Upchurch Scientific

Idex One-Piece, High-Pressure Fingertight Fittings: PEEK

Fingertight coned fittings can withstand up to 9000 psi.

Idex PEEK Chromatography Tubing

An excellent replacement for stainless steel tubing

Idex Threaded Plugs and Caps

Plugs to close off unused ports in valves and multi-port connectors

  • Seal 6-32, 10-32, 1/4-28, M6x1 and 5/16-24 threaded port

Idex Peek Low-Pressure Union Assembly

Make solid connections in low-pressure applications

Idex VHP Union Assembly

Zero dead volume unions ensure accurate analysis

Idex Inlet Solvent Filters: End Fittings

Manufactured from Polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Upchurch Scientific Inlet Solvent Filters: End Fittings are used for Analytical HPLC Systems.

Idex PFA Tubing

Offers excellent chemical resistance, lower gas permeability, smoother surface texture, higher continuous service temperature and superior polymer purity

Idex PEEK™ MicroTight™ Ferrules

Make superior fingertight connections with capillary tubing

Idex Inlet Solvent Filters

Stainless-steel or multiple materials

Idex Precolumn Inline Filters

Protect larger columns and injections from harmful particulates

Idex Bottom-Of-The-Bottle™ Inlet Filters

Protect your system from damaging particulates

Idex LuerTight™ Fittings: Tefzel

Convenience of quick connect and disconnect of a luer connection

Idex Low-Pressure Inline Filters

These filters offer excellent protection and allow for tailoring to a variety of low-pressure applications.

Idex FEP Tubing

Chemically inert and suitable for lower pressure applications