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Groundwater Exploration Activity Model Products for Science Education

Discover why the preservation of uncontaminated groundwater is so vital.

ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/Blood™ Products for Science Education

Using actual blood-typing procedures, classify four unknown samples of the simulated Neo/Blood.

Investigating Animal Behavior Products for Science Education

Study the response of organisms to environmental conditions.

Hand Microtome Products for Science Education

An invaluable tool for microscopy.

Simulating Natural Selection Kit Products for Science Education

See how natural selection works.

Identification of Organic Molecules Game Products for Science Education

Simple, yet ingenious card game makes learning organic chemistry fun.

ELISA: HIV/AIDS Test Simulation Products for Science Education

Investigate the principles behind AIDS testing and the immunological principle that antibodies bind to specific antigens.

Food Digestion Lab Products for Science Education

Learn about the characteristics of digestive enzymes.

Ocean Activity Model Products for Science Education

View the impact of temperature and salt on ocean circulation.

Do Landfills Really Work? Products for Science Education

Build your own mini-landfill and investigate the biodegradability of various wastes in a sanitary versus an open configuration.

Cell Size and Diffusion Lab Products for Science Education

A quick, easy and safe visual demonstration of cell size and diffusion.

Urinalysis and Disease Identification Products for Science Education

Use simulated urine to identify a variety of physiological conditions.

Growing Biofilms Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

A firsthand view of the beneficial and detrimental effects of biofilms.

Ruled Microscope Slides Products for Science Education

Keep tabs on your microorganisms.

Simulated Diabetes Testing Products for Science Education

Uses simulated blood and urine.

Cornerstones of Chemistry: The Mole Products for Science Education

Poster offers graphic depiction of the mole and its importance

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Products for Science Education

Exquisite photographs display the four stages of metamorphosis

Classifying Life Poster Products for Science Education

See the similarities and differences of life on Earth.

Protist Growth and Observation System Products for Science Education

Safe, quick, and convenient way to study pond microlife.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills Naturally Products for Science Education

Simulate an oil spill in water and treat it with a microbial mix to observe the physical changes and degradation of oil film.

Forensic Anthropology: Talking Bones Products for Science Education

Students work as forensic anthropologists within a lab to help solve a “cold” case.

Life Cycle of Frog Poster Products for Science Education

Stunning photographs bring the life cycle of a frog into the classroom!