Mitchell Plastics

Mitchell Plastics Safety Glass Holder

Conveniently store and protect multiple safety glasses with this heavy duty acrylic holder. It may be wall mounted or placed on a table or flat surface. Holds up to 20 safety glasses.

Mitchell PlasticsSupplier Diversity Partner PAPER TOWEL HOLDER


Mitchell Plastics Beta Storage Containers

Safely store and transport reagents that emit beta isotopes

Mitchell Plastics Biohazard Benchtop Waste Containers

Clear containers facilitate easy and safe segregation of hazardous materials for later disposal

Mitchell Plastics Flexshield™ Benchtop Station and Accessories

Angled shields provides optimum viewing and protective barrier between lab personnel and biohazardous or beta materials

Mitchell Plastics Kimwipes™ Holders

Provide additional weight for single-hand removal of tissues

Mitchell Plastics Dispensing Bins

Conveniently stores and dispenses many small items

Mitchell Plastics Refrigerator Storage Box with Lock

Store drugs, reagents, liquids and other contents from unauthorized users with the electronic, touch pad lock or combination locks

Mitchell Plastics Epoxy-Powder Glove Box Holders

Attractive white epoxy powder surfaces

Mitchell Plastics Benchtop Organizer with Fixed Compartments

Maximize table top space and organize with fixed compartments . Mitchell Plastics Organizer with Fixed Compartments helps organize the most commonly used items for easy access.

Mitchell Plastics Bloodbank Crossmatch Racks

Process patient blood specimens with ease and convenience

Mitchell PlasticsSupplier Diversity Partner WYPALL DISPENSER


Mitchell Plastics Stainless-Steel Glove Box Holders

Convenient stainless-steel material

Mitchell Plastics Waste Container

Table top waste container that is reusable and easy to clean.

Mitchell Plastics Single Blood Bag Holders

Easy-to-use blood bag storage that helps prevent contamination and cold spotting in refrigerator

Mitchell Plastics Blood Bag Trays

Keep blood bags conveniently organized

Mitchell Plastics Test Tube Dispenser

Conveniently stores and dispenses 12 x 75mm (0.47 x 2.95 in. ) test tubes

Mitchell Plastics Benchtop Organizer with Adjustable Compartments

Adjust compartments to fit contents, Mitchell Plastics Organizer with Adjustable Compartments helps organize the most commonly used items for easy access.

Mitchell Plastics Clear Acrylic Dispenser

This heavy-duty acrylic dispenser provides storage for miscellaneous items to keep clean and organized. May be wall-mounted or used on a cabinet or table top. Hinged lid provides for easy lifting.

Mitchell Plastics Single Blood Bag Holder Trays

Keep blood bags organized conveniently and efficiently