Upchurch Scientific

Upchurch Scientific™ Back Pressure Regulators: Cartridges

For use with Upchurch Scientific Back Pressure Regulators

Upchurch Scientific™ Inlet Solvent Filters

Stainless-steel or multiple materials

Upchurch Scientific™ Tubing Expanding Awl

Expands tubing for barbed fittings

Upchurch Scientific™ Nut-Extender Tools

Extender tool for flangeless nuts

Upchurch Scientific™ Medium Pressure Injection Port Adapter

Medium-pressure injection valves are designed so each port connects to its adjacent port

Idex Health and Science Stainless-Steel Tubing 0.020 in.OD 0.005 in.ID

Seamless, precut stainless steel tubing is specially prepared for the exacting requirements of todays analyses

Upchurch Scientific™ Bottle Cap Plug

Bottle cap plugs used for GL-38 and GL-45 tubing

Upchurch Scientific™ Micro-Metering and Micro-Splitter Valves: Needle Valves

Offer the ability to more finely control fluid flow rates

Upchurch Scientific™ Semi-Prep Inline Solvent Filters

Trap particles released through piston-seal or injection valve rotor-seal wear