Reeves Manufacturing

DHS Systems DRASH™ Casualty Collection Point Shelter

Administer emergency field treatment to victims of disasters or trauma

Reeves First Call O2 Duffel Bag

Provides easy storage of an O2 air tank

DHS Systems DRASH™ XB Shelter Series

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

DHS Systems DRASH™ S Series Shelters

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

Reeves Elevation Grids

Ideal solution for preventing patients and personnel from coming in contact with contaminated run-off water

Reeves™ 50-Ft. Fire Hose

Double-jacket construction reduces weight and increases flexibility

Reeves First Call V Bag

Provides protection and allows for easy clean-up

Reeves™ Wheeled Litter Carrier

Easily transports injured victims over most terrain not accessible by vehicles

Reeves™ First Call Cab Bag

Sturdy supply bag for emergency medical and fire rescue personnel

DHS Systems DRASH™ J Series Shelters

Provide more than 1250 sq. ft. of usable interior space for multiple applications

Reeves™ Camfire 60,000 BTU Multi-Fuel Air Heater with Supply Duct

Portable heating system produces 60,000 BTU for up to 17 hours

DHS Systems DRASH™ J Shelter Systems

With hydraulic container to fit 463L pallet

DHS Systems DRASH™ M Series Shelters

Unique shelter design devoid of loose parts or pieces to assemble or misplace

Reeves First Call IV Trauma Bag

Includes three outside pockets and a shoulder strap

Reeves™ Medical Needs Cot

Solution to patient bedding needs in the field during accidents and disasters

DHS Systems DRASH™ C Series Shelter

Soft-walled shelter serves as a small command post

DHS Systems DRASH™ Fatality Management Shelter

Serves as temporary location in field for identification, processing, storage and viewing of casualties following disaster or emergency

Reeves™ 101 Flexible Stretcher

Designed as an easily conveyable patient transport device

Reeves™ Waterproof Triage Tags

Provide first responders with a tool to identify, process and triage contaminated patients

DRASH™ Mobile Field Shower Systems

Establish shower facilities anywhere, any time

Reeves™ Sleeve II

Designed for rapid immobilization of spinal and neck injuries in tight places

DHS Systems DRASH™ Emergency Operations Center Shelter

Features 519 usable sq. ft. insulated field operations space