Reeves Manufacturing

Reeves™ Spine Board

Designed for patients with spinal and neck injuries

Reeves™ 50-Ft. Fire Hose

Double-jacket construction reduces weight and increases flexibility

DHS Systems DRASH™ M Series Shelters

Unique shelter design devoid of loose parts or pieces to assemble or misplace

DHS Systems DRASH™ XB Shelter Series

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

Reeves™ Waterproof Triage Tags

Provide first responders with a tool to identify, process and triage contaminated patients

DHS Systems DRASH™ J Shelter Systems

With hydraulic container to fit 463L pallet

DHS Systems DRASH™ Casualty Collection Point Shelter

Administer emergency field treatment to victims of disasters or trauma

DRASH™ Mobile Field Shower Systems

Establish shower facilities anywhere, any time

Reeves™ First Call Cab Bag

Sturdy supply bag for emergency medical and fire rescue personnel

DHS Systems DRASH™ Emergency Operations Center Shelter

Features 519 usable sq. ft. insulated field operations space

Reeves™ Wheeled Litter Carrier

Easily transports injured victims over most terrain not accessible by vehicles

DHS Systems DRASH™ S Series Shelters

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

Reeves™ First Call I Trauma Bag

Ideal bag for first responders

Reeves™ Camfire 60,000 BTU Multi-Fuel Air Heater with Supply Duct

Portable heating system produces 60,000 BTU for up to 17 hours

DHS Systems DRASH™ Fatality Management Shelter

Serves as temporary location in field for identification, processing, storage and viewing of casualties following disaster or emergency

Reeves™ 101 Flexible Stretcher

Designed as an easily conveyable patient transport device

Reeves First Call IV Trauma Bag

Includes three outside pockets and a shoulder strap

Reeves Elevation Grids

Ideal solution for preventing patients and personnel from coming in contact with contaminated run-off water

DHS Systems DRASH™ C Series Shelter

Soft-walled shelter serves as a small command post

Reeves First Call V Bag

Provides protection and allows for easy clean-up

DHS Systems DRASH™ J Series Shelters

Provide more than 1250 sq. ft. of usable interior space for multiple applications

Reeves™ Sleeve Dragable Stretcher

Immobilize patients with spine and neck injuries, lift patients out of tight spaces, or drag patients over rough terrain