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Mastery Games by Grade Level

Curriculum Mastery Games

Curriculum Mastery™ Games are ready-to-use learning centers, ideal for differentiated instruction. They provide hands-on, game-based learning for reinforcement and review of standards-based science and math skills for grades K-12!

Teacher-developed and classroom-tested, this research-based learning system is the ideal resource for in-class review, response to intervention, parental involvement, after school and summer programs, independent study and assessment preparation.

Available in three configurations — class, small group or home use — the game-based learning system is:

  • Specifically developed to meet current national and state standards
  • Written by teachers using research-based principles
  • Classroom tested
  • Leveled by topic and readability
  • Packed with materials that allow for up to 36 students to play simultaneously
  • Flexible enough to accommodate iLesson times from 5 - 30+ minutes
  • Configured with a standard rule set and game board to maximize productive learning time
  • Ready to play in less than one minute — easy-to-follow instructions, with minimal setup requirements

High School Curriculum Mastery Learning Systems


Elementary and Middle School Curriculum Mastery Learning Systems

Class-pack and take-home editions available for grades 1-8 offer comprehensive coverage of the current National Science Education Standards.



Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

Class-pack and take-home versions are tailored to the mathematics needs of grades 1-8.

Flip Charts

Flip Charts

Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts provide comprehensive coverage of key standards-based curriculum in an illustrated format that is visually appealing, engaging and easy to use. Curriculum Mastery Flip Charts can be used with the entire classroom, with learning centers or by students working independently.

Each Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart set features:

  • 10 double-sided, laminated charts, covering grade-level specific curriculum content plus write-on/wipe-off charts on reverse side
  • Built-in, sturdy free-standing easel for easy display
  • Spiral bound for ease of use
  • Activity guide with black-line masters of the charts, key vocabulary terms and corresponding quiz questions, along with answers

Curriculum Mastery Flip Charts are ideal for:

  • Learning centers
  • In-class instruction for interactive presentations and demonstration
  • Hands-on student use
  • Stand-alone reference for review of key science concepts
  • Teaching resource to supplement any program

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Flip Chart Topics

  • Science Skills (grade 6)
  • Earth
  • Human Body
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Math Facts
  • Math Skills (grades 7 and 8)
  • Owl and Owl Pellets
  • Lab Safety
  • Genetics and Heredity
Whiteboard Resources

Whiteboard Resources

Designed for multisensory learning, NewPath Interactive Whiteboard Multimedia Lessons™ are the perfect resource for interactive whiteboards. Each title contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities and are also ideal for individual student instruction on any computer.

Each multimedia lesson consists of the following five modules along with a digital, inquiry-based Student Activity Guide.

  • Lesson Presentation: Consists of a series of narrated, visual presentations, each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations
  • Interactive Activities: Includes a variety of activities, a virtual lab investigation and a Lab Activity Guide
  • Visual Resources: Provides additional images as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation Module
  • Vocabulary: Features an illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing you to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions
  • Assessment: Consists of a series of assessment/review questions for use in either Quiz , Practice or Play Mode

Life Science Lessons



  • Genetics
  • Cells & Mitosis
  • Osmosis & Diffusion
  • Protists
  • Meiosis
  • Photosynthesis & Respiration
  • Chromosomes, Genes & DNA
  • Six Kingdoms
  • Food Chains & Food Webs

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Physical Science Lessons



  • Properties and States of Matter
  • Forces and Motion
  • Work, Power and Simple Machines
  • Exploring Sound
  • Exploring Light and Optics
  • Electricity and Magnetism

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Earth Science Lessons



  • Minerals
  • Rocks
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes
  • Earth's Surface
  • Earth's Atmosphere & Weather
  • Earth's Climate
  • Our Solar System
  • The Sun-Earth-Moon System

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Assessment Prep Software

NewPath Learning Classroom Presentation/Assessment Prep software provides interactive, standards-based review questions ideal for review and reinforcement of key concepts and skills. The software can be used with the whole class via an interactive whiteboard or on an unlimited number of computers within your school building. Available for grades 1 to 8 in Math, Reading/ELA and Social Studies, as well as grades 1 to 12 in Science. The series was recently accredited by SMART Technologies and Promethean. Each CD includes the following features:

  • Compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems
  • 750 illustrated review questions, covering 25 standards-based topics for a specific grade and subject
  • Ability to choose to display questions from single or multiple topics and save your selections as a lesson plan
  • Ability to provide instant feedback, along with the time on task, number of attempts, percent answered correctly and number of questions remaining
Learning Guides

Visual Learning Guides

Use visual learning tools to help your students make connections, understand relationships and recall related details! Available for grades 1-8 Math and Science, each Visual Learning Guide collection consists of:

10 Laminated “Write-on/Wipe-off” Guides

Each 11" x 17" guide covers a different topic and includes four panels:

  • Panel 1: Features an illustrated overview of the concept
  • Panel 2: Includes labeling and review exercises
  • Panel 3: Presents vocabulary activity
  • Panel 4: Provides assessment and review questions

Teacher Guide

Includes instructions for successful classroom integration.

Classroom Presentation/Assessment Prep

CD/ROM-based preparatory guide features:

  • 750 interactive review questions, covering 25 standards-based skills
  • Ready-to-use materials for display on interactive whiteboards or via projection units
  • Site license for use on any Mac or Windows computer within your school building

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Available Learning Guides

Choose from:

  • Science Sets (grades 1-8)
  • Six Kingdoms (grades 5-9)
  • Human Body (grades 5-9)
  • Life Science (5-9)
  • Earth Science (5-9)
  • Physical Science (5-9)
Science Skill Builder Kits

NewPath Online Learning Program

View this overview of the NewPath Online Learning Program™.

Online Learning

NewPath’s Online Learning Program – Grades 1 – 12

Your Solution for Personalized Learning – Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device!

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Row of schoolchildren studying in front of a computer

NewPath’s innovative Online Learning Program is the ideal resource to effectively yet economically – deliver custom, digital lessons directly to your students’ computer, iPad, Chromebook, tablet or mobile device… or for use on your classroom’s Interactive Whiteboard. Easily provide your students with truly Differentiated Instruction or implement Flipped Learning in your classroom! Research-based and classroom-proven, the unique program is aligned to the current state and national standards – including Common Core and Next Generation Science.

Engage Students & Improve Learning Through Differentiated Instruction!

  • Ready-to-Use Lessons with content aligned to the current state and national standards – including Common Core and Next Generation Science
  • Easy-to-Use Authoring Tools & Templates to create and deliver custom lessons to meet individual class and student needs
  • Unique Learning Management System to track and analyze student performance
  • Cloud-Based Storage to save your lessons for future semesters – or share them with your colleague

NewPath’s Research-Based Program Gets Results!

NIH Sponsored…Research-Based…Proven Results!

Developed under sponsorship of National Institutes of Health (NIH), NewPath’s Online Learning Program is extensively research-based and field-tested. Independently analyzed test results have proven that the lessons included in the program “substantially and significantly increase students’ understanding of the concepts presented”!


“90% of my students realized 1 to 2 grade levels of academic growth in one year!”

“The results were amazing; 97.6% of our students passed!”


NewPath Online Learning Program

View this overview of the NewPath Online Learning Program™.