Neo/Sci Corporation

Investigating Light and Optics Products for Science Education

Learn about light and the workings of lenses, mirrors and prisms.

Microlife Mix Culture Products for Science Education

An opportunity to delve into the diversity of pond microorganisms.

ELISA: HIV/AIDS Test Simulation Products for Science Education

Investigate the principles behind AIDS testing and the immunological principle that antibodies bind to specific antigens.

Mineral Formation and Identification Products for Science Education

Introduce students to the world of minerals.

Exploring the Weather Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Explore the fascinating world of meteorology.

Rock Formation and Identification Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Observe the distinct characteristics of each type of rock.

A Closer Look at Pond Life Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Observe microbial populations and learn to calculate population diversity indices.

ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/Blood™ Products for Science Education

Using actual blood-typing procedures, classify four unknown samples of the simulated Neo/Blood.

Urinalysis and Disease Identification Products for Science Education

Use simulated urine to identify a variety of physiological conditions.

Investigating Water Pollutants and Water Analysis Products for Science Education

Learn how to analyze local water samples.

Modeling Kidney Function Products for Science Education

Model the action of a kidney for a striking visual demonstration.

Ruled Microscope Slides Products for Science Education

Keep tabs on your microorganisms.

Weather and Climate Poster Products for Science Education

Beautiful graphics and photos relate climate and weather.

Earth's Processes Poster Products for Science Education

Visualize key geologic processes.

Investigating Food Webs with Owl Pellets Poster Products for Science Education

Magnificent photographs and illustrations.

Fingerprint Identification Poster Products for Science Education

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

Visualizing Protists Poster Products for Science Education

Features stunning photographs of every phylum.

Investigating Force and Motion (Lab Investigation) Products for Science Education

Apply the principles of force and motion to the physical world.

Topographic Modeling and Mapping Products for Science Education

Outline map-making basics with contour kits.

Classifying Life Poster Products for Science Education

See the similarities and differences of life on Earth.

Food Chemistry and Nutrition Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Understand the chemical basis of food.

Chemical and Mechanical Weathering of Rocks Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Explore how weathering affects the Earth's surface.

Classification of Soil Layers Products for Science Education

Discover the conditions that caused your local soils to form.

Scientific Method Poster Products for Science Education

A “must-have” for every science classroom.

Plant Cell Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Illustrates how the correct number of chromosomes is maintained from generation to generation.

Soda Pop Science Lab Products for Science Education

In this investigation, students dive into the study of this popular beverage.

Plant Cell Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

A graphic depiction of cell division.