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Rainbow Fraction™ Tiles <img src=

Rainbow Fraction™ Tiles Products for Science Education

Visual, hands-on learning tool promotes understanding of fractional parts.

Relational Geometric Solids™ <img src=

Relational Geometric Solids™ Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the relationship among shape, size and volume.

Algebra Tiles™ Classroom Set <img src=

Algebra Tiles™ Classroom Set Products for Science Education

Geometric models of polynomials explore algebra concepts

Primary Science Safety Glasses <img src=

Primary Science Safety Glasses Products for Science Education

Make safety a habit with these functional, kid-friendly glasses.

Hexagram™ Weights <img src=

Hexagram™ Weights Products for Science Education

Explore weight and measurement with these easily stackable Hexagram Weights.

7-Color Dual Stamp Pad <img src=

7-Color Dual Stamp Pad Products for Science Education

Multi-color stamp pad ideal for multiple classroom uses.

Inflatable Solar System <img src=

Inflatable Solar System Products for Science Education

Explore the universe from the classroom.

Primary Science Sensory Tubes <img src=

Primary Science Sensory Tubes Products for Science Education

Clear tubes nurture sensory development and science exploration.

Giant Magnetic Solar System <img src=

Giant Magnetic Solar System Products for Science Education

Capture students' attention as you model space science concepts on your whiteboard.

Student Thermometers <img src=

Student Thermometers Products for Science Education


Eye Droppers <img src=

Eye Droppers Products for Science Education

Plastic, straight-nozzle droppers with bulb.

Giant Inflatable Nocturnal Creatures <img src=

Giant Inflatable Nocturnal Creatures Products for Science Education

Introduce animal and insect behavior, characteristics and special adaptations of nocturnal creatures — the firefly even lights up!

Magnetic Hooks <img src=

Magnetic Hooks Products for Science Education

Allows inflatable models and decorations to hang from the metal frame of a drop ceiling.

Spring Scale <img src=

Spring Scale Products for Science Education

Sturdy plastic scale for multiple scientific experiments and uses.

Graphic Organizer Flip Chart <img src=

Graphic Organizer Flip Chart Products for Science Education

Help students develop deeper comprehension and higher-order thinking skills in any subject area.

Cross Section Earth Model <img src=

Cross Section Earth Model Products for Science Education

Journey to the center of the Earth.

Measuring Spoons <img src=

Measuring Spoons Products for Science Education

For age group between 5-13 years.

Learning Resources Primary Calculator <img src=

Learning Resources Primary Calculator Products for Science Education

Learning calculator skills is easy.

Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets <img src=

Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets Products for Science Education

Magnetically correct: one foot north and one foot south.

AngLegs™ Manipulative Geometry Set <img src=

AngLegs™ Manipulative Geometry Set Products for Science Education

Snap-together set motivates students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector.

Wind-Up Measuring Tapes <img src=

Wind-Up Measuring Tapes Products for Science Education

Choose from three lengths

Classroom Compact Scale <img src=

Classroom Compact Scale Products for Science Education

Ideal for small classrooms and science labs with little counter space

Liquid Measures Set <img src=

Liquid Measures Set Products for Science Education

Great for lessons in volume measurement.

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Set <img src=

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Set Products for Science Education

Helps students gain a deeper understanding of how organs and systems interact.

Cross Section Models: Plant/Animal Cell, Human Heart/Brain <img src=

Cross Section Models: Plant/Animal Cell, Human Heart/Brain Products for Science Education

Colorful foam model comes apart to create a cross section view for hands-on classroom demonstrations.

Early Science Explorer's Set <img src=

Early Science Explorer's Set Products for Science Education

Encourage young scientists to take their investigations further with these perfectly sized tools.

Step by Step Number Line <img src=

Step by Step Number Line Products for Science Education

Walk-on mat develops gross motor coordination.

Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand <img src=

Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand Products for Science Education

Chunky, durable test tubes put serious science safely within reach for young students.

Classroom Measurement Set <img src=

Classroom Measurement Set Products for Science Education

Perfect classroom set for learning measurement equivalents.