Lab-Aids, Inc.

Lab-Aids™ Food Nutrient Analysis Kit Products for Science Education

Test common foods for presence of nutrients, quantitatively determine Vitamin C in foods and standardize all tests.

Lab-Aids™ Energy Transfer: Waves, Sound and Light Kit Products for Science Education

Produce both longitudinal and transverse mechanical waves and compare their similarities and differences.

Lab-Aids™ Light Station Plus Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Light Station Plus Kit helps students study light and its interactions with matter

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Photovoltaic Cells Kit Products for Science Education

Design and conduct a scientific investigation. Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence.

Lab-Aids™ Analyzing & Explaining Moon Phases (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Collect, analyze, and interpret data to identify the causes of cyclic pattern of Moon’s phases, and explain why solar/lunar eclipses occur.

Lab-Aids™ Scientific Method Problem-Solving Kit Products for Science Education

Develop a basic understanding of experimental design and strategies. Define problem definition and data collection and form and test hypothesis.

Lab-Aids™ Elements and The Periodic Table Products for Science Education

Learn about the Periodic table and compare pre-selected data on physical and chemical properties of 14 elements and sort the elements into groups based on common properties.

Lab-Aids™ DNA-, RNA-Protein Synthesis Modeling Kit Products for Science Education

Demystifies the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis, replication, transcription and translation is modeled and experience how information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished protein.

Lab-Aids™ Desktop Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kit Products for Science Education

Student groups use a Lab-Aids™ Mini Stream Table to investigate the dynamics of stream erosion and deposition.

Lab-Aids™ Ob-Scertainer™ Kit Products for Science Education

Develop a basic understanding of experimental design, use a model to explain indirect observation, develop and test hypothesis, observe/record observations and retest and draw conclusions based upon investigation.

Lab-Aids™ ABO-Rh Combination Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Provides information on several different subjects related to blood typing.

Lab-Aids™ Basic Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ blood typing kits are designed for educational purposes only. These kits are not intended for clinical or diagnostic use. All Sera Have Been Tested For HBs Ag and HTLV-III (AIDS). Students sample and determine their own blood type, observe tissue incompatibility and agglutination, understand the four basic human blood types and experience collecting and comparing data.

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Models and Lewis Diagrams Products for Science Education

Understand how elements combine to form compounds, construct molecular structures and demonstrate chemical bonding between atoms.

Lab-Aids™ Forensic Science: Introduction to DNA Fingerprinting Kit Products for Science Education

Introduction to forensic science (DNA mapping/fingerprinting), cells, cell structure and magnification. Construct a model of a 'chromosome' with color-coded genes and read simulated DNA X-ray films.

Lab-Aids™ Flame Tests and Emission Spectroscopy Kit Products for Science Education

Observe and record colors emitted by elements upon heating, observe individual spectrum through hand held spectroscopes and explore process of spectrum analysis.

Lab-Aids™ Molecules of Life Kit Products for Science Education

Build 3-dimensional models of carbohydrates, fats and protein, determine the molecular characteristics of carbohydrates, fats and protein, understand the structure and function of carbohydrates, fats and protein in relation to the chemical processes of the human body, compare molecular models to structural function and build a simple starch molecule by dehydration synthesis.

Lab-Aids™ Exploring Inertia: Newton's First Law Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Exploring Inertia: Newton's First Law Kit uses a marble's motion to convey the concept of inertia

Lab-Aids™ Dendrochronology Tree-Ring Dating Kit Products for Science Education

Develop an understanding of tree-ring dating principles, determine age of simulated tree cores, discover effects of climate on tree growth and establish age of tree and correlate to other wooden objects.

Lab-Aids™ Simulated Urinalysis Kit Products for Science Education

Perform diagnostic lab tests. Apply analyze as a diagnostic tool.

Lab-Aids™ First Introduction to Molecular Models Products for Science Education

Introduction to 2 and 3-dimensional molecular models, Lewis diagramming, construct molecular structures and learn how to write empirical and structural formulas.

Lab-Aids™ Correlating Sedimentary Strata Kit Products for Science Education

Student groups use four unique Lab-Aids™ Simulated Drill Cores, each representing a fictitious series of rock layers from a different location.

Lab-Aids™ Design-Your-Own Custom Molecular Model Kit Products for Science Education

Why limit your lab activities by using only standard molecular model kits? Now, you can design your own activity kits.

Lab-Aids™ Families of Elements Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Learn to classify elements by observing behavior of their compounds, examine properties of the halogen compounds and determine formulas of compounds through experimentation.

Lab-Aids™ Sublevel Orbitals Model Kit Products for Science Education

Construct a model which shows position and number of electrons along the x, y and z axes, modeling shows orbitals of the sublevels of the major energy levels, review the four quantum numbers and Pauli s Exclusion Principle, identify the number and position of electrons in various atoms and observe the 3-dimensional effect of the model.

Lab-Aids™ Decomposition Kits Products for Science Education

Understand biodegradability, explore decomposition and rates, study effects of types of soil on decomposition, explore the types of decomposed substances and use the 'inquiry method' to set up experiments.

Lab-Aids™ Determination of Chemical Formulas Kit Products for Science Education

Learn to predict the formula of a compound based on the compound's reaction to different solutions.

Lab-Aids™ Classifying Objects in the Solar System (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Gather data through direct observations. Accurate and complete observations are important for making conclusions about the natural world.

Lab-Aids™ Atomic Structure and Chemical Interactions Products for Science Education

Students are introduced to models of atomic structure and use the planetary model to visualize the number of valence electrons.

Lab-Aids™ Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

Chemically examine natural waters, gain a basic understanding of water analysis, interpret tests, identify ten common pollutants in natural waters and measure pH of water samples.

Lab-Aids™ Chemplates™ Reaction Plate Products for Science Education

Using the inexpensive Chemplate eliminates the need for glassware and provides a semi-micro environment for conducting many experiments.