Scientific Device Laboratory, Inc

Scientific Device Laboratory Aqua-Hold Pap Pen 2

Creates liquid repellent area on slides

Scientific Device Shrink Seals

For preparing in-house plates which requires prolonged incubation

Scientific Device Humidity/Slide Moisture Chamber

Ideal for both immunostaining and diagnostic reactions performed on slides

Scientific Device Cryptosporidium Control Slides

Many typical organisms on each slide

Scientific Device Giemsa Wright Control Slides for Malaria

For staining smears of Plasmodium sps.

Scientific Device Protozoa Stain Control Slides

Ideal for control of Trichrome or Hematoxylin staining procedures

Scientific Device McFarland Standards

Available in McFarland or Colorimeter Standard Sets

Scientific Device Sterile Slides

Available in convenient individual packing

Scientific Device Sterilized Instrument Sets

Suited for busy laboratories where sterile instruments are needed at a moment's notice

Scientific Device Fungi-Tape™

Provides an efficient way of performing slide mounts of fungi from primary cultures

Scientific Device TB Splashproof Container Set

Offers safe discarding of contaminated liquid waste

Scientific Device Sterile Instruments pack with cutting board

Ideal for lab work where sterile instruments are needed very frequently at short notice

Scientific Device India Ink Capsule Control

Standardized permanent, preserved fixed control for use with India Ink

Scientific Device KOH-Methylene blue Fungal Control Suspension

Quality control for potassium hydroxide (KOH) Prep.

Scientific Device Laboratory NOTOXhisto™

Environmentally safe fixative

Scientific Device Modified Auramine O

Fluorescent acid fast stain in two minutes

Scientific Device MycoPerm Mycology Stain

Permanent staining medium

Scientific Device Laboratory Pinworm Collectors

Specially designed cap with paddle for pin worm collection

Scientific Device Printed TB Slides

Ideal for making smears when mycobacterial disease is suspected

Scientific Device Closed System Fecal Concentrators

Allows more safe method with minimum of handling and odor

Scientific Device Phosphate Buffer

For laboratories with higher volume