Laboratory Equipment

Mini Hotplates and Stirrers

OHAUS™ mini hotplates and stirrers are completely chemical resistant, constructed with a cool-touch housing, have an easy-to-clean ceramic top plate and feature a built-in support rod holder. 


Mini Vortex Mixers

OHAUS mini vortex mixers offer touch or continuous operation and are available in variable-speed models (for low-RPM startup and high-speed mixing) as well as fixed-speed models (for more vigorous mixing).


Light Duty Orbital Shakers

OHAUS orbital shakers are controlled by a microprocessor for consistent shaking action and feature a triple-eccentric drive that provides reliable service and continuous operation.


Dry Block Heaters

OHAUS dry block heaters feature PID microprocessor temperature controls that can be calibrated to provide accurate and fast heating with a stable, uniform temperature.

Water Quality Test Meters

Starter Bench Meters

Whether you are looking for a basic model that can get the job done right and on time, or one with premium features, you will find a meter to meet your needs in the Starter line of bench meters.


Starter Portable Meters

The OHAUS Starter™ Series of portable water quality and electrochemistry meters was created with versatility in mind. They can be operated in the lab with the support of the built-in stands or in the field due to their lightweight design.


Ohaus™ Starter Water Analysis Meter Replacement Electrodes

Compatible Meters

  • Starter benchtop: 2100, 3100 and 3100C
  • Starter portable: 300, 300C and 300D
  • Length [Metric] Cable 1m

** Call Customer service for Replacement Electrodes for OHAUS Pen Meters

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Starter Pen Meters

Two models with varying resolution and accuracy, ST10 and ST20 offer a convenient way to measure pH and headline a selection of durable, accurate pen meters which measure a wide variety of parameters including Conductivity, TDS, ORP and Salinity.  All pen meters can be completely operated with just one hand, freeing up your other hand to handle samples.

Portable Balances

Ohaus Scout STX Portable Balances with Touchscreen Display

Featuring quick and efficient navigation with informative color touchscreen display, Ohaus Scout Touchscreen Balances offer fast weighing speed and high resolution to deliver reliable and repeatable results.

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OHAUS Scout STX Portable Electronic Balances

The Scout STX is setting new standards in laboratory and industrial weighing.


Ohaus Scout SKX Portable Balances

With a bright display and four-button operation, the Ohaus Scout SKX Portable Balances offer improved functionality and software applications that are specifically designed for classroom use.

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Navigator NV Portable Balances

OHAUS™ Navigator™ NV Balances offer a best-in-class combination of features, versatility and performance to fit a wide range of educational weighing applications.

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Compact Scales

OHAUS compact scales are lightweight and easy to use, making them perfectly suited for use inside or outside the classroom.

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Mechanical Balances

Ohaus Triple Beam Mechanical Balances

The perfect learning tool to help visualize mass measurement principles and to emphasize a hands-on learning approach.


Ohaus Academic Mechanical Balances

These balances will endure years of use by children eager to learn the basic concepts of mass measurement.

Analytical & Precision Balances

OHAUS Pioneer™

Now with dynamic weighing and density determination features along with a customizable weighing unit, the OHAUS Pioneer Series of analytical and precision balances is even better for routine weighing in a variety of applications.

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The New OHAUS Adventurer™

Featuring a color touchscreen display, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, an ingenious space-saving draftshield and much more, the Adventurer is the most complete balance in its class.


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OHAUS Explorer™

OHAUS™ Explorer™ Analytical and Precision Balances offer full functionality, icon-driven application software (with 14 unique application modes), and a large, adjustable, color touchscreen display.

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