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United Scientific Supplies Radiometer Products for Science Education

How do the vanes turn under no apparent power?

United Scientific Supplies DNA Model Kit Products for Science Education

Accurately depicts a 16-base-pair section of DNA.

United Scientific Supplies Mini Electrolysis Device Products for Science Education

A unique design helps correct issues such as falling test tubes perched over unsteady electrodes and gases escaping due to poor alignment.

United Scientific Supplies Tectonics Model Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates plate tectonic principles, plate boundary interactions, and the geometry/relative motions of faulting of geological layers

United Scientific Supplies Equal Volume Cylinders Products for Science Education

Ideal for specific gravity, density, volume and calorimetry experiments.

United Scientific Supplies Whiteboard Optics Set Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for ray optics and color experiments using magnetic-backed components — use on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard.

United Scientific Supplies Wide Mouth Polypropylene Reagent Bottles Products for Science Education

United Scientific™ Wide Mouth Polypropylene Reagent Bottles are rigid, translucent and have fine contact clarity

United Scientific Supplies Digital Lux Meter Products for Science Education

A practical and economical solution for light measurements in a variety of learning situations

United Scientific Supplies Aluminum Spring Scales Products for Science Education

Constructed of anodized aluminum, with steel hooks

United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips Products for Science Education

Used in chromatography studies. United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips are 15 x 2cm in size.

United Scientific Supplies Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Products for Science Education

For qualitative and quantitative study of electrolytic decomposition of electrolytes such as water and hydrochloric acid.

United Scientific Supplies Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Products for Science Education

Mixing bowls are constructed from 304 stainless steel for increased heat resistance.

United Scientific Supplies Ink Chromatography and Forensics STEM Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces students to ink chromatography and its application in solving forensics cases.

United Scientific Supplies Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates differences in heat conductivity of aluminum, brass, steel, nickel, and copper.

United Scientific Supplies Push Pull Scales Products for Science Education

For measuring weights, masses and forces.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

United Scientific Supplies Precision Measuring Set Products for Science Education

United Scientific™ Precision measuring set contains four high quality instruments housed in sturdy plastic storage case.

United Scientific Supplies DNA Model Products for Science Education

Pre-assembled DNA model built to a scale of 10cm to 1nm.

United Scientific Supplies Fan Cart Products for Science Education

Demonstrate Newton's principle of action and reaction using this basic and inexpensive fan cart.

United Scientific Supplies Graham Condensers, 24/40 Joint Products for Science Education

Designed for use in distillation applications

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes, Plain Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

United Scientific Supplies Changes in State STEM Kit Products for Science Education

Contains two investigative areas and six STEM investigations that teach students about heats of fusion and reaction, thermochemistry, iceberg types and thermohaline circulation and climate change.

United Scientific Supplies Measurement Kit Products for Science Education

Variety of tools and objects for teaching basics of measurement.

United Scientific Supplies Hand Tally Counter Products for Science Education

Bright plastic case makes this hand tally counter lightweight yet sturdy.

United Scientific Supplies Neutralizing Glass Lens Set Products for Science Education

Set of two lenses, one concave and one convex, 38mm in diameter. Both lenses have a focal length of 150mm.

United Scientific Supplies Clay Pipe Triangle Products for Science Education

Mounted on heavy gauge twisted galvanized steel wire.

United Scientific Supplies Set of Seven Molecular Orbit Models Products for Science Education

This set of seven models illustrates the most common atomic and hybridized molecular orbits.

United Scientific Supplies Alnico Bar Magnets Products for Science Education

Powerful magnets for classroom experiments.