Learning Resources, Inc

Relational Geometric Solids™ Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the relationship among shape, size and volume.

Rainbow Fraction™ Tiles Products for Science Education

Visual, hands-on learning tool promotes understanding of fractional parts.

Hexagram™ Weights Products for Science Education

Explore weight and measurement with these easily stackable Hexagram Weights.

Algebra Tiles™ Classroom Set Products for Science Education

Geometric models of polynomials explore algebra concepts

Primary Science Safety Glasses Products for Science Education

Make safety a habit with these functional, kid-friendly glasses.

7-Color Dual Stamp Pad Products for Science Education

Multi-color stamp pad ideal for multiple classroom uses.

Inflatable Solar System Products for Science Education

Explore the universe from the classroom.

Primary Science Sensory Tubes Products for Science Education

Clear tubes nurture sensory development and science exploration.

Giant Magnetic Solar System Products for Science Education

Capture students' attention as you model space science concepts on your whiteboard.

Eye Droppers Products for Science Education

Plastic, straight-nozzle droppers with bulb.

Student Thermometers Products for Science Education


Giant Inflatable Nocturnal Creatures Products for Science Education

Introduce animal and insect behavior, characteristics and special adaptations of nocturnal creatures — the firefly even lights up!

Magnetic Hooks Products for Science Education

Allows inflatable models and decorations to hang from the metal frame of a drop ceiling.

Spring Scale Products for Science Education

Sturdy plastic scale for multiple scientific experiments and uses.

Graphic Organizer Flip Chart Products for Science Education

Help students develop deeper comprehension and higher-order thinking skills in any subject area.

Cross Section Earth Model Products for Science Education

Journey to the center of the Earth.

Measuring Spoons Products for Science Education

For age group between 5-13 years.

Learning Resources Primary Calculator Products for Science Education

Learning calculator skills is easy.

Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets Products for Science Education

Magnetically correct: one foot north and one foot south.

AngLegs™ Manipulative Geometry Set Products for Science Education

Snap-together set motivates students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector.

Wind-Up Measuring Tapes Products for Science Education

Choose from three lengths

Classroom Compact Scale Products for Science Education

Ideal for small classrooms and science labs with little counter space

Liquid Measures Set Products for Science Education

Great for lessons in volume measurement.

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Set Products for Science Education

Helps students gain a deeper understanding of how organs and systems interact.

Cross Section Models: Plant/Animal Cell, Human Heart/Brain Products for Science Education

Colorful foam model comes apart to create a cross section view for hands-on classroom demonstrations.

Primary Timer Products for Science Education

Use handheld, displayed on a desk, or worn around neck.

English/Metric Tape Measurer Products for Science Education

60 in. long (150cm) plastic tape.