Manual focus with Quick Turn Focus
    • Small, dynamic base with no confusing buttons
    • Factory-installed USB cable
    • Rugged and flexible neck
    • Heat and chemical resistant construction
    • Microscope eyepiece adapter included
    • Compatible with interactive whiteboards
    Product Details

Solutions for your classroom

Ken-A-Vision has re-imagined classroom integration and collaboration. Today you should not be tied 
to a single piece of hardware. Ken-A-Vision delivers on this need with EduCam®. EduCam is the first fully functional collaboration, assessment software for visual feedback and sharing.

Create a flipped learning classroom, enable a true BYOD environment or maximize the core curriculum’s inquiry-based concepts and STEM initiatives. The Ken-A-Vision EduCam software is the key when loaded onto any PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet. Ken-A-Vision wants you to imagine, embrace and see the easy integration and seamless parallel EduCam offers... and then find the product right for the classroom.

Whether teaching Physics, Chemistry, Early Learning, or Geometry, the choices are endless. From a demonstration scope right for your classroom to a Wi-Fi-enabled visualizer for portability, Ken-A-Vision has the product to match your classroom. 


“This isn’t just my new favorite classroom tool; it's my students' as well. I think the best review I can give for the camera and app is a quote I hear nearly every morning from my students, ‘Are we using EduCam today?’”
Sarah E., Teacher and Technology Coach

“A brilliant new top teaching app.”

“Paperless assessment that the students are completely engaged in? Yes, please!”