Weighing Solutions

Small Sample Sizes, Big Savings



When handling precious, degradable or toxic substances, keeping sample weights small cuts costs. Excellence Micro and Ultra Micro Balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples.

Exceptional Accuracy for Your Every Need


Analytical Balances

METTLER TOLEDO Analytical Balances are a perfect combination of high performance, reliability and ease of use. Enjoy excellent ergonomics and maximized productivity with any of these models.  

Precise and Robust Measuring


Precision Balances

METTLER TOLEDO Precision Balances allow you to support many safety, efficiency and compliance requirements. Features include easy-to-use interfaces, ergonomic designs and robust builds for heavier tasks.   

Featured Products

Moisture Analyzers

Reliable Quality Control


HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

The HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer combines METTLER TOLEDO heating technology and analytical power into one compact and rugged instrument. Use it for quality control in the lab or on the factory floor.

Instantly Reliable Measuring


HE73 and HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzers

The HE73 and HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzers are a highly accurate solution for determining the moisture content of your products. Features include on-screen assistance and everything you need to start measuring in a few minutes.

Verify Performance in 10 Minutes


SmartCal Reference Substance

Testing your moisture analyzer with SmartCal™ ensures your results are reliable and fulfills the demands of industry regulations. 

Analytical Instruments

Precision in the Lab or the Field


pH Meters and Sensors

Whether you need to measure pH, ORP, ion concentrations, conductivity or dissolved oxygen, METTLER TOLEDO pH Meters and Sensors promise simple and accurate measurements anywhere you go. 

Density Meters and Refractometers


Portable Options

METTLER TOLEDO Density Meters and Refractometers feature adaptability, easy operation and fast yet excellent measuring for density, specific gravity, refractive index and other related values.  

Excellent Reproducibility



Featuring straightforward user guidance through the One Click™ Interface and easy installation, METTLER TOLEDO’s complete range of Titrators and Accessories achieve the highest level of precision and productivity. 

Simply Powerful


Melting Point Systems

The MP50 Excellence Melting Point System is a flexible instrument for the automatic determination of melting points and melting ranges up to 300°C with easy One Click Operation and video playback.

Weights and Services

Maximize Your Instruments



METTLER TOLEDO Service offers cost-effective solutions to ensure maximum equipment uptime, performance and regulatory compliance. These services include proactive maintenance, calibration services, equipment qualification as well as other on-site services that provide you with the maximum return on your investment.

Set the Stage, Worry-Free


Professional Installation Packages

Installation and setup of new equipment are the most critical moments to get started efficiently.  To achieve peak performance and compliance, METTLER TOLEDO service engineers can provide you with a solution that perfectly suits you and your industry's requirements considering the four crucial steps required during an installation:

  • Professional installation and set up
  • Calibration and performance verification
  • Operator familiarization and training
  • Qualification testing and documentation 

Verify Performance


Calibration Weights

Select weights to test your balance with a wide range from 50µg to 5,000kg, and optimize your calibration processes with smart accessories.

Cover Your Investment


Extended Warranty

Extended warranty contracts give you piece-of-mind.  In case something goes wrong with your laboratory equipment, a METTLER TOLEDO authorized service technician will be there for you.

Go Green
Green Solutions for Your Lab

Did you know that an estimated 100,000 pounds (45,000 kilograms) of weigh paper and plastic weigh boats are used and disposed of annually in North America? Do you contribute to this issue? METTLER TOLEDO has a solution ...

Be green with METTLER TOLEDO and eliminate the need for weigh paper and boats.

Innovative balance ErgoClips™ allow you to weigh directly into your tare container to create a cleaner, faster and more environmentally friendly way to weigh. Make your lab greener and more efficient with METTLER TOLEDO Excellence level balances and accessories.

These environmentally-friendly products are ideal for micro and analytical balances. They use less energy, while maintaining the highest standards in product performance.

METTLER TOLEDO ErgoClips allow you to go directly into the tare container, reduce contamination risks and save money by minimizing sample loss. In addition to our innovative ErgoClips, METTLER TOLEDO also offers many other green solutions for your laboratory. Our use of energy efficient power supplies and environmentally-friendly products on a world-wide basis further illustrates METTLER TOLEDO’s on-going commitment to the global environment.