RD Plastics Company, Inc

RD Plastics Patient Belonging Bag

Clear or opaque LDPE plastic bags are roomy enough to hold all of a patient's personal belongings.

RD Plastics Silent Knight Pill Crusher

Sterilized product prevents cross contamination with little or no clean up

RD Plastics Absorbent Pad

Impregnated with super-absorbent polymers, it is for use with specimen transport bags

RD Plastics Pill Crusher Bag

For use with Silent Knight Pill Crusher

RD Plastics Color Coded Ziplock Biohazard Specimen Bags

Opaque colored specimen transport bags feature a reclosable seal with a tear away top for easy opening. Available in yellow, green, blue or red.

RD Plastics Reclosable Poly Bags

Clear, resealable polyethylene bags

RD Plastics Color Coded Ziplock Biohazard Specimen Bags

Color-coded 6 x 9 in. bags for easy identification. Available in green, red, pink or purple.

RD Plastics Clear 2 mil Reclosable Zip Bags, 16 x 18 in.

Pack of 500 zipper seal bags, size 16 x 18 in.

RD Plastics Reclosable Specimen Transport Bag

Light duty and available in both two or three wall construction

RD Plastics Amber Reclosable Zip Bags

Amber bags protect light-sensitive contents from UV damage.

RD Plastics LABTITE™ II Transport Bags

With front pouch for requisition slip; separate back pouch for specimen

RD Plastics Biohazard Ziplock Bag, Green Tint

Color coded biohazard bag for easy identification of the contents.

RD Plastics Clear 2 mil Reclosable Zip Bags, 13 x 18 in.

Pack of 1000 zipper seal bags, size 13 x 18 in.

RD Plastics LABTITE™ Tranport Bag

It features a liquid-tight adhesive closure system

RD Plastics Umbrella Bags and Stands

Umbrella bags help keep floors dry and help avoid slip and fall accidents

RD Plastics Clear Drawstring Bag

Clear drawstring bags allow for easy content identification and keep contents secure. Available unprinted or with histology biohazard markings.

RD Plastics Specimen Transport Bag

Die cut handle biohazard ziplock specimen transport bag with biohazard print.

RD Plastics LABTITE™ Transport Bags

Liquid-tight adhesive closure system