How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Simulate the spread of disease using a safe, simulated disease agent.

Exploring Life Poster Set Products for Science Education

Vibrant posters feature highly detailed illustrations and photographs.

Plant Cell Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Illustrates how the correct number of chromosomes is maintained from generation to generation.

Simulating the Rock Cycle Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Simulate the processes that drive the rock cycle.

Animal Cell Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

An illuminating view of the complexities of meiosis.

Volcano Model Products for Science Education

Cross-sectional view reveals the anatomy of a volcano.

Crystal Formation Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Grow beautiful crystals in just days.

Water Treatment Activity Model Products for Science Education

Discover the vital role of water treatment through a model of a sewage treatment plant.

Berlese Apparatus Products for Science Education

Simple and effective model for collecting nematodes and microarthropods from soil samples.

Cell Size and Diffusion Lab Products for Science Education

A quick, easy and safe visual demonstration of cell size and diffusion.

Working with an Optical Bench Lab Products for Science Education

Explore the science behind human vision.

Human Inheritance Poster Products for Science Education

A comprehensive summary of human inheritance fundamentals.

Genetics and Heredity Neo/LAB™ CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Learn about the molecular basis of heredity through animated tutorials, interactive labs, and an assessment package.

Electrophoresis Electro Lab Station III Products for Science Education

With latest electrophoresis technology for use in classroom laboratory.

How Heat Flows Products for Science Education

Study various aspects of heat and temperature.

Identification of Organic Molecules Game Products for Science Education

Simple, yet ingenious card game makes learning organic chemistry fun.

Weather and Climate Poster Products for Science Education

Beautiful graphics and photos relate climate and weather.

Visualizing Meiosis Poster Products for Science Education

Compare and contrast meiosis in plants and animals

Household Uses of Rocks and Minerals Products for Science Education

Hands-on experiments explore various properties of rocks and minerals for everyday uses.

Neo SCI™ Perdiodic Table Classification of Elements CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Interactive look at atoms, elements and the periodic table.

Investigating Water Pollutants and Water Analysis Products for Science Education

Learn how to analyze local water samples.

Biology and Chemistry of Soil Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Discover the diversity of microlife that inhabits the tiny air spaces between soil particles.

Chromosome Simulation Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Model each phase of mitosis and meosis

A Closer Look at Soaps and Detergents Lab Products for Science Education

Experiment with commonly used cleansers.

Chemical Changes Activity Kit Products for Science Education

Part of the American Chemical Society's “Kids & Chemistry” series.