Neo/Sci Corporation

Crystal Formation Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Grow beautiful crystals in just days.

Neo SCI™ How Scientists Do Science Neo/LAB CD-ROM Products for Science Education

A complete interactive curriculum covering experimental design and problem solving techniques.

Investigating Heat Poster Products for Science Education

A graphic depiction of key heat concepts!

Scientific Method Poster Products for Science Education

A “must-have” for every science classroom.

Thermochemistry Chemical Hot and Cold Packs Demonstration Products for Science Education

Explore the “magic” chemistry behind hot and cold packs.

Neo-SCI™ Scientific Method of Problem Solving Lab Investigation Kit Products for Science Education

Delve into scientific inquiry through the hands-on application of the scientific method to test and identify unknown solutions.

Investigating Food Webs with Owl Pellets Poster Products for Science Education

Magnificent photographs and illustrations.

Chemistry Magic Demonstration Products for Science Education

Wonderful introduction to the chemistry behind oxidation and reduction reactions.

Neo SCI™ Life Cycle of Frog Poster Products for Science Education

Stunning photographs bring the life cycle of a frog into the classroom!

Tectonics Model Products for Science Education

Model faults, folds and displays other tectonic processes.

Current Flow Activity Model Products for Science Education

Great tool for density and weather studies.

Atom Activity Model Products for Science Education

Durable, plastic model is transparent for convenient use with an overhead projector.

Frog Model Activity Set Products for Science Education

Colorful models depict each stage of the frog's development.

MicroLIVE Bacteria Cultures Products for Science Education

Unique culture system design for easy observation of bacteria—simply squeeze, shake, and dispense.

Air Quality Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Perform various hands-on activities to identify potential air pollution sources.

Introduction to Chromatography Lab Products for Science Education

Separate plant pigments and dye samples to learn about chromatography in clinical, forensic and analytical laboratories.

Investigating Force and Motion (Lab Investigation) Products for Science Education

Apply the principles of force and motion to the physical world.

Radiation Effects on Plant Growth Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

What really happens to a plant that's subjected to intense radiation?

Animal Cell Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

Eight-piece set provides detailed look at the cell cycle.

Battery-Powered Electrophoresis Tank Products for Science Education

Safely separates DNA of any size on a small budget.

Soda Pop Science Lab Products for Science Education

In this investigation, students dive into the study of this popular beverage.

Human Inheritance Poster Products for Science Education

A comprehensive summary of human inheritance fundamentals.

Earth's Processes Poster Products for Science Education

Visualize key geologic processes.

Identification of Organic Molecules Game Products for Science Education

Simple, yet ingenious card game makes learning organic chemistry fun.

Fingerprint Identification Poster Products for Science Education

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.