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Classroom Compact Scale

A small scale that does big jobs!

Primary Science Lab Gear

Set allows imaginative play opportunities as children dress up as scientists.

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Weather Center Products for Science Education

Create a weather station right in your classroom with these durable meteorological instruments.

Eye Droppers Products for Science Education

Plastic, straight-nozzle droppers with bulb.

Magnetic Animal Cells Products for Science Education

Giant cell structures printed on raised foam magnets to appear 3-D.

Iron Filings Blocks Products for Science Education

Take the mess out of magnetism.

Magnetic Hooks Products for Science Education

Allows inflatable models and decorations to hang from the metal frame of a drop ceiling.

Colored Safety Goggles Products for Science Education

Can be used any time students need reliable eye protection.

Magnetic Wands Products for Science Education

Introduce children to the magic of magnetism.

Wind-Up Measuring Tapes Products for Science Education

Choose from three lengths

SAFE-T™ Ruler Products for Science Education

Measure curved and angular surfaces accurately.

Student Thermometers Products for Science Education


English/Metric Tape Measurer Products for Science Education

60 in. long (150cm) plastic tape.

Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

A necessity for any science lab.

Cross Section Models: Plant/Animal Cell, Human Heart/Brain Products for Science Education

Colorful foam model comes apart to create a cross section view for hands-on classroom demonstrations.

Safety Goggles Products for Science Education

With durable plastic offering good protection to the eyes.

Pretend and Play™ Healthy Food Sets Products for Science Education

Encourage healthy choices with this realistic-looking set of nutritious foods,

Inflatable Solar System Products for Science Education

Explore the universe from the classroom.

Learning Resources Cross Section Tooth Model Products for Science Education

Show beneath the tooth's surface with this 5 in. foam cross section model.

Table-Top Tripod Magnifier Products for Science Education

Large 4X magnifier is hands-free.

Cross Section Flower Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the parts of a flower with this durable, easy-to-clean foam tulip model.

Giant Magnetic Frog Life Cycle Products for Science Education

Model the life cycle of a frog — from egg to tadpole to adult frog — on your whiteboard.

Science Journal Products for Science Education

Students record and share observations while facilitating accurate assessments of student progress.

Measuring Worms™ Products for Science Education

Worms anyone can love.

Primary Science Set Products for Science Education

Perfectly-sized real science tools for little hands.