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K'NEX Education™ DNA Replication and Transcription Set Products for Science Education

This wonderfully flexible set demonstrates DNA and mRNA molecules and processes.

K'NEX Education™ Kid Classroom Collection Products for Science Education

General building set allows children to build, stack and sort while identifying colors, shapes and patterns.

Kid K'NEX™ Group Set Products for Science Education

Build eight models, four at a time.

Kid K'NEX™ Transportation Products for Science Education

Learn how vehicles move.

K'NEX Education™ STEM Explorations: Roller Coaster Building Set Products for Science Education

Students explore STEM concepts while building a working roller coaster.

K'NEX Education™ STEM Explorations: Swing Ride Building Set Products for Science Education

Students explore STEM concepts while building a motorized Swing Ride.


Featured Products

  • STEM Explorations Set

    Builds 9 Models!

    This kit and its accompanying Teacher’s Guide, has been designed for students to investigate a variety of concepts related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the middle school level.

    As the students engage in the activities, they will be learning, modeling and applying integrated process skills. Following the basic process of scientific inquiry and engineering design, students will be given a specific problem, ask questions and conduct research using fair and consistent testing procedures, chart and analyze their data, refine solutions through feedback from their designs, and communicate their results.

    The modules are hands-on, cooperative activities providing stimulating inquiry and problem solving through design. These concepts are fashioned around rigorous content and national standards in Science (NSES), Technology (ITEEA) and Mathematics (NCTM and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Education).

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  • Forces, Energy and Motion

    Builds 11 Models!

    Off to the races with K’NEX Education! The K’NEX Education Forces, Energy & Motion set has been designed for students to investigate a variety of concepts related to forces, energy and motion.

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  • DNA Replication and Transcription

    Builds 19 Models!

    The K’NEX DNA, Replication and Transcription set is designed to aid in teaching the structure and function of the nucleic acid molecules that make up DNA and RNA.

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  • Renewable Energy

    Builds 9 Models!

    Designed to address critical science, technology and engineering concepts in the middle school classroom and provide instructional models that will enhance students’ understanding of these important concepts.

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About K'NEX

STEM Education focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematic concepts taught through problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and critical thinking. It requires students to be active participants in the learning. Dynamic K’NEX models offer hands-on learning opportunities that encourage scientific inquiry, investigation and experimentation. Models are fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines/structures enabling students to relate the concepts to the world they live in. Color-coded building instructions allow students of varying levels to participate and succeed.

K’NEX Education Teacher guides, with inquiry-based lessons, challenge students as they build, investigate, problem-solve, discuss and evaluate scientific and design principles in action. The lessons include objectives, activities, key concepts, journals and worksheets, everything needed to introduce the concepts and assess what the students have learned. All K’NEX Education teacher guides are aligned to National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards, including Common Core Mathematics. We are proud to manufacture K’NEX Rods and Connectors in the USA.