Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc (TBS)

General Data Healthcare™ Flotation Work Station Bath

General Data's baths provide optimum specimen viewing and the dependability and safety of up-to-date temperature controlled electronics...making tissue preparation easier, safer and more efficient.

General Data Healthcare™ TMD™-7 Tissue Marking Dyes Refills

Refills for the TMD-7 Tissue Marking Dyes 7 Color Kit

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Stain™ Manual Stainers

Manual stain rack with individual lids for use during extended inactivity

General Data Healthcare™ HISTO/Orientator™ Heating Block

Virtually eliminates problems associated with wrinkled paraffin specimens

General Data Healthcare™ PARA/Gard™ Liquid Paraffin Repellent

Pleasant smelling, non-toxic spray that keeps surfaces looking brand new

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Stain™ Manual Stainer Accessories

Accessories for manual stainers (SS-3L, SS-6L, SS-12L)

General Data Healthcare™ TFM™ Colored Tissue Freezing Medium

Variety of colors to easily differentiate multiple specimens during sectioning and staining

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ PLUS Color-Frosted Silane-Coated Inkjet Microscope Slides

Prepackaged in thumb-tab box for convenient pick-up and insertion into SHUR/Mark Slide Labeling Hoppers

General Data Healthcare™ Plus Ink-Jet Microscope Slides

With thumb-tab cutout boxes for convenient slide pickup and insertion into SHUR/Mark PLUS dispensing hopper positions

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™Cassette Labeling System Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Convenient, versatile system designed to meet the demands of the modern pathology lab

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ Processing and Embedding Cassette Taped Sleeves

Prepackaged SHUR/Track™ cassette sleeves for direct insert into the SHUR/Mark Cassette Labeler taped sleeve dispensing hopper (SM-TSDH)

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Track™ Process and Embedding Cassettes with Channel Track Hinge

Unique Track Hinge design provides easy one-handed installation of lid cover

General Data Healthcare™ Slide Dryer II Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

The convenient way to dry slides

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Stain™ 3030 H&E Slide Stainer

Comes with continuous loading with multi-protocol management

General Data Healthcare™ LabCycle Specimen Tracking Software

Streamline lab workflow efficiency and eliminate errors

General Data Healthcare™ Shur/Dry™ Slide Dryer III

High-capacity slide dryer/mechanical convection oven

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Stain™ H & E; Slide Stainer Accessories

Accessories for SHUR/Stain™ H & E Slide Stainer

General Data Healthcare™ LabCycle Support Controls

Provides total tracking of every step in the histology laboratory processing

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ Colormark™ Microscope Slides

Prepackaged slides in thumb-tab box for convenient handling

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mount™ Liquid Cover Glass and Mounting Medium

Convenient twist-top spout eliminates messy bottles and droppers