Streamlight™ ProPolymer™ Flashlights

Waterproof, extremely tough, and incredibly bright

Streamlight™ 3N ProPolymers™ LED Flashlight

Lightweight model has plenty of power to light your way

Streamlight™ Stylus™ Pen Light

The convenience of an ultra-slim pen light with a high-intensity LED

Streamlight™ PolyStinger™ LED Rechargeable Flashlight

C4 LED technology for extreme brightness

Streamlight™ Streamlight Jr.™ LED Flashlight

Ultra compact and lightweight LED flashlight.

Streamlight™ Strion™ Rechargeable Flashlight Accessories

Ultra-compact, extremely bright flashlight

Streamlight™ DUALIE™ 2AA

The Dualie™ 2AA is an intrinsically safe, high performance, 2 AA battery powered dual function LED flashlight. The flashlight features a forward facing LED spot beam and a side facing LED flood light that can be used individually or at the same time for enhanced safety.

Streamlight™ EPU-5200™ Portable USB Charger

Contained in a rugged, water resistant housing, it provides convenient recharging of USB products when a wall outlet is not available. STREAMLIGHT INC.™ EPU-5200™ Portable USB Charger offers instant charge power for flashlights, smartphones and other mobile gadgets.


The 2AAA ProPolymer™ HAZ-LO™ is an extremely durable alkaline battery-powered intrinsically safe flashlight. This light offers a push-button tailswitch for momentary on on-off operation and integrated pocket clip.

Streamlight™ Pink Nano Light™ LED Key Chain Light

A tough, high-lumen flashlight that provides a blast of 750 lumens

Streamlight™ Rechargeable LiteBox™ Lanterns

Adjustable swivel neck allows for rotation of the lamp head

Streamlight™ Argo™ Headlamp

Illuminate objects at a distance with a far-reaching beam of 190m.

Streamlight™ Trident™ Headlamps

Small, lightweight, and hands-free

Streamlight™ Super Bright LED Portable Scene Light

Produce a uniform flood pattern with wide pattern reflectors with selectable bean widths and light output intensities. STREAMLIGHT INC.™ Super Bright LED Portable Scene Light is an industrial-duty, rechargeable flood light that can be fully deployed in less than 30 seconds.

Streamlight™ Survivor™ LED Flashlight

Ideal for use in fire and rescue, law enforcement, industrial safety, public works and utilities

Streamlight™ 3C ProPolymer™ Lux Flashlight

Features a deep parabolic reflector that produces long range brilliance and a smooth uniform light pattern