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Lab-Aids™ ABO-Rh Combination Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Provides information on several different subjects related to blood typing.

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication Products for Science Education

Build a segment of the DNA molecule and see what a double helix is like. Model can be 'unzipped' allowing for replication of DNA segment.

Lab-Aids™ Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift Examination Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift Examination Kit helps students investigate earth's tectonic changes overtime

Lab-Aids™ Geometry of Crystal Structure Kit Products for Science Education

Construct models of basic shapes, measure lengths and angles, observe the geometric shape of facets, study symmetry and repetition of forms and derive definition from measurements.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Smear Kit Products for Science Education

Observe and identify different cell types in student's own blood, prepare smear and apply Wright's stain and develop microscope skills.

Lab-Aids™ Audible Conductivity Indicator Products for Science Education

Auditory Conductivity Indicators are a practical alternative to light sensitive LED conductivity indicators. They also provide semi-quantitative information about the materials being tested.

Lab-Aids™ Identification of Chemical Reactions Kit Products for Science Education

Conduct experiments and identify four types of chemical reactions: color changes, precipitates, gas generation, and exothermic. Involves deductive reasoning when testing 'unknowns'.

Lab-Aids™ Correlating Sedimentary Strata Kit Products for Science Education

Student groups use four unique Lab-Aids™ Simulated Drill Cores, each representing a fictitious series of rock layers from a different location.

Lab-Aids™ Immunology and Evolution Experiments Products for Science Education

Determine evolutionary closeness of organisms based on antigen - antibody blood analysis. Identify various animals in relation to mankind.

Lab-Aids™ Desktop Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kit Products for Science Education

Student groups use a Lab-Aids™ Mini Stream Table to investigate the dynamics of stream erosion and deposition.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Human Heredity Products for Science Education

Study selected human traits controlled by a single pair of genes, stimulate an interest in science of genetics, determine phenotypes of several and same traits, interpret genotypes of individuals in a pedigree, construct a pedigree diagram for a single trait in their family, conduct a controlled experiment for that trait and discover and understand relationship of dominant and recessive traits.

Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Replicate the 'peppered moth' study in the lab, simulate predator-prey relationship, illustrate Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and industrial melonism and collect data and draw conclusion concerning natural selection and environmental pollution.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Environmental Health Risks (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

In this module, students explore some basic concepts associated with environmental health risks.

Lab-Aids™ Force and Motion Module Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Force and Motion Module Kit helps build understanding of physics concepts in a logical sequence

Lab-Aids™ Enzymes as Catalysts for Starch Digesti Products for Science Education

Compare the role of an enzyme to that of a reacting substance, study the effect of enzyme concentration on rate of reaction amd observe the effect of time and temperature on enzyme reaction.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Hard and Soft Water Kit Products for Science Education

Gain experience with ionization, precipitation and solubility. Applies to ecology, earth science and consumer education.

Lab-Aids™ Using Chemical Reactions to Reduce Waste Products for Science Education

Learn that many industrial waste processes contain toxic or valuable substances that can sometimes be reclaimed then recycled or disposed of safely.

Lab-Aids™ Simple Machines Products for Science Education

Students measure the force required to lift objects using different simple machines

Lab-Aids™ Maglev Transport Systems (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Design a magnetically levitated cart with the Lab-Aids™ Engineering & Design: Maglev Transport Systems kit.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating the Sense of Taste Products for Science Education

Determine ABO blood type and Rh factor, correlate agglutination to antigen production, observe and study Rh mechanisms and relationships to transfusion and genetics. Lab-Aids™ blood typing kits are designed for educational purposes only. Not intended for clinical or diagnostic use. All Sera Have Been Tested For HBs Ag and HTLV-III (AIDS).

Lab-Aids™ Scientific Method Problem-Solving Kit Products for Science Education

Develop a basic understanding of experimental design and strategies. Define problem definition and data collection and form and test hypothesis.

Lab-Aids™ Classifying Animals Products for Science Education

Construct and compare classification systems, describe characteristics used to define phyla, identify several invertebrate phyla and understand the relationship between kingdom and phylum.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Waterwater: Solutions & Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Waterwater: Solutions & Pollution Kit analyzes the vital role that chemicals play in everyday life

Lab-Aids™ Climate Change: Organisms as Climate Indicators Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Climate Change: Organisms as Climate Indicators Kit helps students investigate the effects of climate change

Lab-Aids™ Metabolism Experiment Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Metabolism Experiment uses a hands-on approach to introduce students to metabolic processes

Lab-Aids™ Decomposition Kits Products for Science Education

Understand biodegradability, explore decomposition and rates, study effects of types of soil on decomposition, explore the types of decomposed substances and use the 'inquiry method' to set up experiments.

Lab-Aids™ Identification of Substances Kit Products for Science Education

A thorough introduction to acid and bases, observe effects of acids and bases on indicator dyes, measure concentration of acids by titration of an 'unknown' and perform a neutralization experiment.

Lab-Aids™ Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps Products for Science Education

Use appropriate tools to analyze and interpret data. Topographic maps provide information about landforms and can be used to help determine an area's past and ongoing geologic processes.

Lab-Aids™ Density: Layers of Liquids Products for Science Education

This activity provides student with experiences that allow them to develop an operational definition of density.

Lab-Aids™ First Introduction to Molecular Models Products for Science Education

Introduction to 2 and 3-dimensional molecular models, Lewis diagramming, construct molecular structures and learn how to write empirical and structural formulas.