Remco™ Polypropylene Scrapers

Excellent solution for scraping needs

Remco™ Polypropylene Tools

Tough, nonsparking polypropylene, highly resistant to chemical attack

Remco™ Polypropylene Hand Scoops Get IT Item

Molded one-piece design — no seams or cracks for bacterial growth

Remco™ Vikan™ Ultra Hygiene Handles

Used with brooms, squeegees and scrapers.

Remco™ Vikan™ Long Handle Soft Brush

Designed to reach into parts of equipment that are hard to access.

Remco™ Metal Detectable Scrappers

Hand scrappers for scrapping needs.

Remco™ Vikan™ Standard Broom Handle

The handle with attached item reaches to the chin of the user to prevent occupational back injuries.

Remco™ Vikan™ Dustpan

Makes for easier pick up of the debris.

Remco™ Metal Detectable Hand Scoops

For material handing in case of high sensitivity.

Remco™ Vikan™ Bench Brush

For dusting large surface areas like tables and equipment.

Remco™ Vikan™ Floor Brooms with Soft and Stiff Bristles

With two types of bristles to loosen stubborn dirt, move heavy debris and gather finer particles.

Remco™ Metal Detectable Bench Scrappers

For bench top scrapping needs.

Remco™ Vikan™ Liquid Transporting Pail

For transporting cleaning chemicals and hot or cold ingredients.

Remco™ Scrub Pads, Medium

For cleaning stubborn dirt and grime on walls.

Remco™ Metal Detectable Mini Bench Scrapers

For bench top scraping needs.

Remco™ One-Piece Polypropylene Shovels

For meat, dairy, seafood and poultry processing, and other food handling applications.

Remco™ Vikan™ Floor Brooms with Soft Bristles

With soft bristles for sweeping fine particles in dry areas.

Remco™ One-Piece Metal Detectable Shovel with 10 in. Blade

Workhorse for moving bulk materials and an integral part of any professional cross–contamination containment, food safety or HACCP program.

Remco™ Metal Detectable Mixing Paddles

For mixing and scraping, and also used for a variety of applications such as soup, confectionery, dough, and sauce manufacturing.

Remco™ Vikan™ One-Piece Ultra Squeegee

Features ultra-hygienic design that minimizes areas for water and food soils to collect.

Remco™ Vikan™ Angle-Cut Broom

Effective for collecting large particles of debris like meat and vegetables in a moist environment.

Remco™ Vikan™ Stiff Hand Scrub Brush

Designed with stiff-angled bristles for better scrubbing.