Pyramex Safety Products

Pyramex™ Hi-Vis Lime Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Pyramex™ Hi-Vis Lime Long Sleeve T-Shirt with ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 safety compliance

Pyramex™ OTS™ Safety Glasses

Designed to fit over prescription eyewear

Pyramex™ Non-Rated Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Pyramex™ Non-Rated Hi-Vis Safety Vests do not meet ANSI/CSA safety standards

Pyramex™ Ridgeline™ HGBR Ratchet Headgear

Ridgeline™ ratchet headgear

Pyramex™ VentureGear™ Clandestine™ Earmuffs

Electronic earmuff with slim profile ear cups

Pyramex™ Ridgeline™ 4-Point Vented Capstyle Hard Hat

Strong, yet ultra-light for seemingly weightless protection

Pyramex Safety Products ArchonX GL501C5 Series Gloves

Pyramex Safety™ ArchonX GL501C5 Series Gloves are flexible and durable over a wide range of temperatures.

Pyramex™ S1010 Face Shield

Polyethylene face shield

Pyramex™ Solo Safety Glasses

Lightweight with vented temples for added comfort.

Pyramex™ PD500 Earplugs

Earplug dispenser with 500 disposable earplugs

Pyramex™ Clear Chemical Goggles

Pyramex™ Clear Chemical Goggles feature vent caps to restrict the influx of liquids.

Pyramex™ S1210 Face Shield

Cylinder Polycarbonate face shield

Pyramex™ Lens Cleaning Towelettes

For plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lenses

Pyramex™ Lanyard

For use in retaining spectacles

Pyramex™ S1000 Medical Shield

Over the top face protection with polycarbonate face shield, foam headband, and adjustable strap.

Pyramex™ Venture II Readers Safety Glasses

Base curved lens provides full side protection without distracting seams or traditional type side shields.

Pyramex™ OTS™ Safety Glasses

Designed to fit over prescription eyewear

Pyramex™ HPTRBAN Sweat Band

Hard hat terry cloth sweat band

Pyramex™ Disposable N95 Cone Respirator Mask

Pyramex™ Disposable N95 Cone Respirator features a thick, durable shell that prevents collapsing and provides extended use.

Pyramex™ Spectacle Storage Cases

Microfiber cases for glasses ideal for lens cleaning

Pyramex™ BPRBAND Bump Cap Sweat Band

Sweat band for bump caps

Pyramex™ RVZ21 Series - Safety Vest

Pyramex™ RVZ21 Series - Safety Vest with ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 safety compliance

Pyramex™ HHAAW Headgear Adapter

Aluminum full brim hard hat adapter

Pyramex Safety Products Hi-Vis Safety Vest with Reflective Tape

Pyramex Safety™ Hi-Vis Safety Vest with Reflective Tape features a zipper front closure.

Pyramex™ Emerge™ Plus Safety Eyewear

Clear polycarbonate lens with nylon frame

Pyramex™ Capstone Shield

Aquire full face protection with goggles combined with a removable face shield. Pyramex™ Capstone Shield is a comforming polycarbonate shield that offers increased impact and dust protection.

Pyramex™ OTS™ XL Safety Glasses

10% bigger than OTS style and designed to fit prescription eyewear

Pyramex Hygienic Cleaning Wipes

For use on respirators, personal equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, hard hat suspensions.

Pyramex™ Rendezvous™ Safety Glasses

Adjustable lens angle aligns to the proper position for various work applications